Eat For Less At The Orange Brutus First Favorite Snack House In Cebu

Eat For Less At The Orange Brutus Cebu Philippines

Eat well for less and learn how to slash your travel food budget and grocery bills having delicious meals packed full of flavor in an extremely charming budget meal recipes and menu loaded with a variety of Philippine dishes at the Orange Brutus snack house restaurant in Cebu. Cut your food shop bill with its simple and affordable restaurant menu design that are easy on the pocket for solo travelers who are living on a tight budget for grocery. Eat all you can with these budget meals for backpacking and travel!


Share a family feast on a budget with meals priced as low as less than a P100. Filipinos are a fabulous cook who sticks in creating recipes and meal plans on a budget. Pinoy chefs can create satisfying food you can happily eat and dine under an extreme budget meal plan that mostly targets solo travelers on a budget. Orange Brutus provides good food on a tight budget in Cebu Philippines.


I thought this snack house and restaurant in Cebu brand already expired years ago. I first met this fast food meal plans on a budget brand in 1983 while I was still studying my first year college of engineering here in Cebu. As far as I can remember, their signature chocolate monster cake made them very famous before, including their fruit shakes.


I must admit my favorite was the choco monster cake, wish they created the ravishing chocolate chip cookies cake too. In fact, I always buy one whenever I ate at Brutus fast food and restaurant. It has been so until this year.


I ordered the choco monster cake at their SM City Consolacion branch just to get dismayed. It is no longer moist and the texture is coarse, dry, and open grain. Is there a markdown in their price and food quality? Or was it just the mood of the baker?



I can see small holes and tunnels in the cake. Maybe it was the baker’s mood that day, but really, I want my money back! Fast food recipes, with all the competition in the low cost restaurant menu design sector of the fast food industry, should watch where they are going with their meal plans on a budget end product quality!


How did they ever mix the cake and assume it would come out to be good? On second thoughts, I think there is no quality check in this establishment. The texture is dense and too fluffy. This is not the kind of cake I want. This was not the kind of cake I got crazy before when I was still in college.


I was really dismayed, but still I am giving them all the chances they want to make up for a good, moist choco monster cake, because they were really on the first top ten of my list before when I was still studying college. This restaurant food review may change in the future.


Eating out in restaurants can be costly, but this store gives you more than what you eat in a meal – value for your money with their meal plans on a budget. Not everyone can eat out for less than a $100 now. They still maintain fun family friendly budget meal recipes that are very much affordable, yet still nice to the bite.


Orange Brutus Cebu Philippines

Photos taken June 21 2015 at the Old Orange Brutus In SM City 2nd Level, Consolacion, Cebusisig at Orange Brustus restaurant in Cebuchocolate monster cake at Orange Brutus restaurant in CebuOrange Brutus menu fast food and restaurant in Cebusizzling burger patties at Orange Brutus fast food and restaurant in CebuOrange Brutus meal fast food and restaurant in Cebufried chicken meal at Orange Brutus fast food and restaurant in CebuOrange Brutus fast food and restaurant in Cebu menu


How can you make smart choices when eating this restaurant’s easy meals without sabotaging your diet food healthy eating habit? Or don’t you have a diet food budget meal plan in mind at all? While eating out can be fun, you can try to mix things up and come out with a good bundle of healthy meals + desserts.


Their easy meals menu is composed of the breakfast meals, power meals, rice meals, Brutus bowls, budget meals, burgers, hotdogs, fun snacks, beverages, shakes, and their meal specials for the month. Their menu holder is a big banner like thing plastered on their wall. The menu cover is thick plastic.


The prices are affordable, but the quality of the food and service may need an upgrade. Once I went back to order a burger steak at the SM Consolacion branch, it was served fast. They are one of the restaurants in Cebu that sometimes give a varying level of service and food quality.


When I started eating, I noticed the meat is a bit hard, not from lack of cooking time, but because it was already precooked and the only thing that was making it hot is the gravy or sauce. Taste like a leftover!!! Meal plans on a budget should not be served as leftovers.



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It came to my mind that maybe the quality of their food depends on who is cooking, which is a bad guideline to follow, especially these days that any food blogger can just visit the snack house and restaurant, and then, publish a detailed restaurant food review. They should go back to really cook the food upon placement of the order and serving them still sizzling hot.


If you go eat at the other branches, the food taste delicious. The sizzling burger is really hot and yummy to the bite. The meat is soft and tender too. This snack house and restaurant in Cebu should have a good quality control check without them knowing. Even if you are the cheapest restaurant, but if your budget meal recipes taste like leftovers, then no one would love to eat and dine your tempting cheapest meals offer.


This is not new. Other restaurants are following the leftover type of cooking now in Cebu. Maybe management should strictly monitor the food quality and also, make it a point to meet the expectations of a hot meal. Just like the old days!


Orange Brutus restaurant in Cebu PhilippinesOrange Brutus restaurant in Cebu PhilippinesOrange Brutus restaurant in Cebu SM Consolacion mall

Photos taken June 8 2017 at SM City Consolacion, new Orange Brutus location at ground flood, Consolacion, Cebu


The sizzling sisig is one of my favorites there. However, they take this off every now and then when it is time to introduce new budget meals. I hope they will make this item permanent in their menu.


What I can say is that, they need to upgrade the taste of their menu. If you read the reviews about Orange Brutus, mostly are not satisfied with the food or either grumbling about the attending staff. Meal plans on a budget should still be served with quality staff service!


I still feel good with them. I cannot complain much about their restaurant food meal plans on a budget. I just noticed the taste hasn’t changed since the old days. The menu is more about local all-time favorites you can usually order anywhere. Competing with online restaurant menu may not successfully gain traffic attraction due to service and food quality. Innovation, anyone?


They tried to keep their prices low and competitive with such power meals. However, that is just it. The taste of the food is somewhat bland now, unlike years ago. Or maybe that can be a good thing, because most fast foods now are too salty you are likely to develop a high blood pressure.


Honestly, the taste may not be working to their advantage anymore. With the formula followed by the leading fast foods now, they can be left behind. On the other hand, it can be a good thing for those who are not looking for too much salt and sugar on their portions.



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Truthfully, the fact is still there, you can always eat more for less at the Orange Brutus. In fact, you can order a combo meal for less than a P100 pesos. They are very affordable to those who are living in a budget. Great for students who want to stretch their peso for more longer.


Today, June 8 2017, I ate lunch at Orange Brutus and I was satisfied. The sizzling burger was really hot this time and it tastes good. I looked at the chef and they look like they may be part time working students.


This can be a reason why the taste is rapidly fluctuating. Business strategy should maintain one chef across time, so the taste formula can be developed and perfected, including the meal plans on a budget menu.


Don’t worry. It was just an unconfirmed hypothesis. Just me thinking about possible practical solutions to problems in the Philippine fast food industry.  I can see now food blogging is getting fun more than ever.


Lowering cost by hiring less trained and less experienced chefs can be damaging to the business, especially if the employee turnover is fast due to contract expiry. Of course, they know this. I am just saying my thoughts out loud!


Overall, the food and budget meal plan menu offers are enough to give you a full stomach in less cost. Satisfaction could be just a matter of eating the right food with the right timing. They taste good at times depending on who is cooking!


The staff service is excellent. They would really wait on your order with a smile and take your photos patiently. I love them. They are nice.


Order at Orange Brutus restaurant in Cebu Philippineseat for less at fast food Orange Brutus restaurant in Cebu


Where to find Brutus in Cebu

Ayala cart

Cebu Business Park, Archbishop Reyes, Cebu City

Cebu, Philippines

Telephone 032 232 7659


Ayala Center

3rd level, Ayala Center

Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

Telephone 032 231 5394


Cebu Doctor’s

CDC Building, Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City

Telephone 032 255 1406


Centro Mandaue

Centro, Mandaue Ctiy (Beside Mandaue City Hall)

Telephone 032 345 573


Elizabeth Mall

Ground floor, Elizabeth Mall

Leon Kilat Street, Cebu City

Telephone 032 256 3036



Ma. Cristina Building, Fuente Osmena, Cebu City

24 hours daily

Telephone 032 255 2972 or 032 255 4783



Alfresco 3, Unit 7, Parkmall

Ouano Avenue, North Reclamation, Mandaue City

Telephone 032 239 5516


Robinson’s Cybergate

2nd floor level, Foodcourt, Robinson’s Cybergate

Don Gil Garcia Street, Cebu City

Telephone 032 268 0381


SM City Mabolo

Lower Ground Floor Level, SM City Cebu

North Reclamation Area, Cebu City

Telephone 032 232 0722


SM City Consolacion

Ground Floor Level, SM City Consolacion

Cebu North Road, Consolacion, Cebu

Telephone 032 232 0722


Super Metro Colon

2nd floor level (near supermarket)

Colon Street, Cebu City

Telephone 032 254 2542


Pacific Mall Mandaue

Food Court G, Pacific Mall Mandaue

168 MC Briones Street corner UN Avenue

Mandaue City, Cebu

Telephone 032 239 5516


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Orange Brutus smart ideas for a very tight food budget helps you live in the Philippines on a tight grocery budget. Are you a solo backpacker? Eat cheap and save on food while traveling on vacation with the Orange Brutus burger steak recipe and best sizzling burger steak.

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