Mongo With Shelled Shrimp Recipe

Do you really know what mongo beans or mung beans are and how to cook them? Mung beans are legumes belonging to the same family as the beans and the lentils. These tiny beans are pretty impressive, because they are packed with magnesium, for which most women need to control stress and repair muscles.


It is recommended to soak the mongo beans overnight and cooking them with spices to make them even more digestible. Usually, mongo beans are being prepared in the Philippines as a soup with dried fish and coconut milk.


Mung beans are a great addition to any anti-inflammatory diet. Keeps your arteries clear while improving blood circulation. Try this delicious recipe for a change and get used to simply cooking cheaper, healthy foods.



1 pack of 14 oz mongo beans

1/3 lb large shrimps, shelled and deveined

1 large tomato, peeled and sliced


2 cloves garlic, minced

Salt to taste

1 bunch spinach leaves or ampalaya leaves





Boil mongo beans in 8 cups of water until cooked. Consistency could be like cooked rice.


Heat oil, brown garlic until golden brown, saute in the onion and tomatoes until tender.


Add the shrimps, cook until pinkish, and then add the cooked mongo beans, stirring constantly.


Add salt to taste and little accent (if desired).


Add one cup of water and bring to a boil.


Add the spinach leaves last.

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