How Salt Water Affects Your Hair?

salt water affects your hair health

Staying on the sun gives you wrinkles and age spots while spending too much time on the sea damages your hair. Although seawater can treat wounds and reduce swelling, it can do the opposite on your hair. Because the sea has a very high salt content and it is osmotic, taking a dip can actually cause your hair to become dehydrated and dry. The sea leaches water out of your hair and create a dry, parched, brittle and tangled rather rough hair that is difficult to comb.


We can all agree to this. We are very keen on protecting our skin from sun exposure, but we weren’t wise enough to protect our hair from the effects of swimming into the salt water. Spending a day at the shore is quite good, but taking a dip in the ocean may do your hair damage.


However, the sea salt, if the hair is not overly exposed, can get all of the gunk out of your hair. It can remove years of product build up in your hair and give your hair a lift.


On the other hand, do you know that too much salt causes hair fall? Having too much salt in your system makes your body deposit the excess sodium around the hair follicles, which prevents nutrients from entering the follicles and result to having a hair fall.


You might be wondering what could be so bad in spending a day dipping in the sea. Well, it can become dry if too much moisture is lost through evaporation. Understand that lost hair moisture just cannot be possibly replenished immediately.



What you can do is to use a leave in conditioner before you start dipping your hair on the sea. Simply toss a spray formula in your beach bag and then apply anytime you feel the need throughout the day.


Seawater contains chloride, sodium, magnesium, sulfate, calcium and other constituents. The salt attracts more water to your hair thus forming more salt crystals.


salt water makes your hair dry and brittle


The process wicks away the moisture from the hair strands and makes it dry and brittle. Excessive salt sucks out a considerable amount of moisture from your hair and make it look dull and lifeless!


Wash your hair right after a swim. Don’t wait too long to take the salt out of your hair strands. Conditioning your hair before and after exposure to salt water also helps prevent split ends and dry hair.



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When expose to salt water, the hair weakens and breaks easily. The salt from the ocean plus the heat of the sun makes the hair cuticle to get worn out and causing to tangle and split its ends, which can be the reason you experience losing hair in chunks or have problems related to hair fall.

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