Peace Corps Alumni Foundation For Philippine Development (PCAFPD) Scholarship

The Peace Corps Alumni Foundation provides scholarships for Filipino students who need financial assistance to realize their dreams of attending college in the Philippines. PCAFPD is an affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association and is recognized as the official returned Volunteer group of the Philippines. The Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible.


The PCAFPD scholarship program is designed to provide opportunities for Filipinos to further their education and contribute to the development of the Philippines. The program is funded primarily by former Peace Corps Volunteers and Filipinos who support the program as a way to further Philippine development.


In 1983, returned Peace Corps Volunteers and staff created the foundation as a way for former volunteers and staff to stay connected to the Philippines and to each other in a worthy cause. They are the official Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) group for the Philippines.


The Foundation is looking for applicants who have the potential to be leaders in their communities and demonstrate a strong commitment to improving the quality of life for all Filipinos. Your application should demonstrate this capacity and commitment.



This scholarship program is not intended for students who wish to seek work overseas after graduation. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need, academic excellence, commitment to serving your community or country.


Preference is given to applicants who propose to study at public universities and colleges or inexpensive private institutions. Through a competitive scholarship program, the foundation provides educational opportunities for bright, young Filipinos who indicate a willingness to contribute to the development of their country, but lack the financial resources to pursue a university degree.




Any Filipino student who has completed high school or will graduate in the current school year, may apply for a scholarship.




Applicants may propose to study at any university or college in the Philippines, including technical schools and institutions that grant two year degrees. However, priority will be given to students who propose to study at a public state supported institution or an inexpensive private school.


This allows the foundation to provide scholarships to a greater number of deserving Filipinos. You should consider your chances of getting admitted to the school, living expenses at college, and your support network, being far from home.



Field of Study

Scholarships may be granted for study in a wide variety of academic and technical fields and may be specifically tailored to individual needs.  Applicants may propose to study any field which results in a four year bachelor’s degree or a two-year certificate or technical degree, such as information technology or midwifery.


Applicants proposing fields of study with high potential to contribute to Philippine development may be given priority in the selection process. Priority fields include agriculture and related fields, fisheries, environmental sciences, information technology, engineering, social work, community development, primary and secondary education, and special education.


PCAFPD does not accept applications for graduate school except from PCAFPD alumni.




All scholarships cover the cost of tuition and mandatory fees.  Scholars receive a stipend each semester to help cover the costs of books and educational supplies.  A contribution to living expenses (CLE) is also included in the scholarship to help defray living expenses, such as transportation, room, and board.


Please be advised that the CLE is not enough to cover all living expenses. Continuance of the scholarship is dependent on academic progress and compliance with the program requirements.  Scholarships are granted to the completion of a degree or certificate program, so long as the student maintains Foundation standards.




-Maintain C or better grades

-Submit grade reports in a timely manner after each semester

-Submit an essay at the end of each semester

-Maintain regular contact with the Foundation’s VP for Philippine Operations via letter or email

-Allow photos and written materials to be used for Foundation business

-Notify the Foundation immediately of any failing grade

-Get approval from the Foundation before changing majors or schools

-Notify the Foundation immediately of any change in financial status or enrollment status

-Notify the Foundation immediately if offered a scholarship from another organization

-Join and remain a member in good standing of the PCAFPD Scholars and Alumni Association (PSAA)



September 30 – Final due date for all application material

October – Review of application by Philippine Board members and volunteers

January – Final review by Board of Directors in USA

March 1 – Scholarship awards posted on website

April 1 – Deadline for scholarship acceptance

April to May – Orientation of new scholars



The call for scholarship applications is held annually and students throughout the Philippines are eligible to apply, regardless of discipline or choice of school. Successful applicants receive a full four year scholarship covering tuition fees, books, and education related expenses.


The number of scholarships awarded in any one year is determined by the funds available, the quality of the applications, and the number of continuing scholars. In recent years, about 6 to 12 new scholarships are being awarded each year.


The average cost of supporting a scholar for one year is $1,200. The foundation raises funds through direct contributions from former Peace Corps Volunteers, staff, Filipinos, and friends of the Philippines.


A number of Filipino-American individuals or associations choose the foundation as a way to support students in the Philippines. PCAFPD does not maintain formal offices in Washington or the Philippines, and care is taken to keep overhead costs low so that donated funds are almost completely devoted to scholarships.



Contact information


P.O. Box 100114

Arlington, VA 22210


Mail your applications to

Mr. Roland de Jesus

Benguet Corporation

Universal Re Building

106 Paseo de Roxas 1226

Makati, Philippines


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