Eat And Chill, View Spectacular Sunset At Paseo de Santiago

Travel to the Philippines Paseo de Santiago

There is something about watching sunsets that makes your travel experience worth remembering, especially if you captured it right with your old phone camera. Studies found that sunset gazing can enhance life satisfaction and increase a person’s generosity. However, this would only affect you if you actively engage with the experience, stop whatever you are doing and really appreciate that moment when the colors explode like fireworks. In Instagram alone, a whopping 286 million images of sunsets from anywhere the world were uploaded in 2017. Well, Paseo de Santiago is the one place you can go for that late afternoon view of the peach sunset in Iligan City.


I never get tired sitting along the bay, just staring at the sky above, watching the sunset roll, while listening to the sound of the waves. Watching the sun set is truly an epitome of fleeting beauty.


Many believe nature scenes can lead to developing behaviors characterized by a concern for others! A walk in the park or along the bay water may soothe the mind and somehow change the workings of our brains.


Modern life made us live in cities and spend far less time outside in green, natural spaces than the older generation decades ago. City dwellers are more likely to experience anxiety and depression and other forms of mental disorders than those who live outside urban centers and near to nature.


Enclosures with lack of access to green spaces are said to have a higher incidence of psychological problems than people living near parks or near nature. Obviously, we need more contact with nature and our enclosure with the city landscape of cold buildings is highly preventing that.



So, let us turn off our computers and get outside. Our meaningful connection with nature can greatly improve our memory. Clearly, we suffer when we withdraw from nature.


Studies show that after just an hour of interacting with nature, our memory performance and attentions spans would improve by 20%. Employees take less sick time when their workplace is designed with nature in mind.


Paseo de Santiago is the one place you can go at late afternoons for that beautiful, peach sunset or cold, windy late nights in Iligan City. Actually, paseo means taking a leisure walk.


You can eat and dine with spectacular lights, music and seascape. The place is now considered as the selfie capital of Iligan City. Many go there just to take selfies or groupies.


Paseo de Santiago National Park Iligan City Philippinessunset at Paseo de Santiago Iligan City Philippineswatching sunset at Paseo de Santiago Iligan CityPaseo de Santiago Iligan City Philippines bayPaseo de Santiago bay Iligan CityPaseo de Santiago sunset bay


The place is very accessible and offers a spacious parking space, affordable barbeque and chicherias. Coming to this place brings you to a different kind of world.


You can bring your own food without paying any corkage fee if you do not want to spend there but on second thought, the spicy hot barbeque cooked in flaming charcoals can be so tempting you would find yourself wanting for more after the first bite! Just eat there and enjoy.


Feel the wind blowing your hair while you watch people with their families and friends, not to mention the children playing around, spending quality time in wholesome, cheaper ways.


You can see them sitting and walking around taking pictures and laughing with their family and friends. And yes, there is the iconic Iligan City sign everyone loves that gets illuminated with colorful flood lights at night.


You see all of the visitors taking at least over 50 digital pictures at the scene and of the iconic Iligan City signage. The signage, the bay and the sunset made the place very popular in less time.


barbecue at Paseo de Santiago BayPaseo de Santiago bay PhilippinesPaseo de Santiago Iligan Philippines Paseo de Santiago Paseo de Santiago Paseo de Santiago


Go unwind, sit and relax in your evenings at the Paseo de Santiago. There is no place that can make you feel closer to nature in the city, but only the Paseo de Santiago!


It is the best place to take a short stroll and breath fresh sea breeze. Good for your health and for the kids.


On weekends, they have live bands to entertain families. The sights, activities and ambience are wholesome and ideal for families and kids. Truly affordable.


It is best to get your snapshots at about 3 to 4 in the afternoon. You can stay there until sunset and take your dinner at one of the barbeque stalls facing the sea. The entrance fee is only P20 per person.


The ocean air gives you great health benefits too. Scientists believed that proximity to the ocean may give you positive impact on health. The closer you are to the sea, the better you feel!


Here I am, enjoying the ocean waves splashing around and of course, the sunset!


Don’t you know that being close to the sea or sitting at the seaside gives you skin benefits? Scientists found that the magnesium in the seawater increases skin elasticity, hydrates it and improves its appearance.


The salt and potassium chloride naturally found in the seawater are great healers. Besides, the negative ions of the sea air accelerate your ability to absorb oxygen and help you balance your serotonin levels. Keeps you relaxed and alert!


The rhythmic sound of the waves pounding the shore improves the state of mind and lessens stress. Go to Paseo de Santiago and take advantage of the health benefits provided by the ocean in less cost.



How to reach Paseo de Santiago?

Ride a jeep with a Santiago route. Ask the driver to drop you off at the Santiago market. You can just walk to the entrance which is just a few steps away.

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