Get A Taste Of Japan’s Best Recipes At Rai Rai Ken Cebu

Rai Rai Ken Japanese Restaurant in Cebu

The Rai Rai Ken, best Japanese restaurant in Cebu, has perfected the taste of their culinary art’s unique taste and concept to serve the Japanese food enthusiasts in the Philippines. Being known to host consistent awesome dining experiences around the Philippines, Rai Rai Ken Cebu Japanese restaurant dared to combine traditional and modern techniques of Japanese cooking so it can bring you the taste of Japanese dishes in a level of astounding culinary perfection. Experience the taste of traditional Japanese Cuisine right in the heart of the city!


Rai Rai Ken is the only Japanese restaurant in Cebu that I really love to visit, eat, and spend time with myself. The coziness of the place and the friendly staff combined with the great food, makes the overall experience pleasant and unforgettable. Sometimes, spending time alone and just savoring the flavor and the place can be a good thing. It definitely elevates your mood.


It seems that what the old folks used to humor the kids here about eating as a time tested method to make a person happy is true. It can change how you feel emotionally about yourself and the world around you. In fact, happiness, food, and your mood go hand in hand.


This is why I come to this warm, cozy place with a friendly atmosphere. It makes you feel like you are in your second home. This is the place where everyone can come together and enjoy good Japanese food served by friendly staffs.


Do you want to be in a place where you can enjoy an intimate and relaxed atmosphere with good music and delicious food? You can find your second home here at Rai Rai Ken.



Find out how people eat their way to happiness with the Rai Rai Ken Japanese restaurant menu. To tell you honestly, when I dine in this Jap resto, I really end up fully satiated and satisfied, especially when I order my favorite Beef Teriyaki Bento. Tell you a secret. The Bento is the key to my pleasant mood lift that happens eventually whenever I dine here.


Discover eating the Bento and the other items on their menu. Compare with the other Japanese restaurants here in Cebu, and you will understand why I got crazy with their Beef Teriyaki Bento.


Opinions may vary widely when it comes to good food, but I am sure you will agree with me on this one. It is because at Rai Rai Ken, I can eat super tasty food, relax, and feel good about myself.


Being happy helps make changes about how I shop, interact with people, and work later. Yup, ang babaw ng kaligayahan ko ano?


They say the secret to happiness is to lower your expectations. Well, mine comes with simply just food and selfies. From me to you, if you want long term happiness, discover more food for picture perfect food travel photography and selfies. Eat, smile, pause it, and click!


Rai Rai Ken restaurant in CebuRai Rai Ken restaurant in Cebu PhilippinesRai Rai Ken

Photo taken March 31 2013 At Rai Rai Ken Restaurant In SM Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines


The Bento meals are inclusive of drinks with a serving of two pieces of Tempura. Quantity and quality have always been the hallmark of Rai Rai Ken’s leadership in the Philippine market for over 20 years. Of course, it won’t be Japanese without the popular Bento special set meal served with plain rice and miso soup plus vegetable side dish.


The Rai Rai Ken is my favorite dining place at the mall and that will ultimately happen if I have some extra pesos to spend for better tasting Japanese cuisine selection of menu and not my regular fast food restaurant stuff.


I just love their Beef Teriyaki and other delightful appetizing authentic Japanese dishes. They literally have a unique process of preparing the Broth soup with its freshly made noodles and proprietary sauce.


Rai Rai Ken is well known for its old fashioned steamy bowl of Ramen and tagged as Japan’s famous ramen house. If you are into noodles and Japanese cuisine, I assure you a heartwarming experience eating authentic Japanese foods at the Rai Rai Ken.


The restaurant offers a variety of delightfully appetizing food items in its menu. Their Bento gives a great combination of carefully selected shrimp tempura, beef teriyaki, miso soup and vegetable sidings for the price of P275.


This fast growing Ramen House greets all their customers with a nice and pleasant best Japanese restaurant in Cebu greeting. The Rai Rai Ken Japanese Restaurant in Cebu is one place you should not forget to visit whenever you are here.


Rai Rai Ken Philippines menuRai Rai Ken Brunch SM Mall CebuRai Rai Ken Cebu PhilippinesRai Rai Ken Cebu Philippines SM Consolacion birthday celebration at Rai Rai Ken restaurant in Cebu

Photos taken January 14 2018 at Rai Rai Ken Japanese Restaurant In Cebu, Consolacion SM Mall


From a wide choice of original Japanese Ramen and other special creations, you get all you want for fine dining or even for a heavy lunch and dinner. Some of the famous dishes they serve are Udon, Teppanyaki, Teriyaki, Sushi and Maki Rolls.


The Japanese restaurant also serves seafood, meat, and noodles. The Parfait dessert menu offers three flavors: chocolate jelly parfait, mango parfait, and the banana parfait.


Go on and quench your thirst with their delightful cold fruit and chocolate shakes if you still have room for more liquids. They are one of the best restaurants in town that mixes the right taste and blend of their shakes and also of their red ice tea.


The red ice tea is addictive. I find it so incredible and really taste good! I can gulp 3 glasses in 1 meal. Check their red ice tea mix yourself and comment here about what you experienced.


Whenever you go to any of the SM City malls in Cebu, you would definitely find the Rai Rai Ken Japanese Restaurant. Just ask the guard or the mall concierge for directions. The malls here have standby concierges to help the shoppers do their thing in the fastest time possible.


The ramen is incredibly delicious and simply wonderful to the taste. You can truly live by ramen alone. However, the fried rice and the mixed seafood would be a nice addition to the meal.


Rai Rai Ken restaurant in Cebu SMRai Rai Ken SM Mall restaurant in CebuDelicious Japanes Food at Rai Rai Ken Cebu

Photos taken June 18 2017 at Rai Rai Ken SM Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu


Rai Rai Ken Menu

Japan’s Famous Ramen

Shio Ramen P260

Miso Ramen P350

Chasyu Ramen P350

Gomoku Ramen P350

Tantan Men P360

Mabo Ramen P340



Rai Rai Ken Original Ramen

Garlic Chili Ramen P350

Kanton Men P350

Batchoy Ramen P300

Beef Yakiniku P340

Shark’s Fin Ramen P350

Seafoods Hot Pot Ramen P340



Premium Ramen

Tonkatsu Ramen P360

Nabeyaki P390

Super Umani P370

Moyashi P350

Miso Corn P370

Seafoods Miso P390

Jaja Ramen P350

Veggie Ramen P350

Sustamina P350

Kani Corn P350




Gohan P45

Yakimeshi P75

Gomuko Chahan P150

Yakimeshi Platter P340

Gomuko Chahan Platter P375




Rai Raiken Mixed Teppan P375

Saikoro Beef Teppan P380

Beef Yakiniku P380

Ika Teppan P295

Salmon Steak Teppan P375

Fish and Tofu Teppan P275




Chicken Teriyaki P220

Beef Teriyaki P325

Ika Teriyaki P255



Ippin Ryori Appetizers


3pcs P75

6pcs P150



Ebi Tempura

3pcs P220

5pcs P355

Fish Furai P220

Fish Finger with Cheese P175

Tonkatsu Plain P220

Tori Karaage Platter P295

Mixes Seafoods Furai P888

Mixes Seafoods Basket P999




Age Tofu Teppan P175

Atsuyaki Tofu P255

Agedashi Tofu P145

Mabo Tofu P175

Fish and Tofu Teppan P275



Rice Toppings

Gyudon P249

Chicken-Don P249

Katsudo P249

Butakakuni Don P249

Sukiyaki Don P259

Chukadon P220

Tendon P239

Gyu-Tendon P269



Rice Platter

Yakimeshi Platter P295

Gomuko Chahan Platter P325




Yasailtame P145

Reba Niraltame P165




Miso Soup P55




Pepsi (in can) P45

Pepsi Light (in can) P45

Pepsi Max (in can) P45

7-Up (in can) P45

Mountain Dew (in can) P45

Mug Root Beer P45

Mineral Water (500ml) P45

Iced Tea P45

Red Iced Tea P45

Green Tea P45




Mango Shake P75

Green Mango Shake P75

Banana Shake P75

Choco Shake P75

Choco Banana Shake P75




Mango P45

Pineapple P45

Four Seasons P45

Calamansi P45


Prices may change.



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The words “Rai Rai Ken” have its origin from the country of Old China. In its original form, the word “Rai Rai”, when translated in Chinese and Japanese languages means ‘welcome’ while ‘Ken’ means ‘restaurant’.


The Japanese people further developed this into an authentic fine food concept and experience. Rai-Rai in Japanese is originally pronounced as ‘Irashai’ while Ken is ‘Shokudo’.


The idea of a Rai-Rai Ken comes to mind when a person (usually a Japanese) is contemplating of going to a nice and inviting restaurant where one usually expects to be pampered and satiated with delicious and appetizing foods.


The concept and words of Rai Rai Ken has caught on and has become a well-known and familiar concept throughout the whole world.


In the Philippines, the Rai Rai Ken Ramen House and Sushi Bar was established to deliver the exact customer satisfaction experience and rediscover the way that it was originally meant to be.


Rai Rai Ken Ramen House and Sushi Bar prepares and serves authentic and appetizing Japanese cuisine to simulate the old taste of festive treats true to the tastes of Old China and Japan perfectly synergized with modern atmosphere and ambiance that sums for a worthy new version of a Rai Rai Ken.


The Rai Rai Ken Japanese restaurant used to be a Tea House when it first opened its doors to customers way back in 1993. But through the continued product research and hard work of the chef and owner Mr. Benjamin Garcia, the restaurant is now one of the well renowned casual Japanese Restaurants in the country, thanks to his leadership and vision.


It has a vast menu selection that keeps developing and adding up as years go by as well as their fast expanding number of outlets nationwide.


The mission of the company is to continuously serve the customers with delightfully appetizing authentic Japanese dishes that do not need to be costly. Among its menu selections are the following: Udon, Ramen, Donburi, Bento, Sushi, salads and Sashimi.


The experience I had was really worth every peso I paid. There is no denying that the ramen craze has swept over the top of my aging head. I am sure we would have the same happy experience when you visit and taste their menu. My fork and spoon definitely cleaned my plate to the last bite. No leftovers!


Rai Rai Ken staffRai Rai Ken restaurant


Where to find Rai Rai Ken In Cebu

Ayala Center

2nd Level, Ayala Center

Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, Cebu

Telephone 032 233 2242


SM Mabolo

2nd Floor, SM City Mabolo

North Reclamation Area, Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu

Telephone: 032 232 2825


SM City Consolacion

Ground Floor, SM Consolacion,

Cebu North Road, Lamac, Consolacion, Cebu


Robinsons Place

LGF Robinsons Place, Fuente Osmena, Cebu

Telephone: 032 256 3541


Gaisano Mactan Mall 2

GF PH-1, Gaisano Mactan Mall 2

Pajo, Lapu Lapu City, Cebu


Japanese restaurants in Cebu Philippines are not so many. In fact, you can only eat traditional Japanese food in malls and hotels near you. However, I would say that Rai Rai Ken Japanese food recipes taste better than the other Japanese restaurants in Cebu. There are Japanese restaurant in SM Cebu, Japanese restaurant in Cebu IT Park, and Japanese restaurant in Lapu Lapu City. You may have observed, they are only located in strategic places where diners seek Japanese dishes, especially those who love eating the best sushi in town.

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