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With millions of publishers worldwide, Google Adsense is one of the most commonly used internet advertising platforms in any website and seems to be the people’s top choice when it comes to online marketing and website monetization. Depending on your niche, a single click can earn you a few cents to a few dollars. If you are looking for the easiest and the most profitable pay per click program, then Google Adsense is the best.


Using contextual advertisements may not give you enough money. Adsense is a contextual ad network that displays ads highly relevant to the topic of the post or page. The ads it serves are based on your web page content.


However, gone are the days when bloggers are totally dependent on Google Adsense to make money from their blogs. Although, they are the best, nowadays, there are many more ad networks and monetization methods available that you can implement to earn better money from your blogs.


Are you a new blogger or even an old one, but looking for an ad network that allows you to monetize low traffic blog? Make some new tweaks, change the design and optimize your blog marketing plan.


Work hard to promote your blog and integrate new ways to earn money online. Get rid of any ad network that does not perform well and find one affiliate network that may work well for you.



Everything is just a matter of experimenting. Change and tweak, and then wait and see how it goes! You can work on other monetization tricks that may add value to your brand.


There is no question that Adsense is the best advertisement program for bloggers, but it can be limiting your earnings depending on the amount you get paid per click. If you manage to grab direct advertisements, you can replace those Adsense units with direct ads instead.


What about AdClerks? You can sell advertising space and make money with your website on AdClerks. This platform is the easiest way to directly sell your ad space to advertisers.


The platform connects publishers like you to advertisers from all over the world through their completely automated and self-service advertising platforms. Sign up for free and you can start selling ad space at your own prices.


They offer the SwiftAds to help you monetize unsold space. You can make money on autopilot with autorenewal ads. It is actually a very simple process.


adsense alternative


There is no sign up fee. No monthly fees. No contracts. Once you register your website, they will check it and if approved, you will be a part of the largest ad marketplace online.


Create your ad zones and prices. Decide what ad sizes to offer and how much to sell them. You can create a selection of pre-set industry standard sizes or create a custom size.


Place the asynchronous .js code for your zones on your website and your ad zones will be available to purchase in their marketplace. Sit back, let them do the rest and watch the money come in.


You will be connected with advertisers from all over the world without ever having to answer the phone or reply to emails. Until then, monetize your unsold ad space with SwiftAds, which is their CPM ad network.


The advertisers have to follow your prizes and your terms. When you made some money, you can cash out your earnings through your Paypal account.


Joining the AdClerks is the easiest way to directly buy ad banner space from approved websites. They connect advertisers and approved independent publishers in one simple place.



Further reading,



The marketplace of approved independent publishers grows every day. Use the search tools in finding the most relevant websites and find the best fit for your needs.


Everything is simple. Direct with no emails, phone calls or negotiations. Here are some FAQs you may want to read



Requirements for approval

To increase your chances of being approved on AdClerks, your website should try to adhere to the following

1) Your website should be live, finished and if applicable with frequent updates or content.


2) Your website should be receiving > 100k impressions or page views a month. If less, your website may still be considered based on advertisers demand.


3) Your website should currently have minimal advertising and feature a well designed layout or template (responsiveness is a plus).


4) Your website should have its own domain and not be hosted on a free subdomain, e.g blogspot, blogger, weebly etc. are not allowed.


5) Your website should be written in English.


6) Your website traffic must not be generated from bot traffic sources or traffic exchanges, e.g HitLeap etc. are not allowed.



How much should you charge for an ad?

Some ad spots can sell at a higher price based on things like how high the ad is on the page (above the fold), the ad size, and how many ads there are on the page.


So, if your site gets 100,000 impressions a month and you are offering a 728×90 header ad with no other ads in rotation (1 ad available with 1 displayed) then a good price range would be $75-150 / 30 days.


If offering CPM ads then a general rule of thumb is by starting with a range of $1 – $2 per 1,000 impressions, but this really depends on the niche, ad size and location of the ad as well.


The better you price your ads, the more advertisers will want to purchase from you!


The price change will affect new advertisers only, previous advertisers will be locked in with the previous price.


AdClerks recommends placing ads in highly visible areas such as above the website scroll line, which is the area below where the user has to scroll down to view. The more visible your ads are, the more clicks they will receive. Advertisers like clicks!


AdClerks is free to sign up and there are no monthly membership fees. The company charges a 15-30% success fee to the publisher for any ad sale made.


This amount is auto-deducted at the time of purchase, so all credit received into your account is 100% yours and can be cashed out. By default, all publishers earn 70% revenue from their ad sales with upgrades (up to 85%) made at the discretion of the support team based on ad sales and site/ traffic quality.


ad space fees



Reasons you may not be selling any ads yet

This could be for a few reasons. Is your website clean and easy to read and navigate?


Are your ads priced appropriately or are they too high? Is your ad placement too hard to find on the page or clear and visible? Are there too many ad slots available (too much page real estate being used)?


These are all questions you should ask yourself if you are not receiving any sales. One recommendation is to let your readers or users know you have an ad space for sale.


Make sure to create a dedicated page displaying your inventory, send out an email blast, post it on your social media, etc.



Tips to publishers

Make sure you’re using the latest ad zone code. The ad zone code has been improved and designed to collect more impressions from your site.


Optimize your site listing details. An informative title, description and better keywords can help advertisers find you.


Do not scare away advertisers with high prices or too many available ads. Asking for too much per ad with too many ads in rotation relative to the traffic could scare away potential advertisers (e.g 5 of 5 ads available priced at $125 each ). Keep ads affordable and competitive for the advertiser.


Display ad space in prime locations. Advertisers are more likely to purchase ad space above the fold or on locations which get viewed a lot. A footer banner is least likely to be purchased as opposed to a header or top sidebar ad.


Offer CPM ads as an alternative option. Allow advertisers to try out a custom package rather than a 30 day monthly ad. They can then gauge how effective the ad is before committing themselves to a 30 day ad. You can set a minimum order quantity to prevent small ad sales (e.g min buy 10k impressions).


Display the default ‘Advertise here’ banner.



What is SwiftAds?

SwiftAds is the in-house CPM ad network exclusive to AdClerks publishers which monetizes your existing ad zones with just one click.


Once activated, the SwiftAds instantly and automatically monetizes any unsold ad space while still making them available to purchase on the AdClerks marketplace.


They display family friendly ads with a near 100% fill rate. Publishers can opt-out at any time.



CPM Rates:

The standard ads CPM rate is $0.10 for both mobile/desktop traffic for all GEOs and it’s 100% fill! (includes a few pop-ups or redirects).


The premium ads CPM rate is up to $0.40 for mobile traffic for the following GEOs: US, CA, UK, AU and it’s also 100% fill! (no pop-ups or redirects).


If you would prefer no pop-ups or redirects, please contact AdClerks first before opting-in for SwiftAds and they will manually adjust the ads for you (although pop-ups/redirects are very few, it means less revenue but a better user experience).



Eligibility Criteria and Info:

  1. Ad zones must be 300×250, 320×50 or 728×90


  1. Once approved, SwiftAds automatically activates – nothing for you to do


  1. Revenue is generated via a dynamic CPM


  1. SwiftAds ads vary and are GEO targeted – you won’t always be able to see them


  1. Viewable ad impressions and revenue data are recorded every hour on the stats page


  1. Earnings will be credited to your AdClerks account balance net 60 (after 2 months)


  1. Your ad zone will still be purchasable on the AdClerks marketplace and will override SwiftAds ads if purchased


  1. You can opt-out or disable certain ads anytime by contacting support



There are many things you may want to learn about direct advertising. Keep reading and learn how to best monetize your site.

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