How Do You Create A Blog That Generates Passive Online Income?

create a blog that generattes passive online income

Create a small business blog, tinker around the side, and before you know it, you are earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month. Yes, I know this is the most common mantra of the hopefuls, but technically, there are hundreds of ways to generate passive income online. However, for now I choose solely Google Adsense simply because doing affiliate marketing can be stressful, especially when you get an email notification that a particular advertiser was not able to fund their campaigns and you are advised to remove all links related to that particular advertiser. Imagine the work!


Selling advertising on your site is the most common way most business bloggers or food bloggers go to send a few dollars their way. But, how do you exactly do it?


You cannot just sell ad space without giving these advertisers something else. I’ll give you a hint – add value to quality content!


The idea here is to publish content that ranks for competitive search terms on Google. This technique can attract a continuous stream of traffic.


Of all the passive income strategies, selling advertising is the most passive, but may require tons of traffic to generate a meaningful income. Think Google! That is Adsense way.



For example, a business blog getting a minimum of 10,000 visitors per month might only earn about $50 to $100 per month. Nevertheless, this is a very feasible, legitimate model, which is the reason I write this article.


If you already have work, I would not advise you to tie yourself to your chair and table day and night writing content for your small business blog. But, if you have a chronic back pain or a herniated disc that can be quite painful in a Philippine setting kind of public transportation where you have to bend and wrestle for a seat in a jeepney, then I urge you to read this article.


Making money while you sleep and taking a vacation at the end of each month sounds too good to be true. However, this is not an urban legend story. Once your blog draws a steady stream of traffic, you can turn it into a passive income machine online.


The good news is that this kind of passive income is available to everyone who is patient enough to write useful content as well as promoting the content online. I tell you guys. These tasks are not easy!


How do you turn your blog post into a passive online income? Let us be more realistic. You do not just set up anything and walk away without doing a thing and then, expect to earn big bucks in a few days.


Even the best business models require you to do something. If you do not write, you do not get paid. The world is dynamic and they seek useful information.


making money while you sleep with business blog


Without activity, the flow of traffic will eventually cease! In other words, a blog with no new content stream will die. Keep this in mind, just in case you feel lazy!


Conscious growth means aligning yourself with certain core principles that serve as growth accelerators. You must constantly change yourself to be able to respond to a constantly changing environment.


Sustainability requires change. When you live in alignment with them, you experience faster, more consistent progress and deeper levels of fulfillment.


Indeed, you may have noticed that when you fall out of alignment and violate these principles, you feel like you were not progressing and life seems less fulfilling. For all types of change, you have to know your audience and align your content and yourself with them.


When you place Adsense on your site, Google program determines what your site is all about and run ads for businesses that are a great match for your site. For example, if you run a blog that rates wines, your visitors will likely see ads for food and drinks.


Based on your traffic and the number of people who took action with your ads, you’ll get a cut of the profits from Google, and they’ll pay that cut out to you once a month. Google Adsense is a good fit to small blogs in which the sole purpose is to write or otherwise inform or entertain visitors.


To have those $$s coming through, you have to write new content and keep your business blog active. Let us review some successful bloggers who are earning over $5k a month through their small blogs.




Robbie Richards at

Robbie Richards blog earns over $5k a month. His blog is about actionable online marketing strategies. He was able to boost traffic by 402%, increase email sign ups by 7x, gain over 4k subscribers and monetize his email list. His tip is to


  • Perform keyword research for existing content.
  • Optimize, update and re-publish existing posts that correspond to your final keywords.
  • Reformat longer posts into more readable, skimmable articles. Break paragraphs into 3 or 4 sentence snippets and add images every 100 words something.
  • Pin your post at the top of your Twitter page.



Lena at

She is a stay at home mom who works 20 to 25 hours a week and earns over $10k per month. She earns from ads, ebooks, sponsored posts and affiliate commissions on her blog. She gave the following pointers


  • Identify your highest converting content and create more of the like. Get more pageviews to the pages that matter.
  • Write targeted post by finding out what part of your readers’ problem can you help solve.
  • One post equals one solution.



Matthew Woodward at

He earns over $2ok per month and seriously earn a living just by blogging. In November 2017, he earned over $1million. Here are some points to remember


Write the way you speak. Be direct and straightforward.

  • Set up your blog with an end goal in mind, whether that be earning solely from Adsense, selling products, or making money from affiliate commissions.
  • Offer exclusive content to readers whenever they sign up or share your post to their network.
  • Host a competition.


passive online income, create useful content


The basic formula

Pick a topic and a keyword. Create an exceptional piece of content around that topic. Promote it and build links to it. This may sound simple, but doing this can be overwhelming. Make sure you are really in for this kind of business blogging money making idea.


Create an exceptionally good content and increase your blog traffic to, ideally from 10k to 50k visitors a month.


Network with influencers and bloggers.


Make sure all your blog posts deliver clear, actionable, valuable advice to your readers.


Do not worry about article length. Add as many visual aids as you can.


Anyone can make extra money if they are willing to put in more hours at work, but not everyone has the time to do it. That is where your small business blog comes in handy.


If you haven’t already created a monetized business blog, then start today. It is one of the best ways you can generate income online that takes typically less than 10 hours per week to maintain.


Without a doubt, Google Adsense is the go to source of income for most bloggers. If you browse most new blogs with decent traffic, they have set up Google ads on their websites.


Obviously, ads on your small blog will be much more valuable to an advertiser if you have an audience and traffic. Good content is everything you need to grow your website traffic, build awareness and reach your goals.


Google Adsense ads can potentially pay well. There are bloggers who earn in excess of $100,000 per year in Adsense revenue alone.


The main problem you need to tackle before you experience this luxury to earn while you sleep is traffic. You definitely need to attract a large audience and this takes time, quality content, search engine optimization and possibly paid advertising.


You do not have to be big or famous to start using Adsense. The idea is pretty simple. Once you decide to display ads only from Adsense, you can focus on leveraging and attracting more attention to your content and specific niche.


When you set up a site with content that people share and you end up profiting or breaking even with display ads, there is really no limit to how much traffic you can attract.


Create excellent content for a large, but specific audience. The key is always publishing content that earns and is shared. Once you get the feel of writing this type of content, then you will have plenty of traffic.


Part of creating a site people like includes directing them to more content on the site they may enjoy. Discover which posts generate a great display of ad revenue. Focus on driving traffic to those posts. Generate income online by marketing content targeted to your specific audience and share it on your social media network.

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