What Is The Purpose Of Your Content?

Bloggers should focus on repurposing their content, so they can serve a big majority of their audience’ needs. Roughly two thirds of marketers create content without any documented strategy, and somehow almost all new bloggers do not know what a successful content program looks like. Why am I talking about repurposing content? It is because if you continue doing what you are doing right now, then you would still be getting the same results tomorrow! If you cannot figure out what content metrics matters to your business and how analytics can help you further your goals, that is maybe because you haven’t defined the purpose of your blog or content yet.


Bloggers who cannot determine and set the purpose of their blog’s content or even define their target audience, may find difficulty in developing a long lasting content marketing strategy! You should have known the importance of having a successful content marketing strategy.



Years ago, I set up an anti aging blog with the sole purpose of serving as my easy-to-access notes online, as well as help me conveniently share my research with like-minded people I want to meet and engage through comments. Indeed, I learned a few things through my interaction with other known bloggers and a few engaged entrepreneurs. You ought to have a solid goal in mind, so you can repurpose your content, and let the content help you earn money from your blog.



What is my reason in writing this content?




Barely have I known that each content should have its own set goals. It is not wise to write an article without first setting objectives. What am I trying to achieve?


I offer a lot of services as a Virtual Assistant Philippines, but I do not have even one service related in any of the areas of anti aging and weight loss. So, I was kind of lost in defining what I really want and how I should transition my research and notes that I already published in my blog into a profitable online business.


I did not really notice what I was losing back then, because I was busy supporting other people meet their own business goals. The typical marketing objectives are brand awareness, lead generation, huge traffic for CPC and Adsense earnings, or upselling affiliate products.


Right now, I have my goal to build a good brand people will remember across time, and raise brand awareness so I make money blogging over time. I want to build my brand from scratch. Yes, I know, building a brand from the ground up that stands out is no easy task, but I am now ready for it.



Let me connect the dots …



A brand is how people perceive you wherever they interact with your content, blog, or business. We all make different impressions on different people. This all starts by establishing what a good brand impression is going to look like and in figuring out how to be consistent in terms of keeping your brand persona.



I say



Pick your focus and personality. As you shape your brand identity, you should sit down and figure out how to bring your brand to life, powered by your repurposed content. Do not think much about the market and the competitors.


You will be able to figure them out as you go build your brand and your business or you will be overwhelmed. Take each step at a time, each day as it comes! I want the “Shirley” brand to be known for its high quality useful content, people of all walks in life can use to solve their problems. Like almost a one stop shop for reference!



What should be my content marketing strategy?

Walk with me. A content marketing strategy can facilitate building your relationship with your readers and helps you position yourself within your industry. You should evaluate your content marketing activity, from creation to distribution.



My focus right now is to build my brand so I have to repurpose my content. This includes creating more relevant content. The idea is to put all my content in one domain so I can save on cost, and eliminate the headache of maintaining several domains at the same time.


The lesson? Do one thing at a time and focus on it. Make it work and expand it, before you branch out or create another brand, because minding a lot of things at the same time can steal your focus and truthfully divide your attention.


You should never create a piece of content without outlining your goals from the very outset. It would take time to manually sort through specific data points and key insights about what drives business results. At this point in time, my goal is to build the brand and increase traffic with a repurpose content!

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