Street Tested On-Site Optimization Tactics You Can Do To Increase Website Traffic

The Philippine food blogger’s new photo blogging SEO for top SERPS positioning mantra: “Look for the right target audience, create and optimize your content to match the audience intent, and make sure that Google can find and trust as well as index your website.” Focus on your market. If the website receives traction and gathers followers, then you are ready to establish the brand with constant engagement from your followers.


When you build your emotional connection between you and your followers, plus other enthusiasts interested in your topic, your travel photography website would most likely be the one that immediately comes to their mind when they look for help or anything they can associate with your services or blog. Along with it, you should build your image with more effort.


Make it a point to appear in their feeds, so you can target the right demographic and improve your outreach. The key to increasing website traffic when you find it difficult to rank higher is to go to the market itself.


One thing you may have not noticed when you use Google Plus in sharing content, is its big difference with the other social media sharing platforms. When you share a post on Facebook and Twitter, your network basically sees it only when they are looking at Facebook and Twitter, but if you share your post on Google Plus, your network can see it every time they search Google.


The easiest way to take advantage of this is to expand your Google Plus network and just regularly share good content. In addition, what you share in Google Plus often appear at the top of Google results every time.



The audience on Google Plus is becoming more and more valuable to us, who are engaged in photo blogging or any niche blog. All those people who connected with you through email can actually see you, even if they are not following you, just by the mere fact that you had exchanged emails with them.


What is crazy is you don’t even need the exact keyword matching for this. Spells good? Are the $$s shining right through your laptop now? Invest in creating more highly searchable quality content.


When you have optimized your content, drive traffic using unique social media strategies. Get your content in front of new audiences. Create a better content marketing strategy and write compelling headlines.


Another good practice to keep in mind is the snippet optimization. In the past two years, Google changed the maximum length of the title tags, so that it’s no longer dependent on the number of characters, but on the number of pixels used.



Sharing in social media

Share your content the right way. Make each post eye catching and shareable. Get higher number of shares, engagement, and likes. If a post does not pick up the steam the first time you share it, don’t try to keep reposting it the same way.


This is spammy behavior and will turn your audience away. Instead, aim for a good mix of social media content, share blog posts and videos, as well as content from other influencers.


Post to Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. Dominate with Quora to increase website traffic. People ask questions, and you post answers with relevant links, pretty simple!


Use republishing to get featured on large websites. Get your content republished on large publications. A few of the publications are the Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, The Next Web, LifeHacker, and The Verge.


Pitch the publication. Your pitch is the key. To be able to do this, you need to network and connect with influencers. Mention influencers in your tweets when you promote your post.


In short follow three simple tricks so you can increase web traffic

  • Optimize your website content


  • Crush it with social media


  • Master content outreach



While you are at it, build an email list. If you can put all these systems to work together, then you are ready to take your website to the next level. Before you forget this one important feature in search, you need to set up Google Authorship.


Google Authorship results are more likely to catch the eye of a searcher. It is a significant driver of click throughs. One study found that clicks improved 150% with Google Authorship.


In 2005, Google filed a US patent on Agent Rank, which is a system that allows the content of expert authors to rank higher in search results pages, than the content from less credible authors. But, Google needed more than just Agent Rank. It needed an identity platform to manage and discover these trusted authors.


Google Plus became that platform. Promoted as a sharing network, it also provided the structure to move forward with Agent Rank, which came to be known as Google Authorship. Google Plus gave authors the ability to verify identity, manage their personas, and establish authority.

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