How Do You Naturally Draw People To You?

Naturally draw people to you

This idea came to me while I was doing research about social media marketing. Because I do not want to spend money on Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, I honestly believe there must be something out there that could help naturally draw people to you. All I know is that if you feed them the right information, then people will gravitate toward you.


We all know that each day brings potential pressures related to finances, relationships and health. It might be good to start with the person’s pain points. Finding a solution to their pain points usually draws people to you.


Of course, the certainty of difficult times in life can and will weigh people down, but if you provide some inspiration and a definite answer to their questions, then they would gladly consume your content and social media posts.


It doesn’t matter if you are just an ordinary man or a simple blogger, as long as you make them feel special and provide some sense of relief to their pains, they would connect with you. Do not run the risk of offending them. Be careful with your words.


Admit that you have to know the basic do’s and don’ts of communication. Be presentable, credible and noticeable so you would naturally draw to people.



Share intelligently written or chosen content that would show you as someone serious and won’t waste other people’s time. You need to get people around you. Build them up. You don’t need to be loud. Just be you!


What is important is that people enjoy being around you and read whatever you share because you make them feel better about themselves and life. How do you think micro-influencers made it through the noise of this world?


Social media influencers do that. On second thoughts, if you think your ability to encourage needs improvement as a beginner and if people don’t come to you, then you go to them. Just walk right up and share a few words that will give them a sense of hope. Consider forums!


The art of encouragement does not have to be complicated. Simply smile and talk with an open heart. The technique is to listen, be well mannered, choose your words well and think before you open your mouth!


People have enough stuff that pulls them down. When you talk with them, you run the risk of offending them. Take special consideration of the context of person you speak with.


When someone tries to get away from you within the first five minutes of the conversation then you must be doing something wrong. The best way is to show some empathy and consideration of their situation.


Show them you are someone worth talking to. You have to be presentable, credible and noticeable. Avoid pride. Always stay calm and humble.


Showing sincerity and much empathy can make you find yourself more and more at the right place at the right time with people coming to you looking for help and solutions. Attract your target audience and let the flow of the conversation work for you.


Connect and nurture relationships carefully. Fortunately, time and effort can bring what you both need together. A one worded response means the person is not interested. End the conversation as soon as possible.


draw people connect and nurture relationships


If you are in dire need of social media marketing techniques, the best would always be knowing about your target audience pain points. Listening to what they have to say always bring breakthrough results so do not be afraid to give them room to breathe!


For a start, you can draw a profile view from imagination. Visualize the relationships of things responsible for the conditions you want to establish.


Stop and think. Just spend a moment to figure out where the various parts are in relation to each other and what they are doing.


For example, visualize this. If you come in and demand attention, you would likely repel people. If you learn how to command attention without even demanding it, then social media marketing is a good fit for you.


Interacting with people on social media is not different from interacting with someone standing right in front of you. Be kind and share. Have manners. Social media is never a work with technology.


People needed to be included, lifted and encourage. They need someone and only follow someone whom they think knows where they are going!


This means that you do not just use your personal brand as a feed. You have to be clear on what’s what to build your brand, connection and reputation. Understand that so much depends on reputation so you have to guard it with your life.


Reputation is the cornerstone of marketing. When it slips, you become vulnerable. Learn how to become better with audience engagement and running conversations.


Think before you speak and pay attention to your words. During a social meeting or a chat in any of your social media platforms, always pay attention to manners and attitudes.


Questions help you continue a conversation but must not sound like an interview. The art of asking questions is very important and just hope they won’t give you a one worded response!

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