Climbing The 727 Steps Of Mount Tapyas In Coron, Palawan

Get a panoramic view of the whole of Coron town – climb Mount Tapyas! Chase the sunset or just get a cardio, whatever it is that makes you happy un momento, go climb Mount Tapyas. This 210 meter high mountain is a real test of endurance, so if your body is not ready for climbing the second highest mountain in Coron, Palawan, could be your ultimate cardio mountain hiking challenge, you may find yourself panting and really out of breath halfway to the top. You need a pair of strong legs for this feat.


Don’t forget to buy a big bottle of water at the foot of the mountain, because you won’t have a second chance to do this along the hike. Before I forget, bring a face towel and a small fan. You may want to climb at about 3pm. It is terrible to be exposed under the heat of the sun while climbing the concrete stairs.


Mount Tapyas can give you the most spectacular panoramic view of the entire Coron Town. Never miss this activity, the view is truly breathtaking. Spectacular sunset and sunrise have always been part of this great view from atop the hill.


There is no need for specialized shoes, shirt, or gear. Wear your short shorts if you like. You would look more pretty with some sweat running around your body. Definitely, great for selfies!

Photos taken August 17 2017 at Mount Tapyas, Coron, Palawan, Philippines



Going up, I nearly surrendered. I was getting dizzy, thirsty, and really sweating all over. So, this is Mount Tapyas, not much of a view going up, but once you get to the top deck, you would be amazed of the panoramic view of the town.


Bring food if you want to stay there longer and watch either the sunrise or the sunset, because there is no way you would want to walk back 727 steps just to buy food at the foot of the mountain and climb back again. Also, bring your trash back. Do not leave any trash along the way or anywhere!


If you want to get that perfect selfie, you can bring some makeup with you and have a retouch at the top. Don’t forget to bring the mirror. And girl, I am not joking. Going up is not that comfortable.



Don’t get disappointed. There is not much to see at the top except looking down below. Yes, I know, but if you love great panoramic view, just sit down and enjoy the whole of Coron town.


If losing weight is not easy for you in the city, you can visit and climb Mount Tapyas in your early mornings, during your stay. I guarantee you be slim and fit in less than a week. Just don’t forget to bring water and hydrate yourself while you climb.


One bestie tip for you. If you plan to climb on Mount Tapyas, do not go to the hot spring and other place. You may need some time to revive your energy and get refreshed. You can go to the nearest restaurant though, where they offer food with a live band entertainment. Just relax and chill!



If you want to appreciate your climb, you can go to the Coron plaza wharf and see the only mountain overlooking Coron town. You would say, my God, you are good, having able to climb that high!


Mount Tapyas is the most popular first destination in the Coron town. Find. Discover. Share the awesome feeling and experience of the climb and of the view deck panoramic image of Coron.



Here is one good video for you



Here is the catch… you will love this!


In addition to the view, traditional hiking can make you burn nearly 532 calories an hour for a 185 pound person. Most of this hike involves climbing a mountain, which is a great workout for your legs. This strengthens your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. Walking downhill is what really leaves your legs sore, but sculpted.


Going uphill at Mount Tapyas is a fun way to work with your major muscle group, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and build your muscle tone. Just take note of this, a 210 pound male can burn 567 calories in an hour, by simply hiking through uneven trails. Think of how much calories you burn going up and down Mount Tapyas!


How to get to Mount Tapyas?

This is a very known tourist spot. Just tell any tricycle driver and they will take you to a drop off point for the price of about P250 to P300 pesos.

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