Mind Over Matter: The Power Of Thinking On Aging

The mind over matter has been defined in the early days as the ability of the mind to affect matter, energy, and events without the use of the physical body. The mind affects material things at some distance outside the body, no matter how large that distance is. Now, they say that age is all in your mind. The trick is actually just to keep it from creeping down into your body. We need much to learn about emotional skin and how we can best deal with the effects of our emotions on our skin. How to use mind over matter for your aging skin care?


When a person senses a low state of being in the light of low self-esteem, it will strike up a spark of negativity that creates a volcanic eruption of free radicals. Don’t you know that one of the first signs of distress is early aging and a face filled with worry wrinkles?


Cosmetic surgery and anti wrinkle treatment face creams cannot remove the scars in the heart that caused them. The good news is that worry wrinkles become extinct in time if you live in the ecstatic blissful feeling of love and joy. Being happy and love makes you look pretty! Happiness makes you beautiful.


As Sophia Loren, the American actress, once said, “There is a fountain of youth and that is your mind and the creativity you bring to your life.” No matter what causes us to falter, constructive action is the cure!


This is rather a far out anti aging skin care solution to reverse aging, but really, you can make use of some willpower to overcome your cravings, lose weight, feel great, and care for your aging skin. Staying young is actually living life positively.



They say that people don’t age when their skin wrinkles, but only feels it when they lose their hope and enthusiasm in the midst of despair. Because getting older is inevitable, speeding the signs of aging is a decision that everyone makes (unknowingly). Being poor and filled with all sorts of problems can stress you out and make you ugly.


When thinking about aging, it is important that you think of yourself as a person who is growing older in number, getting wiser in terms of wisdom, and have gained much more experience and practical observations about how lifestyle impacts wrinkle formation.


Based on many studies about ageing and lifestyle, a 60 year old can be as fit, biologically speaking, as a 30 year old or possibly can be even more fit depending on the lifestyle a person follows!


Positive mind programming can give you more benefits in terms of beauty skin care and health regardless of your current age today. Eat smart and let go of stress. To manage stress and stay happy, is actually a concept under mind over matter. Disregard and replace negative thoughts with positive ones so you experience the effects of the power of positive thinking.


Ageing is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. The self-perception about aging relates more to the attitude than physical health. The best predictors of successful ageing are well within your control.


One of my friends once told me, life is a psychology. Indeed, life is just a matter of psychology. Research shows that your thoughts and thinking patterns play an important role in how you age and manage changes throughout your life.


If you draw inaccurate conclusions about who you are and what you’re capable of doing, you’ll limit your potential. Your mind is very powerful. The way you think about yourself turns into reality. Ugly thoughts will stress you out and facilitates ageing.


How you think about ageing influences the aging process itself. Practice positive thinking and stay away from unhelpful or inaccurate thinking. Give yourself a break from stress and from developing more wrinkles!



Holding the hands of time

People who add life to their years don’t find wrinkles in their hearts. Treasure your memories, but don’t live in them. Enjoy your lifelong journey you cannot return from.


Unless stress and depression hit you, the way you look and move can indicate whether your biological age is higher than your chronological age. Your biological age indicates how well your body functions and that being said can be much higher or lower than your actual age.


Ageing gracefully requires a good understanding about how nutrition, exercise and positive thinking affect the way you look as you grow your age in numbers. Premature aging and having droopy eyelids or fatty deposits around the eyes can be an indication of fatigue or oxidative stress.


Oxidative stress is greatly attributed to eating a poor diet. To be fit and slim may mean being able to understand the choices you have to make each time you feed your body. Get over the idea of getting old.


Accept the fact that your body will age terribly if you do not change your lifestyle and food choices. And I really mean starting the change now! Knowledge gives us the power to slow down the signs of aging.


Your sense of self-worth versus despair can highly impact your attitude towards aging, because most aging individuals develop their own perceptions about what aging really means around their experiences and in their own context.


Successful aging is not so much a matter of years lived or health status, but rather a matter of perception and attitude. Studies have shown that the quality of life and life satisfaction may be linked to personality and mental health factors.


The way you think about aging can make it either speedier or slower. As the excessive exposure to direct sunlight damages collagen and accelerates the appearance of wrinkles, the appearance of these ugly wrinkles is further aggravated by frowning and exaggerated facial expressions.


Ageing, in any society, without an exception is generally seen as undesirable. Well, successful aging may depend upon the fit between self-perceived resources and the normative demands of one’s situation.


Excess eating promotes the aging process. Excess eating produces excess weight that clogs and congests the body and slows down movement, metabolism, and perception. This further weakens immunity, longevity and enthusiasm in life.


The excess eating plus the use of too much salt, sugar, oily and fried foods, refined flour, and processed food items heavily contribute to the aging process. Eating fast food and junk foods, relatively referred to as the modern diet can practically make you age fast.


So, how does perception about aging works here? Well, if you are one of those who think that people who eat healthy foods and those who don’t die anyway, then you are up to bigger surprises of body inflammation, deep wrinkles and stress!



Easy ways to practice mind over matter

When you are overly fat, your metabolism slows down. Fat begets fat. The fatter you are, the less energy you burn, even while sleeping. With the use of mind control, you can make yourself burn about 20 additional calories an hour.


Doctor Donald Wilson points out that there are specific areas in the brain that control the way food is metabolized. Turning the switch on can step up the body’s metabolism.


You can do this every night before going to bed. Your body will definitely get the message soon and do it for you.


To stay looking younger longer, you have to counter the feeling of depression when you see a streak of wrinkle on your face with an input of positive energy. Tell your face to relax and rejuvenate. Try it and see how it goes.


The mind over matter concept has been effectively designed to work with people who refuse to give up on anything. For people who are an achiever, who thinks and wills they can have it, and yes, ultimately will have it all.


In the degree that you keep young in thought, you will find that your body will in turn aid your mind, because the body helps the mind in the same way the mind helps the body.




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Experts insist that you are what you eat. You are also what you think. Negative thinking and worrying a lot are the main causes of stress. If you think positively, then you will be able to overcome stress more easily.



A strong motivation is what you need to achieve any goal you set for yourself. If you make it a habit to think positively all the time, it will make you more beautiful. You do not have to buy expensive antiaging skincare creams to impress people because your beauty will naturally shine from within. People with positive attitude are more likely to be successful compared to those with negative attitude in terms of career, in love relationships, and of course, aging skin care.

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