Why Your Online Business Failed?

While the idea of working from home and setting up a blog sounds like an ideal solution in building a passive income, just like in the real world of brick and mortar business, most people step into the streamline of the internet business unprepared. Many stay at home moms and new bloggers quit their jobs with insufficient knowledge about what they are doing, besides holding on to the hope that someday they become their own boss using their own computers in the comfort and ease of their homes.


Success happens only when you learn how marketing online affiliate products work. Internet marketing online advertising is not an easy task. It is a lot of hard work and the road to success may not be that easy and smooth as you first imagine.


Most people think that the mere setting up of the blog can already generate them sufficient income to meet their basic needs. You have to work long hours to raise your traffic and generate good leads before you get to earn anything.


Online marketing does not run on auto pilot. You have to build your tribe first and create rapport with your followers before you get to earn your first dollar. That is right. What I can tell you is that


You have to have the right attitude and mindset to succeed!



You cannot just work when it suits you. Expect long and sometimes boring hours of hard work to get even one follower to interact and engage or comment on your social media post or blog post.


Marketing with blogs is easier said than done. You may not need a business plan, but you certainly need some creativity for your content. First attraction is good content.


Once you come up with brilliant ideas about how to dazzle your readers and convert your visitors to sales, you have to organize and synchronize your assets to support internet marketing goals. Your assets are your blog, social media channels, landing page and content.


Content marketers are exposed to an overwhelming barrage of content, and get a ton of ideas out of them. To start your content marketing, you need to review and redefine your system. Decide on a process before you start implementing and organizing.


The most common CMS among content marketers is the WordPress. To add a bit more organization to it, you can use WordPress plugins, content categories and tags.


You could have the most brilliant idea of your life, but it can become useless in 5 minutes if you fail to organize and set up your system. Write it down.


Create your ideas into good, useful content. Your blog should work as an easy reference for your advertising and marketing goals. Create your content in a way that would make it possible for the customers to clearly understand what your brand is all about.


Web site marketing should be focused more on organizing your content and providing information that is useful to your readers. Marketing online affiliate products or even your own products or services can be made easier when you have fully organized your content strategy.



KPI Metrics

To maintain your sanity, you should take a look at your content marketing and lead generation strategy, so you will understand what is working and what is isn’t working. Your KPIs can be your traffic gained, likes, followers, email subscribers, sales, and much more. These metrics are key and tell you how you are doing, but do not necessarily provide insights about what works for you.


Audit all of the content you have in your WordPress blog. If you are just getting started and want to refine the process as you go, it is best to start small. For example, you may want to see what blog posts are performing best and then move on to other platforms.


Are you trying to refine your mix of evergreen and real time content? If you want to review and see the effectiveness of your brick versus feather content, take note of the traffic and engagement, and see if what you believe as a meatier content is indeed performing better.


The key metric you may want to track is conversion to email subscribers. However, you should also collect information on social sharing, because it helps you see what topics are getting the most traction from your audience on a given channel.


In fact, there seems to be a high correlation between high social shares and the number of email subscribers. This includes traffic to the post. Here is the secret – curate your high performing evergreen content!


What I am trying to say is that it is critical to get a system in place that fully supports your business online marketing efforts. Always measure content effectiveness! Marketing online your services or products should be fully supported by your content.

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