PhilJobNet Helps You Find Your Job

PhilJobNet (PJN) is an internet-based job and applicant matching system which aims to fast track jobseekers search for jobs and employers search for manpower. It provides jobseekers with a listing of job vacancies posted by employers and manpower recruitment agencies, and the employers with a registry of skills available in the market as indicated by the details provided by the PJN registered applicants.


If you are a jobseeker, or any individual looking for a job who is at least 15 years old may register as a job applicant in the PhilJobNet. The PhilJobNet platform is free of charge for job applicants as well as employers. If you cannot find anything online, you may visit the nearest Public Employment Service Office (PESO) usually located at the municipality/ city/ provincial hall in your area and seek for assistance or referral of your job search.



If you are an employer, or any establishment duly recognized by the Philippine business authorizing agencies and with existing Tax Identification Number (TIN) can register in the PhilJobNet, which includes any person of legal age duly authorized by the company.


The Philippine government has created the most comprehensive internet based job search system and National Skills Registry. Carefully put keywords on your profile so that when HR professionals scan your account they will be able to spot these keywords.



Put your skills on your profile if you want the attention of employers. Make sure to highlight your unique skills. Make a good effect on your job application. Create a portfolio. Take a picture, file or video of your work and display it on your page. Highlight your strengths and without saying anything, you are deliberately convincing the employer you are the best candidate for the job.


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