Reverse Bad Luck With A Little Feng Shui

Reverse bad luck Feng Shui Declutter

Looking back where it first started, the Chinese people made the Feng Shui practice very popular due to their successful entrepreneurial undertakings which is usually linked to their Feng Shui practices and beliefs. But, do you actually believe a simple arrangement of your furniture and possession of these so called lucky charms can help reverse the flow of your chi as well as attract positive energy and wealth into your life?


Feng Shui is actually the simple interaction between humans and their environment. People believe that a Feng Shui can strategically influence these interactions and help achieve ultimate specific life improvements, which can be accomplished by simply repositioning or redesigning their surroundings so it is in harmony with the natural energy flow.


However, you must understand this. A Feng Shui isn’t a method of oriental design that guarantees get rich quick results by mystically rearranging furniture and wearing amulets. It is definitely not a magical quick fix with a simple home and garden makeover.


Feng Shui is the harmonious relationship between the environment and human life. This practiced has been developed and followed for centuries by the Chinese to bring them both health and success.


Indeed, the Chinese are very good in designing environments and in understanding the art of placement to bring balance, comfort and harmony in a manner that helps achieve their goals.



Where you live and work attracts some kind of energy. If your chi gets stuck and encourages dead energy, it can hold you back in your life. Feng Shui brings life to spaces and transforms the energy.


Since the ancient times, the Chinese are very particular about the effects of placement in their environment. This is the main reason they design their environment in a manner that it attracts and harnesses the beneficial flow of chi.


If you are to take into consideration the psychological and emotional effects of how you organize your home, your immediate environment affects you on a daily basis and can influence your long term experience in life and destiny.


Don’t you know that your body is the vehicle through which this energy flows? The same energy that flows around your surroundings and the world flows through you as well.


You may at some moment wonder why things are not working for you and why in many instances you failed or were unsuccessful in life. Instead of looking for a reason and blame something else why it was not working out, you should find a way to change your situation!


reverse bad luck declutter Feng Shui


Usually, most of us tend to tie misfortunes into a ball. One thing happens, then another and for all you know, they seem to be connected to the third one!


Clutter for example is emotional. Let go and do not hold on to them! Life is constantly changing and evolving and our homes are a reflection of this.


Clutter is our emotional baggage and we all have them. For example, photographs constantly remind us and also help us remember the good times we desire and want to recreate in the future.


Clear out photos of unhappy, past relationships! Clutter is everything you don’t love, use or absolutely need.


Let go and allow some space for newness to emerge. Bad friends are also considered as clutter and they are definitely toxic.


Decluttering means getting rid of everything you no longer need, use or love. Set yourself a realistic timeline to declutter and stick to it. Clutter is considered as a steep emotional attachment.


That’s the first approach so the chi can flow and work through your life. Stick to a lifetime of clutter free living. Discard all the heavy baggage you carry both metaphysically and physically!


Clear at least 20 minutes a day and then build momentum. Everything you own is connected to you energetically. If your chi drops when you hold it, it is definitely a clutter.


Step one would be DECLUTTER! Get rid of clutter and allow good chi to flow through.

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