Philippines 8888 Complaint Hotline Number

The President’s Hotline 8888 is dedicated to complaints against fixers, scalawag officials and poor government services. Callers will be asked to identify the government employee and agency tagged in their complaint, date and details of the incident, their proposed solution and contact details. The complaints will be forwarded to both the concerned agency and the Office of the President within five days.


This is in compliance with Section 5(e) of Executive Order No. 6 on Operating Hours which provides that: “The 8888 Citizens’ Complaint Center shall operate, through any of its communication channels, 24/7…excluding national holidays and work suspensions.”


The Presidential Complaint Center (PCC), a frontline desk in the Office of the President, serves as a liaison unit with various departments and agencies of the Government and private institutions/companies on all requests for assistance, and information, as well as complaints and grievances of the general public.


It aims to effectively bridge the delivery of services to the general public, as it strives to provide satisfactory conclusion to the needs of the public, through the most appropriate and efficient means available. The Center hopes to serve as a rich source of valuable data, providing the Office of the President with enhanced insight as to the most pressing of public concerns.


Other telephone numbers you can use are 02 736 8645, 02 736 8603, 02 736 8629 and 02 736 8621.



If you prefer to communicate through email or by sending a postal mail, you can send to the following

Via email – thru email address:

Via postal service – thru PCC official address at Bahay Ugnayan, J.P. Laurel Street Malacañang, Manila

Via facsimile thru Telefax No.  02 736 8621


The complaint center will have the following communication channels:

  • short message service (SMS)/text access
  • electronic mail (email)
  • website
  • social media, other emerging communication medium


See the PDF for more information

Philippines 8888 hotline



How can PCC help you?

Send your letter or complaint following these simple and easy instructions:

  1. Indicate clearly your name, complete address and contact number (if any).
  2. Explain clearly the details of your request or complaint.
  3. Include photocopies of pertinent documents that will help PCC in understanding your concern and in determining the appropriate agency for your concern.


Wait for a copy of the Action Document of PCC for your guidance on where you may follow-up your concern.


Further reading,


The EO stated that the Office of the Cabinet Secretary would be the lead agency that would supervise the complaint center. The hotline is one good way to report government inefficiency and corruption.


The 8888 Citizens’ Complaint Center serves as a mechanism where citizens may report their complaints and grievances on red tape, corruption of any national government agency, government-owned or –controlled corporation (GOCC), government financial institution (GCI), and related offices.


Hotline 8888 serves a greater purpose out of the many complaints it receives. From corruption to unscrupulous activities, 8888 is continuously evolving. Yet, it is intended to enhance the efficiency of government agencies in delivering expected services to its stakeholders.


It shall conduct an analysis of the gathered data for policy recommendations of services that would help reach the people who needed the services most. It could help and assist government agencies to review existing policies, streamline overlapping processes for a fast and reliable feedback to people’s concerns.


With this, it can contribute in empowering the people, the citizenry, to get engaged in governance, to report, to monitor, to assess and to be partners for change. In fact, President Duterte orders 8888 hotline to be an anonymous tip line. The complaint center of the government should promote even anonymous tips to encourage more reports about government abuse in the agencies.

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