How To Be Your Own Boss At Age 18 Marketing Affiliate Products Through Blog Advertising

be your own boss doing affiliate marketing

Be Your Own Boss Selling and Marketing Affiliate Products Through Blog Advertising In An Office Without Boundaries! Work from home and join affiliate marketing programs in any credible affiliate network. Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to affiliate advertising, even if you are still in high school or in college, whatever. If you work smart, you will surely get it. As a travel blogger, the best affiliate program you can join are sites offering cheap travel fares, lost cost airline tickets, and cheap airline tickets.


Build your brand, set up a personal blog, do some photo blogging, and become a full time or part time (if you are still studying) food blogger writing about restaurant food reviews. Get paid to blog sharing your life as a solo Filipina traveler. Don’t you know that top travel bloggers are enjoying a six figure professional blogger salary per year?


There are companies that pay you to blog about their brand or product, so they can increase brand awareness or improve their reputation online. Also, you earn money from your blog by providing quality information your readers may find useful, which may drive huge amount of traffic to your website and increase click through rates or conversion rates.


However, becoming a professional travel blogger marketing affiliate programs and becoming your own boss may need a good looking blog with attractive, interesting content. Build your business from scratch without writing business plans. If you feel you can be patient traveling and writing blog reviews about the best places to go that includes interesting cheap restaurants, then you are in for a big ROI surprise in a few months.


It is our utmost desire to build a business online that would free us from the 8to5 day job. This may not be the case. In the first few years, you have to be very patient and show some hard work. Having your own business can be very demanding. Find a need and fill it!




How to earn money without investing cash?

Become a paid travel and food blogger and start to create the experience needed to get paid to blog soon. Living the laptop style and blogging anywhere is very tempting, and yes it got me wanting to set up this Philippines travel blog and extend my social media skills into promoting high quality content that would really help you find your way in our wonderful 7,106 islands.


Travel blogging is a crowded field. It gets more crowded every day, because it is the easiest niche that can be done out of your passion for travel photography. As we all know, running a personal blog is really time consuming, and putting up a few posts is not going to result in money falling like rain.


You have to work for it. Build your business, build your brand, and get the best affiliate program that you can easily promote through blog advertising. This definitely includes building your followers so you attract a large traffic back to your weblog.


With that being said, you may not find yourself in a good position to earn money from your blog in many months to come. Are you prepared for this? An affiliate business is the only business you can do without writing business plans online, or even the need to set up an affiliate website. An affiliate just needs to be creative, passionate, patient, and of course, spend some time learning the industry.


My advice is either you retain your day job until you start earning even a few thousand dollars or find the best affiliate program that is easy to sell. Another idea is to find a program affiliate partner who knows how to build a tribe using the free social media network.


affiliate marketing and blog advertising for young entrepreneursturn passion into money through affiliate marketing


Turning your personal blog into some form of money making machine takes persistence and time. It is like building any other business. This is because writing blog reviews and blogging definitely needs patience and dedication, especially when you just build your brand.



Blog and earn without an office

People love to share their stories and they also love to read other people’s stories. If you want to start as a travel blogger, learn how to make a good story out of your travelogue. Ever heard of the laptop lifestyle?



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You might find making blogging and blog advertising, as a kind of a hobby that also generates some extra dollars along the way. Affiliate marketing writing blog reviews is a great money making scheme that produces an awesome experience. Learn as you grow kind of thing. It can definitely fill your world with new friends online and also, fill your pockets over time!


What really interest me is the fate of some bloggers who are getting paid to travel anywhere by their affiliate network for affiliate advertising, such as hotels. That could be really awesome. Shall I say I am aiming for it?


How would you feel being near 50 (ouch), traveling to different places, experiencing other people’s world and taking unlimited digital snapshots?


Photo blogging and traveling could be really fun, isn’t it? Travel stories are a trendsetter. To make this blog and earn lifestyle possible, you need to start writing blog reviews about your local travels and review the snapshots you had taken. Who said you cannot get paid to write doing freelance writing as a food blogger while doing affiliate advertising?



Buy a camera with good lens aperture

You need at least a 21x zoom camera for the outdoors so your photos don’t get pixelated and cloudy. Buy a good phone with a great, clear camera. The images you produce can either make or destroy your affiliate website.


As of the present, I used Huawei phones for selfies and my Vivo phone for rear shots. I used Samsung for the zoom camera shots. For sure, they cost money, but they are not much. And, as I am planning to take my affiliate business to the next level soon, I have to search for the best smartphone camera and brand again.


The easiest you can do in any place you visit, especially inside the malls and restaurants is to use your phone camera quickly. Some establishments do not allow the use of the big ones type of camera.



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It would be a disappointment not to be able to take any. In such cases, you need just a simple phone with a good camera.


Buy a 6 inch or more phone. I noticed that smaller sizes of 4 to 5.5 inches do not include much of the background and yourself in selfies.


It can go only as far as shoulders at times. Based on experience, a 6 inch phone camera takes wider shots.




Photo blogging and what to wear

You do not have to be a fashion model to appear in your personal blog. You can do travel photography and take selfies as you are, an ordinary person aiming to blog and earn. For me, I just buy a cheap t-shirt and pair it with a maong shorts or maong pants. SM City Surplus stores got a lot of P199.99 shirts.


Wearing a new shirt each time you visit a new place makes the place distinct and memorable. You can use different shirt colors or design for your travel photography.


Does not matter if the shirt has the same cut and plain design. The color can do the trick when you upload the images on your affiliate site. I use only a P199 plain shirt from SM City Surplus as part of my tight budgeted small business plan.


Yes, that is how it is in my life as a travel and food blogger. I do not spend much on fashion, but more on food and restaurants within or near the places I visited.


Think long term. Are you going to last with this hobby? There may be lax times, but make it a rule to blog and visit even one place or restaurant in a week just to sustain readership. Your program affiliate network would be happy with that already. At least there is an update, right.


Build your personal blog and they will come! I am passionate to become a professional travel and food blogger. I do not care how old I will be when I become the expert. I want to be the best that I can be doing affiliate advertising through blog advertising (hah, hopeful!).


build your brand go small business marketing


Polishing your travel photography skills

Learn how to develop your skills in travel photography and creative freelance writing. Don’t just take a snapshot without thinking how it looks later. In photo blogging, you should definitely aim to be one remarkable travel blogger.


There is nothing wrong in taking photographs. Just be more keen about how it will look after you upload it on your website. How to earn money blogging also depends on how attractive and useful you can make content.


How do you take professional travel photos? This is not something I am very good at. If you are on stage 1, maybe you will find me as your classmate in the room.


Keep in mind that photographs are important in captivating the beauty and for the memories they represent. I started taking photos in 2013. As you can see in my old pictures, they were not really that good looking.


I failed to capture things. One day, somehow, along my innocent travelogue photos, I was lucky to capture the smiles and sweet snapshots of my kids. That motivated me to enhance my photography skills.


Taking photographs is a skill that takes time, effort and practice. I can say it is more about the photographer itself.


It is more about how you see things and reflect them as digital images. Taking pictures of what you have been truly passionate about is the real meaning of photography.


All of us will tread on the same road as starters. We tend to take pictures for the money. Well, girl I tell you, stop thinking about the money and you will take better picture of yourself and of the place you visited.


Show what you are really passionate about. You may have a very unique perspective about the world that your audience may find remarkable.



Photo blogging best practices

Make sure your camera is level and stop moving when taking travel photography snapshots. Sometimes, I don’t breathe when I take pictures. This prevents production of blurry images.


Hold your camera with both hands or use a travel photography tripod. Learn how to draw your audience’s eyes to particular points in your photos. Make it as easy as possible for the person looking at it to figure out the focus of the image.


Think about the different elements in the foreground, midground, and background of the shot. Think of anything and everything around you. Immerse yourself and then decide how to take your photos. I never told you that you can build your business doing nothing!


Provide context with scale to create more balanced, pleasing images. Don’t you know that my photo blogging selfies would take now up to 40 shots before I can choose even one. Imagine what the other people think about me!


In short, think what object in the image you are trying to draw the viewer’s eyes. How can you possibly capture and frame it?


Taking snapshots might require you to scout around or step back from your subject. Don’t be ashamed of what you do. Who cares what they think? Come as you are. There is no need for make up classes.


small business blog marketing


You cannot take your talent to the next level if you are too conscious about what others think and say about what you do. To build your business and build your brand, you should at least thicken your skin a bit. Don’t be afraid to stand further away even if you get caught in the middle of a group. Let them stare.


Framing requires creativity and a lot of imagination. Experiment and see what works for you. Remember, you are the first viewer of your art. If it satisfies you, then it would likely amaze like minded people.


It is surprising how you can create context to life. Create a story out of your images. Figure out how to get those snapshots and pull your viewers to your story. Use emotion and incorporate them in your photos for blog advertising.


Get out and take more pictures. You very well know practice makes perfect. Master your camera. Master perception!


Earn money as a freelance travel blogger and patiently learn how to do photo blogging and get paid. Start to make a living writing as a paid blogger and at the same time, earn money from your blog pushing program affiliate products or other people’s services. Get paid to blog while working from home or living a laptop lifestyle!

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