Panget Floating Restaurant Eat All You Can Buffet Dinner In Coron, Palawan

Panget Floating Resto

Are you feeling overwhelmed with work or life? Guess we all feel the same moments at some point in our lives! Right now, I invite you to escape the busy life of the city, pack your bags and travel to Coron with great cheap travel packages. Go to Coron and experience a swift, quiet night trip through the largest mangrove forest in the town of Coron. Spend some time in the sea and witness the magic of nature unfold. There are discount travel packages you can book so you can chill out and spend a romantic evening in an eat all you can buffet dinner vacation deal at the Panget Floating Restaurant complete with a solo live person serenading you with a guitar right at the side of your table.


There are many travel tour packages in Coron, but this Firefly Night Tour just caught my attention. How do you imagine yourself watching those magnificent glowing fireflies in the middle of the quiet sea?


I was excited with the thought of really seeing something flash in the mangrove at my age of 50. In our place, I haven’t seen any fireflies. That child in me made me pay for the tour. I wanted to see fireflies, literally see fireflies.


Male fireflies glow more brightly than female fireflies, but do not really matter right? All we want to see is the glowing abdomen that actually lights up as they fly.


However, the firefly sightseeing came out not to be that interesting. I just got tired sitting on the boat and waiting for them to come out. We have seen a few, but I cannot tell it has been awesome.


Panget Floating Restaurant Coron


What time in the night do these fireflies get out? It would be about 9pm or 10pm I guess. We were told to be very quiet and not to use our camera, because the light and the flash will push them farther away from us.


They seem to move quickly and there was not much to magically illuminate the area where we sat at that time of night. Chances are, if there are members of the tour group that would make even a bit of noise or turn their phone camera video on, you won’t be able to come across with a flock of these lightning bugs.


So, sometimes I felt I was getting bored waiting and was likely to fall asleep in a any moment. What’s the most interesting part of the firefly travel tour? Yup, you guess it right – food!


Firefly Night Tour With Eat All You Can Buffet Dinner at Panget Floating Restaurant In Coron, PalawanPanget Floating Resto, Coron, Palawan


Buffet dinner

Part of the adventure vacation travel package is the eat all you can buffet dinner at the Panget Floating Restaurant. I actually enjoyed the seafood buffet dinner. They cooked well and served us delicious food.


You will meet at the Coron town plaza and ride a speedboat to reach the floating restaurant. It cost P950 per person, but I guess the all you can eat buffet dinner can really give you much unexpected delight.


We love the food. The tour actually starts with the buffet dinner on the Panget floating restaurant near the mangroves. The experience with the food was simply amazing!


Here is our video footage. Not so clear because it was really dark out in the sea, and the floating restaurant uses a dimmer light

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