How Do You Promote Your Website Or Blog?

How do you promote a blog? After years of a love-hate relationship with my blogs, I would still ask myself this question. My struggle for traffic is real. I am sure this question is what most bloggers struggle with too. I can remember reading in one of the top bloggers’ posts. He advised to spend 90% of your time promoting the blog you wrote during the other 10% of your day. Wow, how do you do just that in a zero budget and zero connection with a new blog while working a full-time job? I am particularly interested in this because I am trying to determine which networks drive the most traffic so I can maximize the exposure and create a business model out of it.


Grow your blog through social media. If you are a new blogger promoting a new blog, don’t be disheartened if you only have a few or almost none likes. You need to focus on the interaction engagement trend on your page and posts. Make sure you reply to every message on your inbox and comments.


The technique is to use more travel related hashtags, liking other people’s pictures, observing what kind of snapshots are popular and posting three times a day. The key is to appreciate other people’s pictures and interact with the community.


Everything can be just an experiment. You try and see what makes your audience tick. The posts and the tone may not be the same for each niche and audience.


Do not be afraid if you won’t do good in the first few months. Remember what they say about this. Practice makes perfect! Just discipline yourself not to be too excited so you do not post all at the same time.



Connect with as many social media platforms as you possibly can to increase your followers. For maximum exposure, what you share in one social media platform should be shared to the other platforms too.


Becoming a travel writer

Write stories that engage people emotionally. The biggest problem in writing is the lack of focus on what they are writing. You must have known that the foundation of a good blog is good writing.


You will never get anywhere without improving your writing ability. The most successful blogs engage their audience at an emotional level by drawing them into the story.


Don’t worry. Becoming a good writer takes time, practice, and a good teacher. Be patient. Understand your audience and write for them.


One trick is to go to your Facebook report and check who followed you. You can also check your Google Analytics and find out which articles they read so you can craft your articles to better meet the interests and needs of your website visitors.


Another tip is to write an article that answers the questions of your readers. Communicate to your readers. Over time, they will interact with you and with each other too. It does feel great to help!


Blogging can burn your midnight candles including your life out. The writing and the social media engagement are truly time consuming, it will take most of your time.


Create a schedule for each task and stick to your hours or else, you will likely experience a burnout soon not to mention the fact that you are following an unhealthy lifestyle sitting on your laptop most hours of the day.


Sometimes, the hard work is not well compensated, so be patient. Set your goals and never lose hope. A powerful way to build a following is to build a tribe. Build a following. Build your community.



What about photography?

I don’t have a fancy camera. I only used my Huawei mobile phone camera. I do not even know how to edit my photos or create a good video out of my travel. The secret is to make the most out of what you have right now.


There are well over 100 million blogs worldwide. If you want to create a passive income stream out of your blog, you have to upgrade your photography skills. People expect to see good photos of you and of the places you visited.


I am just an ordinary woman following my interest and dreams. I had no experience in photography, but just my selfies. Try to use your phone camera as often as you can, while you can at any moment in time and in any place.


Travel photography is not easy and the equipment does not come in cheap. Start a blog and create useful content. Promote your blog through any social media platforms you can join, if this is easier for you.

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