Should You Allow Bloggers To Repost Or Publish Your Content On Their Blogs?

One of the key marketing techniques to make money from your blog is to have your tweets shared on your social media network and your content published on other blogs, but of course, with a source linked to your blog. If done properly, this can drive you more traffic and sales. You need their audience to help build your own.


How do you get your content shared? I’ll give you a hint. Stop looking for topics, but try to look at the problems people have that are strong enough for them to actively look for solutions.


Why focused on people and their problems? A profitable blog is about people trying to find solutions to their problems, where you help them recognize your content as the best solution for their unique conditions.


What I am trying to say is that, with blogging, you are trying to identify motivations, which are the emotions of these people with unique conditions that cause actions, and the characteristics that bring groups of people together. What better way to attract attention and bring them together, but to help them solve their unique conditions.


You have to immerse yourself about their situations and the problems they face today, so you gain the experience and the knowledge of what they want as well as how they feel. The better you understand how their emotions get them to act on their situation, the better you can meet their needs.



What are the best ways you can find significant experiences with significant audience size, enough to support your blog? For simplicity, you may want to start a blog that is just one aspect of a topic. Later, you can break these topics into even smaller niches.


Why focus on one topic for now? One reason is so you won’t get crazy writing articles. Second, is that it is easier to monetize a tightly focused blog.


You get a specific type of reader who searches for a very specific type of information. This way it would be easier for you to network with like minded people in social media.



Reposting can hurt SEO

Reposting your content on other blogs may hurt your SEO if done wrong. With Google Panda, reposting your content on sites more authoritative than yours, even if you publish it first on your blog and have them link back to your website, can cause a duplicate content penalty.


So, which sites do you think you can allow to repost your content? Use only the sites that are willing to use a rel=canonical that tells Google to give all credit for that page to your blog and not to index their website page within Google’s search results.


You have a few options if they won’t agree to the rel=canonical request. You can rewrite the content and then publish it on the other websites.


Rewriting the content is not considered duplicate anymore, which further tells you to never repost a few paragraphs or more from your blog post.


What about if you want to share other people’s content? You simply curate the content. You can make it personal when you share your own perspective. One trick is to ask questions and engage potential readers.


This goes with your social media posts. Don’t just hit share and hope people will want to read the content. Adding a few lines explaining the main idea can catch some attention along the way.


When people are on the lookout for new ideas, they will be visiting your blog! The best way to gain traffic is to let them know you have the solutions to their problems. Engage with these people and help them out! Make money from your blog and do some charity reaching out to increase website traffic.

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