University Of Cebu Philippine Scholarship

The University of Cebu makes it possible for the locals to gain access to quality and affordable education. It offers scholarships and study grants program to deserving students who are really determined to finish their studies.   The Academic Scholarship for College entrants is meant for the incoming first year Continue Reading

A Poor Mom’s Guide For Writing A Startup Business Plan Part 6

This guide for writing a startup business plan helps you understand the need to determine the behavior of your target market. Behavioral analysis of markets typically integrate psychology and its insights with the neo-classical economic theory focus entirely on the actual market participants. Behavioral research particularly study the variables that Continue Reading

Greenwich Pizza Gives You Affordable Meals And Snacks While Having A Budget Travel Tour In Cebu

For many budget travel tour guides in Cebu, the most challenging task is to bring their clients in places that won’t allow spending more than they should be dining out. There are affordable meals and snacks in Cebu that can literally make your travel guests eat through their travel budget Continue Reading

A Poor Mom’s Guide For Writing A Startup Business Plan Part 5

How do you understand and define your target market? No one has the time and the money to spend targeting everyone. Even small businesses need to segment the target market, so it can effectively compete with the other players in the industry. Segmenting the target market does not mean you Continue Reading

A Poor Mom’s Guide For Writing A Startup Business Plan Part 4

Analyzing your industry to understand the trend and the other factors affecting the health of the industry is very basic. What happens to the industry clearly impacts the life and health of your business. There are external factors you need to evaluate, whether you can control it or not, you Continue Reading

Blogging Basics In Choosing A Profitable Niche, How Do You Find The Perfect Niche For Your Blog

To earn money from your blog, finding and choosing a profitable niche is most important. A blog cannot generate income in the absence of demand, or without a profitable niche. Starting with the right niche can kickstart your money making machine and keep your blog running longer than the normal Continue Reading