How Do You Report A Cyber Crime?

As you spend more time online, crimes that previously occurred face to face, such as harassment, credit card fraud, identity theft, and internet porn blackmailer, now occur online more often than the physical world. The PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG) warned internet users to be extra careful who you deal with on the internet. After the ACG operatives arrested a suspect who posed as a woman and duped a young student into sending him naked pictures, which he used to blackmail into giving him money in exchange for not uploading them online, the ACG team warns people to determine the real identities of the people you are dealing with in the internet, so as not to fall victims of these criminals.

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Aging Skin Care Products With Mandelic Acid May Help Reduce Large Pores

Mandelic acid aging skin care products have the ability to stimulate collagen and reduce large pores. The mandelic acid is an extract of bitter almonds. To reduce large pore sizes or cure acne, you can add the lactic acid, tretinoin, mandelic acid, and resorcinol components. The acid is very useful in rejuvenating and improving skin texture. The mandelic acid is classified as alpha hydroxy acid. Members of the alpha hydroxy acids include glycolic, lactic, citric, malic, mandelic, and tartaric acid.

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Can ChatSim Unlimited Chatting And Internet Browsing Plans Give Me More Savings?

Enjoy internet anywhere and have fun sharing your photos and videos with your WhatsApp, Viber or any messenger app without paying a penny each time you communicate with friends of family.  ChatPlans gives you unlimited text messages and emoji anywhere in the world for P1,000 a month or P2,000 a year. The base plan includes unlimited text message and emoji anywhere in the world.

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New Zealand ASEAN Scholarships

The New Zealand ASEAN Scholars Awards (NZAS) recognize New Zealand’s close cultural, economic, and geographic ties with the Southeast Asia. The NZAS program seeks to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills and qualifications to contribute to the economic, social, and political development of their region. The scholarships are offered for postgraduate level study only. The New Zealand Aid Programme funds the NZAS.

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PDFescape Online Free PDF Editor And Form Filler

The PDFescape is an original online free PDF editor and form filler you can use to edit and fill out PDFs. With the PDFescape you can edit PDF files, annotate PDF documents, fill out PDF forms, create basic PDF forms, password protect PDF files, share documents online, and view PDF files. All of these features for free. The paid premium allows you to edit text and images, print to PDF, merge PDF documents, convert PDF to word and other formats, watermark and add page numbers, compress PDF file sizes, plus more when you use the PDFescape Desktop.

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Do You Need A Vitamin Supplement To Stay Fit And Pretty?

Experts believe the average American diet contains adequate vitamins, but not enough to meet the US recommended dietary intakes. You should know the RDIs should not be considered as the minimum daily requirement for persons at risk for deficiencies, because the recommended dietary intakes apply only to people who are in good health. The occurrence of deficiency of the fat soluble vitamins, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K, which are stored in the liver and fatty tissues, may happen after a long period of deprivation from lack of food intake. However, the water soluble vitamins and B complex vitamins are not stored in large amounts, that even a brief period of deprivation can lead to deficiency.

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Is One Multivitamin Diet Supplement Enough For You?

Has the question of, “Do I really need a diet supplement”, actually occurred in your mind? A multivitamin is one great, easy way to make up for your nutritional shortfalls, but it has never been medically and scientifically and will never be considered as a replacement of a good nutritious meal. Taking more diet supplements than what you need can turn out to be more expensive and may increase your risks. Some dietary supplements may increase your risk of bleeding and some also interact with certain prescription drugs in ways that might cause problems.

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Could Eating Quinoa Help You Lose Weight Fast?

If you are eating rice as part of your daily menu, then you might be interested to know that white rice can interfere with your weight loss plan and instead, make you gain weight in the process. I mean not instantly, but eventually, you will store more excess fat, because a cup of white rice actually has 202 calories in it. While it’s not exceedingly high in calories, it won’t keep you satisfied for long after your meal. So, you can just imagine what you do and have next – more carbs plus excess weight!

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Forest Foundation Philippines Grant Programs

The Forest Foundation Philippines provides the Forest Landscape Grant Program and the Focused Grant Program. The Forest Landscape Grant Program supports activities that foster the protection and sustainable management of forests in the Foundation’s focal landscapes. Preferred locations are the Sierra Madre, Palawan, Samar, Leyte, Bukidnon, and Misamis Oriental. The projects covered by the Forest Landscape Grant Program should be related and contribute to the protection and sustainable management of Philippine forests and its biodiversity.

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How To Set Up Google Authorship, Boost Your Search Results

The importance of Google authorship in SEO for top SERPS positioning cannot be ignored. The Google authorship is one effective way to connect and promote content on the search results pages. It is free to use, easy to set up, and worth the effort, especially those who want their faces seen on the Google search results page. This system allows the content of expert authors to rank higher in search results pages than the content from less credible authors.

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