Orange Karenderia Offers Pinoy Cuisine Dishes Right From Your Mom’s Kitchen

Orange Karenderia Garlic Chicken Pinoy Dish

Karenderia actually means small eatery you usually see on the streets. The name Karenderia can be easily linked to a street food vending or sidewalk mini restaurants. Street foods may taste good or taste just like the rest, but they always come with good menu and prices.


Most street foods nowadays are classified as finger food or mini fast food that sell cheaper on average semi-home cooked meals. Street food vending may be around the world, but it varies greatly across cultures and regions. What I generally mean, is the taste and the cooking.


Most people eat on karenderias for a number of reason, such as to eat cheaper meals, get different food flavor for a reasonable price, a tourist wanting to experience street food in a more sociable setting here in the Philippines, for notalgia, or just simply to experience the taste of ethnic Filipino cuisine.


Although the perception of most people about karenderias may be the general concept, but surprisingly, when I walk into the Orange Karenderia, everything has been exemplary. In every dish they served on the table, there is always something different when compared to the usual taste and way of cooking. My palate seems to define a classic flavor and a taste unique only to the Orange Karenderia.


The Orange Karenderia is actually a restaurant that mimics the food sold in the local karenderias anywhere around the city and the province, but with a taste that is extremely good and deserving to be admired and can be referred back only to them.



Get ready to dive straight into the heart of the Cebuano Filipino culture defined though its dishes. The quality of the food of this Pinoy cuisine restaurant definitely exceeds expectations. The prices are amazingly affordable for the quality of food they offer.


Just think of this, my first visit was really satisfying that I went back there again to taste some of the foods I haven’t tasted during my first visit, the very next week. One of the signature dishes in the Orange Karenderia is the Garlic Chicken.


I must say that the Orange Karenderia is not your ordinary karenderia you often go and eat on the street sidewalk. It is a sassy, but affordable Filipino restaurant that offers food with a differentiated taste.


Here in Cebu, food is the center of many celebrations. If the old folks do not want to cook at home, they normally go to the nearest restaurant and celebrate the occasion, as well as feast the food out there. Orange Karenderia is just the right place for your space and budget. It offers great menus and packages for family dinners and special occasions.


This Pinoy restaurant serves delectable food that are surprisingly delightful and fulfilling to the stomach. The meal portions are enough to give you a full stomach and quench your thirst for a local food taste test.


I must say the Orange Karenderia has found the ultimate savory ways to make the street food more appetizing, with much much better quality and appealing appearance. Going to the restaurant is an excellent way to relax and discover the local cuisine.


Brunch at Orange KarenderiaLunch at Orange KarenderiaBreakfast and Lunch at Orange karenderiaBrunch at Orange Karenderia Parkmall Cebu City Cebu

Photos taken March 4 2017 at Orange Karenderia, Parkmall, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines


A stomach growling is like an angry animal. However, if you go eat at the Karenderia, you would surely beat the angry animal in you with the served hot homecooked meals it gives you.


Go eat your heart out to the fullest capacity of your stomach or suffer from excessive longing later. As you very well know, the dishes taste better when consumed together with your family and friends. It would be lonely and boring to eat alone with a good food on your front.


What really happened on my first visit was that I ate less (I was following a diet of lesser portions) and I ended up feeling hungry and really bitin sa kain! When I got home, I didn’t seem to get the taste out of my mind and the images of the food got plastered to my mind all week that I finally decided to go back and have my fill the very next week.


I am sure the meals were cooked from fresh meat, chicken, vegetables, and all the other ingredients combined, because they taste so good, not to mention their secret recipe formula. From vegetable to seafood to meat dishes, you will really know they were made from fresh ingredients.


My daughter ordered the sinuglaw, which is a combination of the pork sinugba, fish kinilaw plus the sauce that turns any person ravishing and too hungry in a second. To make quite an impression, you would be drooling!


Sinuglaw is a dish composed of the grilled pork belly and the fish kinilaw, which you can consider as the main dish or an appetizer. Any which way you consider it, the dish taste is something to die for on here. The fish ceviche and grilled pork mixed with vinegar can be a tasty pulutan.


Orange Karenderia Lunch

Photos taken February 18 2017 at Orange Karenderia In Parkmall, Cebu City, Cebu

Orange Karenderia RecipeOrange Karenderia SinuglawOrange Karenderia SisigOrange Karenderia Food Menu


The sinuglaw is a must try dish in the Orange Karenderia. I have tasted many versions of the sinuglaw, but the Karenderia has really made it a popular tasty dish among the locals.


This eye popping meal can really make you feel full in less time. My advice is not to eat in a hurry. Come on girl, savor the taste also!


One feature that is unique to the Filipino cuisine dining is the sawsawan, or dipping sauce from the common condiments of fish sauce, dark soy sauce, native vinegar, garlic, onions and tomatoes, or red hot chili peppers that is often served with each meal.


If you ordered the sinuglaw, there is always an accompanying dipping sauce for it. From a score of 1 to 10, this sinuglaw is a 9!


The Orange Karenderia has been causing quite a buzz in Cebu. The Cebuanos love good food, but not only good food, for sure they should be cheaper and great tasting too.


The Orange Karenderia has really caught a lot of people’s attention in the city. Just looking at the big images of the food and menu can surely stimulate your appetite and trigger your senses to order a lot of food.


Orange Karenderia Price List 1Orange Karenderia Price List 2Orange Karenderia Price List 3Orange Karenderia Price List 4


The best in the menu is the garlic chicken, which is a refreshing take on its list. No matter how simple the recipe, the garlic chicken was such a hit. We all have those days when we crave for something and say, at last I found it.


The roasted garlic lends a rich flavor to this appetizing chicken entrée. I love garlic and this golden brown chicken pieces, with its fragrant spices, is just one good way to lure me into eating beyond my committed portions.


The garlic kissed chicken is delicious and an elegant entrée amidst the display of local dishes on the table.  They do have a very special way of enhancing the taste of the chicken. The garlic and spices made the taste mesmerizing and worth remembering every bite you had and every peso you spent.


What is best with this recipe is that they also sprinkled the garlic chicken with sesame seeds. Such a great treat for you!


Are you passionate with food? Try the fried chicken with sesame seeds plus garlic. The dish consists of a chicken that was de-boned, battered, and deep fried.


The crispy chicken with lots of sprinkled sesame seeds is best to eat with the sweet, savory sauce that comes with the cooked dish. Every one raves about the sesame garlic chicken.


Orange Karenderia Menu 1Orange Karenderia Menu 2Orange Karenderia Menu 3


The kids were all licking their fingers and also of what remains of the sauce on the plate. Would you believe that I actually joined their licking contest?


Cooking the aromatics for the sauce at a lower temperature lets the flavor develop without having to superheat the skillet. This sesame chicken is just right to the taste and not so sweet, unlike the other restaurants out there. Order a takeout if you can’t get enough.


By the way, to make it clear, the sesame chicken is also the minced garlic chicken, with lots of minced garlic plus sesame sprinkled on it. A piece of this sesame garlic chicken will make you forget about your troubles and will keep you eating and wanting for more.


Serve these dishes all together, the sizzling sisig, the garlic chicken, and the sinuglaw, and you will find your stomach bloating and expanding over your limit. OMG, what is going on? I just can’t find the strength to stop. Good Lord, help!


With their impressive side dishes, you will find your plates empty in a glance, you wouldn’t even know when you got started. The sizzling sisig is a keeper.  We all love it.


The pork chunks marinated, boiled, and deep fried into what seemed to be an all time favorite savory special sauce can be so cool and way too good for the price. Sisig is actually a Kapampangan dish, which refers to the fish and meat, especially pork, that is marinated in a sour liquid, such as lemon or vinegar and then seasoned with salt, pepper, and other spices.


Orange Karenderia MenuOrange Karenderia Menu and Recipe


The sizzling sisig has become increasingly popular here in Cebu. You can see this dish served almost in all Filipino cuisine restos, but definitely not as delicious as how it was cooked in the Orange Karenderia.


The Orange Karenderia sizzling sisig has been known for its unique taste, crispy texture, and tasteful appearance. Indeed, it was very tasty and oh so heavenly spread.


This place seems to be a crossover of the local karenderia and an exotic restaurant. Everything is more modern and more comfortable for the guests, but offers more sophisticated versions of the menu without exceeding your pocket’s budget.


I love the saucy and toasted appeal of the sizzling sisig. It is the most ordered dish in most Pinoy restos. The traditional way of serving is the sizzling plate. But the divine cooking of the Orange Karenderia would give some sense of gastronomical delight.


When you come to dine at the Orange Karenderia, I must tell you to stop thinking about diet, because the lovely menu has been designed to give you a good, delightful fill.


I love the grilled tuna panga. Actually, the first two dishes I ordered from the menu were the sizzling sisig and the grilled tuna panga. It is impossible to find high quality fish with a good price, but they definitely have their way with the vendors.


This upscale karenderia has its own formula in winning the hearts of its customers. Their grilled tuna panga has been marinated to perfection. Can you imagine succulent, mouthwatering, well-cooked grilled panga? That’s it, drool girl!


The panga is that one part of the fish that retains its being soft and moist, even when you likely overcooked it. When overcooked, the more it becomes super juicy and tender. The best parts of the tuna to grill are the buntot, belly, and the panga. Orange Karenderia serves all three with a good finger licking dipping sauce.


The pancit canton taste superb. I love noodles, but I don’t love every noodle I ate at some point in my life. The Orange Karenderia has captured the traditional pancit canton stir fried noodles, with the rich flavors of its ingredients.


The restaurant has developed a taste responsive to the differentiating taste of its customers. The pleasant aroma and the taste of the pancit canton triggers happy memories of people you see are sitting and are bonded together sharing and eating good food, in a fuss free karenderia.


Orange Karenderia ParkMall MandaueOrange Karenderia Cebu Orange Karenderia Lunch Mandaue Cebu Orange Karenderia Lunch Cebu PakrMallOrange Karenderia Lunch ParkMall Cebu

Photos taken July 6 2017 at Orange Karenderia In Parkmall, Cebu City, Cebu


This is a Filipino dish often found being served in regular lunch or dinner, and also during special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Prepared with several ingredients, the dish looks and tastes very festive.


Cooking the pancit canton can be tricky, especially if the cooking is really extra delicious that holds flavor together, especially when there is a Chinese sausage or chorizo plus shelled shrimp. And if it is something that does not have shelled shrimp and Chinese sausage, just how the Orange Karenderia cooks it, their recipe must be pretty good enough to make you want for more.


Grilled pork barbecues are served still speared in bamboo skewers. However, you can really taste the difference of a good marinade.


Because pork cuts cook differently depending on the cut size and thickness, the curing effect sometimes leave a ham like texture, but still preferred by the customers. The meat thickness and cut actually determines the marinade time.


The pork rub sauce has basically created a mouthwatering meal, where they used a charcoal grill to produce a tender, quick cooking cuts of meat.



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Smoking it with wood is a good way to enhance the flavor of the grilled pork. This is the mainstay of traditional barbecue. However, even without it the Orange Karenderia was able to keep them extra tangy, tasty and moist. It is definitely worth the wait.


Calamares taste may differ on the day it is being cooked. Depending on how it is being prepared on that day you ordered, it can be firm, rubbery, or gummy. If you have some issues with your teeth, I suggest you order another dish.


This seafood dish, battered or tried, taste good largely depending on its sauce. This is what I have been trying to tell my friends. The taste of the calamares totally depends on how the sauce was prepared and not just the calamares itself.


The squid rings are not really melt in the mouth. How could it be? They are not tough and chewy either. They were cook quickly and just right to the bite. They were served hot and immediately garnished with the right condiments.


The sizzling gambas are one of my favorites. The dish can be recreated as an appetizer at home, but really, I just want to enjoy my time being served a homecooked meal at the Karenderia. I can savor the juicy shrimp in its spicy, garlic infused oil with added raw minced garlic.


Sizzling gambas connect you with the locals. You take a spoonful and look at everyone in the resto with a smile. The sizzling garlic shrimp is finger licking good. This is the only food that can make me eat a lot of hot chili peppers on it.


Orange Karenderia Sizzling GambasOrange Karenderia Garlic Chicken LunchOrange Karenderia Brunch Menu List


The sizzling squid sisig and the crispy tuna belly are a must eat in this restaurant. I definitely do not want to cook these dishes on my own. I just want to order and eat, because obviously, the chef spent ample time to practically meet and give to expectations.


The squid sisig may look similar to the pork sisig but this dish is definitely made of finely chopped squid quickly cooked on a hot plate, then dressed with mayonnaise and some lemon. The cooking is very tricky, so nah. I will just order at the Orange Karenderia for this particular Pinoy dish.


The taste is consistent for all the branches unlike the other restaurants where some branches do not cook their food well and do not even serve it hot. I went back there again to eat dinner with my daughter and her friend. And yes, they were all satisfied, full and very happy with the food.


What can I say? If you are asking yourselves where to eat right now, I would recommend getting a peep at the Orange Karenderia menu. I guarantee the taste of its enticing food can truly satisfy your taste buds.


You can hit this Pinoy cuisine restaurant for dinner and that is all you can do. You definitely cannot do resto hopping for the day anymore, because you will leave the restaurant not only with a full and happy belly, but with a smile on your face, from ear to ear.


They do have party packages. Pump it up, make your family proud! Choose the best fit for your party or special occasion. Each party package is perfect for any occasion and all ages who are not afraid to lick their fingers after everything has been served and consumed. I tell you it would be a guaranteed fun and splendid meal for you and your friends and family.


Orange Karenderia RestaurantOrange Karenderia Restaurant In Cebu CityOrange Karenderia Wall Menu Price ListOrange Karenderia ParkMall CebuOrange Karenderia staff


Where to find the Orange Karenderia In Cebu

Contact numbers

Telephone 032 266 9129

Mobile 0917 721 0923 (The Owner, Michael Pato, will take all incoming messages and inquiries for the venture partnership, including orders and booking for the party packages.)



Salinas Drive corner La Guardia, Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines



Ground floor, Parkmall

Ouano Avenue, North Reclamation, Mandaue City, Cebu



Alfresco, Newtown Boulevard, Lapu Lapu, Mactan, Cebu

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