Easy Simple Steps To Perfecting A Light Smokey Eye

For travel and day wear, a light smokey eye can be timelessly sexy. With this slightly less dramatic version of a nighttime smokey eye, you can own such tantalizing, smoldering look that is enough to own every man’s attention within miles. When traveling, I follow one strict rule. Never wear a heavy makeup at daytime.


Smokey eyes can be tricky. If you do not know how to blend it, it can end in a disaster with you wearing what seems to be called a blackeye. Seriously, not knowing the right techniques can give you too much intense look. Accentuate your eyes, not distract!


Layer and blend in the eye shadow colors for that casual, perfect face makeup daytime look. Get ready for travel and learn the right techniques of the light smokey eye signature makeup look. I love the simplicity of this makeup enhanced by the sharpness of the eyebrow.


I am just so drawn inexplicably to it. All you have to do is add a bit of creativity to the look to make it fit any occasion. It is lighter and more versatile than the traditional smokey eye. That gorgeous, elegant look is classic!


You cannot deny your passion for beauty. Get the smokey eye intricate, accomplished look. Learn it asap and get ready for travel. The eyes, being one of the most prominent feature, catches a lot of attention and it is perfect for daytime wear in an exciting travel vacation.



Learn how to do a light smokey eye for any day, everyday use as long as it is day time. You can start by putting on a light eyeshadow base. Do you like champagne color? You can blend and create a base for the darker color with the champagne color.


Use the darker shadow colors on the outer corners of your lid. That would be your darker second layer. Remember to blend.


Highlight your brow bone by using the lightest color on the brow bone. That would be the corner of the lid and over the light eyeshadow base.


The next step is to darken the corner of the eye with a brush. Use the mid tone color on the outer third of the eyelid and blend into the crease. Blend the whole eye with a brush.


Add an eyeliner. The brown color is preferred for a sultry overall effect. The smokey eye gives the most dramatic effect for your day or evening wear. Use the brown eyeliner just on your lash line.


perfecting a light smokey eye day wearSMOKEY EYE FOR THE BRIDE

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Adding a sophisticated drama to your looks can be done in different variations using the smokey eye makeup makeover. Any color can be used to create a smokey eye, but make sure you have at least three shades of similar hue.


The classic smokey eye is usually created with bronze and brown for the day wear and black and dark gray for the night wear. If you have green eyes, you would look your best with the gray and plum colors.


Choose three shades of each color. This can be from light, creamy color to a medium base color, and then a dark smokey color.


Avoid choosing colors that are too bright.


If you have a fair skin, avoid choosing colors that are too dark. You want your smokey eye to accentuate your face and not to distract from it.



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Few quick tips

Use loose powder for the best blending ability. The pitch black eyeliner can be fabulous if you need to accentuate your eye.


A pencil, cream or liquid eyeliner will work just fine. However, the cream and liquid eyeliners give a very smooth finish compared to the softer blended look of the pencil eyeliner.


Apply a concealer under your eyes and on any dark or red spots followed by a powder foundation on the top to set it.


Make sure your eyebrows are well shaped and colored. The smokey eye effect will always draw attention to your eyebrow shape. Having a sexy and cool smokey eye can dramatically change your look.


Too thin or light eyebrows will make your smokey eye look too dark and unnatural. Experiment and identify what color best suit your eye shape and personality. Start looking at your eye color and hair color. Focus on your eyes’ natural beauty.


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Where do you add the darkest color?

The smokey eye makeup is an all time favorite. Begin at the outside corner of your eyes and sweep in a C shape from about halfway to inwards.


This would be from the outside of your face. The C shape should be on the lash line, back up and around then inwards on the crease of your eyelid.


The darkest part should be at the upper edge of your lash line. Whenever you need to apply more dark eyeshadow, start at this point and then work inwards or upwards.


Do not apply the eyeshadow too far in. You want the inside 1/3 to ½ of your eyelid to not have any dark color. This will make your eyes appear bright and look open.


To add a dramatic look to your classic smokey eye, sweep your dark eyeshadow to a point (more of a “<” shape that a “C” shape) towards the end of your eyebrow. Make sure that the darkest point still remains at the outside corner of your lash line.


Sweep a little of your dark shadow under your eye onto your lower lid. This will help balance the darkness out on top of your eyes.





Where do you add the middle tone?

Take your medium shade of eyeshadow and start from halfway up your eyelid, sweeping towards your crease. You should place this color on the part of your lid where it can meet your darkest color.


You can blend this color upwards beyond your crease and into your highlighter if you want. The goal is for your eyeshadow to get gradually lighter from your lashes to your brows.


Use a little to blend the dark shadow on your lower lash line. Blend in strokes that go in the direction of your lash line.


Make sure your lash line is the darkest part of your eyelid, and if necessary, apply a bit more of your darkest eyeshadow directly to your lash line as you blend upwards.


Don’t forget to blend outwards and the edges of your eye so that your shadow softly fades into your natural skin tone. The same should be done for the color that has been placed underneath your eyes.



How do you add your eyeliner?

It is best to get a smudged eyeliner look. Use an eyeliner pencil to draw a thick line across your upper lash line only. Then use a brush or fingertip to blur the edges upwards.


If you add eyeliner on your bottom lashes, only bring it as far as in the dark color goes on your lower lashes. Taper the end and blend it into the shadow so it does not look too harsh against the color.


Apply your mascara.



12 steps to look sultry


  • Start with white shadow on the entire lid. Choose a medium, smokey color for the lower lid.  Apply it three-quarters of the way up.


  • Continue to layer the color to make it darker. Add a deeper color on top and in the crease to intensify the look.


  • Concentrate on the crease. Continue to layer the shadow deeply enough to create the dramatic effect.


  • Use your finger to soften the shadow.


  • Using pencil or dark shadow or liner, apply in smooth strokes moving from the outer to the inner corner of the eyelid.


  • To give the pencil line staying power, use a liner brush to sweep a layer of eye shadow over the pencil.


  • Reapply more shadow to add more definition. Continue layering and checking for the effect you desire.


  • Line underneath the eye beginning at the outside corner, moving toward the inner corner.


  • Line as close to the lashes as possible.


  • Soften the line using a clean finger or Q-tip.


  • Smudge the line to create a smoky look, somewhere between the liner and shadow. The liner can be thickened.


  • Final smokey eye.




Trace the lash line using a dark colored eye pencil. Smudge this to give it a dramatic look. You can blend it with a thin eye brush or cotton bud.


Use a medium colored shade towards the lash line and blend it well. End it by brushing a darker color towards the brow bone to make it stand out. This compliments the eyes and makes the brow bone look prominent.

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