Raw Juice Therapy Can Make You Lose Weight Fast

raw juice therapy weight loss

Raw juice therapy for weight loss highlights the power of the fresh fruit juices as the regenerators and builders of the body, cleansers of the human system, and as long as they are fresh and raw without preservatives, they contain all the substances needed for nourishing the human body. Fresh vegetable juices satisfy and nourish the cells and revitalize the blood stream as well as rejuvenate the glands and organs. They are actually nature’s live cell foods.


Fresh fruits and vegetables contain the vitamins and minerals essential to good health that are needed to prolong life and cure diseases. We also know that a certain amount of these vitamins and minerals are destroyed while cooking, which is one of the reasons many are following the raw juice therapy as part of their weight loss programs.


Health can be regained only if you feed your body the minerals and vitamins of which it has been deprived. There is no better way to lessen your food intake and still get all the nutrients you need to function effectively but the raw juice therapy.


Raw vegetable juices are perfect food for both elderly people and those who have become ill through faulty living habits. The juice supplies concentrated and easily assimilable amounts of vitamins and minerals.


It is a natural drugless therapy proven to work for weight loss and people with illness by years of scientific research. Consuming freshly prepared raw vegetables, fruits, grasses or nuts is considered juice therapy.



You get the benefit of their extract vitamins, minerals and enzymes more completely than eating them like food. This allows people to take in larger amounts of vegetables without being overwhelmed.


Some juice diets aim to cleanse, detoxify and alkalize the body. Some cancer patients use juicing to try to increase nutrition. The juice therapy puts on a squeeze for good health.


Several studies show that juices can speed the healing of infections and can even help cure stomach ulcers. When used in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy and nutritional therapy, fresh juices can create an optimal nutritional foundation to bolster the body’s innate healing abilities.


Juice fasting enhances the body’s natural healing capacity. It provides optimal nutrition yet take very little energy to digest. Because you do not take 6 hours to digest a fatty, high protein meal, the body has more energy and time devoted in repairing itself.


A diet of raw fruits and vegetables supplemented by plenty of fresh juices is particularly effective in stimulating the liver, thus allowing the body to eliminate stored toxins caused by a poor diet and sometimes, prolonged use of antibiotics.


raw juice therapy and plant based diet for weight loss


Why juice raw fruits and vegetables?

A raw foods diet featuring plenty of fresh juices is safe for virtually everyone. The cleansing diet is especially helpful in treating chronic degenerative conditions such as heart disease and arthritis to weight loss.


Know that a few glasses of fresh juice each day is a great way to increase the nutrient density of our diets. There aren’t too many people who can manage to eat a pound of raw carrots a day, but anyone can squeeze in an 8 ounce glass of juice.


However, juices can’t provide much fiber the way you take them from eating high fiber fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Fiber is essential for healthy digestion. Think of juices as a good supplement to a healthy diet.


Raw fruits and vegetables are rich in enzymes. Natural foods come packaged with just the right enzymes to help us digest them.


It is important to note that when experts recommend juices, they are absolutely not talking about the prepackaged juices sold in supermarkets. Processed juices bear very little resemblance to fresh juices, either nutritionally or aesthetically.



Whenever possible, buy locally grown fruits and vegetables. For your maximum benefit, drink your juice immediately after you make it, at least within a half hour is best.


Juices stored in the refrigerator lose their nutritional value rather quickly. As soon as a fruit or vegetable is processed in your juicer, the natural enzymes in the juice begin to break down the other nutrients.


Because vegetables contain more enzymes than fruits, their nutrients are depleted faster. Once vegetable juices start to thicken, all that’s left are water, minerals and calories.


Do you want to lose weight? To feel and look younger? Have more energy? Have you tried everything, gone everywhere and your sagging stomach still isn’t where you want it to be?


A fresh green vegetable juice every morning is a great way to maintain your weight and beauty. Raw living foods are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes.


Enzymes are bioactive proteins responsible for virtually all of the major and minor functions of the body. Food and digestive enzymes help to break down the proteins, carbohydrates, fats and dairy we consume in our meals.


Many people are turning to raw foods as a lifestyle for weight loss and health improvements. Juicing is the easiest and quickest way to transform your life.


The fresh, vitamin rich fruit and vegetable juices can help you lose weight and improve your health by boosting your metabolism and cleansing your whole body. Just find out and discover how to create your own refreshing flavor combinations.


shape up and remove sagging stomach


Can raw juicing help you lose weight?

Losing weight is actually a challenge to personal discipline and totally not about the food you ate or the activities you take. It is totally between you and yourself because you need a lot of self-control to be able to lose weight and keep yourself fit and slim.


I would recommend looking at raw juicing to help you reach your goal. The raw juice therapy is usually used to treat obesity and cancer.


It is the best and most natural way to enhance your immune system, shape up, and promote overall health. With the right combination of fruits and vegetables turned into juice, you can recover faster from any disease.


The human body constantly builds and repairs cells, which is the reason you have to feed it with ample nutrition every day. Most experts believed the most essential enzymes and nutrients are lost at high heats beyond 114 degrees Fahrenheit during cooking.


The idea actually is to have you eat more raw fruits and vegetables to benefit from the nutrients and enzymes than eating an overly cooked food. With the right raw food diet meal plan and juicing, you can effectively enhance your immune system while at the same time, make your waist appear smaller!


Juice therapy, also popularly called as juice fasting, has been known to effectively restore health, enhance immune system, and rejuvenate the body. Raw juice therapy, most often times, is referred to as juicing, is an exclusive diet of fruits and vegetable juices.


This weight loss diet plan has been perceived to help promote the health of your immune system quickly and has been seen to be much more effective and fast in helping patients recover from any chronic diseases including cancer and also, obesity.


The juicing technique helps cleanse and regenerate the tissues faster than simply fasting. Drinking alkali forming fruit and vegetable juices increases the healing effects of fasting.


One thing that is important in juicing – juices must come from fresh fruits and should be taken immediately! You can look for simple raw juice preparation and boost your weight loss program, including your aging skin care.



Juice of grapes. This helps in case of acidity, pimple and acne treatment, skin allergies, anemia, constipation, insomnia, hypertension, heart disease, jaundice, liver ailments, menstruation disorders, psoriasis, stomach ulcer, sore throat, and varicose veins.


Orange juice. This helps cure acidity, colds, hypertension, kidney disorders, neuritis, piles, obesity, and varicose veins.


Apple juice. This is good for recovery of constipation, colitis, gout, halitosis, sore throat, neuritis, diarrhea, obesity, and tonsillitis.


Pineapple juice. Pineapple juice benefits arthritis, colitis, gout, halitosis.


Juice of apricot. This helps cure skin allergies, anemia, asthma, bronchitis, diarrhea, insomnia, liver ailments, headache, jaundice, piles, obesity, sore throat, and rheumatism.


Carrot juice. This helps cure acidity, good for acne and pimple treatment, skin allergies, anemia, arthritis, colitis, diabetes, epilepsy, eczema, jaundice, insomnia, hypertension, heart disease, headache, halitosis, liver ailments, sinus trouble, and tonsillitis.


Spinach juice. This helps cure acidity, good for acne and pimple treatment, constipation, colitis, eczema, eye disorders, heart disease, jaundice, prostate, and rheumatism.


Juice of lettuce. This helps cure arthritis, diabetes, headache, insomnia, menstrual problems, and prostates.


Tomato juice. This helps cure bronchitis, good for acne and pimple treatment, eye disorder, halitosis, liver ailments, gout, and rheumatism.


Cucumber juice. This helps cure arthritis, good for acne and pimple treatment, bladder malfunctioning, eczema, gout, jaundice, liver ailments, and psoriasis.


Juice of potato. This helps with acne and pimple treatment.


Onion Juice. This helps relieve bronchitis, colds, and sinus trouble.


Juicing is not new. It has been around for generations to provide the body the nutrients it lacks or help fight disease. Fruit juices detoxify and flush out the toxins.


A fruit juice diet can be just great for individuals trying to lose weight fast or heal themselves from chronic diseases, including cancer (see the Gerson therapy of the Gerson Institute).


Raw juices, when properly extracted and taken on an empty stomach will be absorbed by the blood stream and glands within 15 minutes after ingestion. Health can be regained when the body is being fed with the appropriate nutrients, vitamins and minerals.


Raw juicing is perfect for those who are trying to lose belly fat. There is no doubt raw juicing can transform your body and save your life. Juices can be combined in so many ways to make them palatable and even delicious.


If you find the juices too strong, simply dilute them with water or flavored herbal teas, according to your taste. If you are sensitive to fruit sugar or are diabetic, then it is better to avoid fruit juices and use only vegetable juices.


Juices can reduce the acidity and toxicity of the body. It is quite safe and very effective to go on a raw vegetable and fruit juice fast for 2 to 3 days. During these days you have nothing to eat except raw juice combinations. Do not do this if you are diabetic.



Joe Cross

Reboot with Joe was founded by Joe Cross after his film Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead. It aims to educate people about how to lose weight the correct way as well as to inspire them to lose weight through juicing and plant based eating. Juicing can make a difference in your life. Overweight? Try juicing and plant based eating for a while. Discipline yourself and reduce your waistline in a few weeks!




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Reboot with Joe



Raw fresh fruits and vegetables juicing is the best way to cut down some flabs. Combine fresh juices with a plant based eating and diet plan, you can definitely get back into shape and get a smaller waist in less time! You can definitely incorporate raw juicing into your weight loss program. Actually, losing weight is a matter of choice to transform your life and get back in shape. There is no better way to make it happen than to let nature do its thing. Diet and weight loss clinics would always recommend eating more fresh fruits and vegetables as part of your weight loss plan, but if you cannot eat more, then you can just do raw juicing + plant based diet.

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