Boost Your Fat Burning Metabolism With Sea Vegetables

Rev your body’s fat burning metabolism with simple dietary tweaks. Optimizing your metabolism is the key to weight loss. Have you heard of sea vegetables? The sea vegetables contain super power antioxidants that can enhance your immune system, facilitate weight loss, and help you burn calories even at rest. What can possibly raise your metabolic rate through your thyroid hormones, but the sea vegetables!


High in minerals and protein, but low in calories, they are valued for their rejuvenating and purifying properties. The sea vegetables are considered as rich sources of proteins, carbohydrates, power antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, especially the known healing carotene phytoenzymes.


The problem with this weight loss strategy? Who eats sea vegetables nowadays? All I can say is that you should get ready to ditch your strict eating regimen and give your metabolism a boost by simply eating sea vegetables.


The seaweeds’ iodine content makes it a great metabolism booster. When you eat seafood and seaweed, your body produces thyroid hormones more effectively.


Sea vegetables, fermented foods, spirulina, wheatgrass and sprouts are super foods!  These plants have grown in a way that resulted in a dramatic increase of its phytonutrient content.



For example, the blue green algae is a sea vegetable that is higher in protein than any other food (10x higher than any animal product). The fermented foods have naturally occurring bacteria that assist in digestion.


The sprouts are baby vegetables harvested at the height of their enzyme producing ability. The wheatgrass is a mineral rich grain that has been used to reverse many diseases, including cancer.


Taking alfalfa, spirulina, chlorella and barley grass between meals can almost instantly decrease cravings for high calorie foods. Green superfoods increase oxygen efficiency and raise metabolic and energy levels.


The protein in green super foods may increase metabolism 30%, compared to only a 10% increase in a carbohydrate based meal. Don’t you know that eating vegetables from the sea will help you get a wider range of nutrients than sticking to a land based diet.


Because the sea vegetables grow in one of the most nutrient rich environments in the world, they are so heavy in minerals and have been used to supplement diets for generations.


You can add seaweed to your soup, sprinkle on your salad, or boil it with your broth mixed with other vegetables. You can use it as a base for soups and stews or even smoothies.


The sea vegetables are packed with minerals and are healthier than most land grown food. Here is one big surprise for you. The presence of sea vegetables in the diet may also prevent baldness and enhance vitality!


The sea vegetables are good alkalizers for the body and are sometimes used in lieu of salt and other seasonings. They are the mainstay of iodine therapy and can be easily obtained from food sources, such as arame, bladderwrack, dulse, hijiki, kelp, kombu, nori, sea palm, and wakame.


The sea vegetables are a versatile addition to your soups, appetizers, entrees, or salads. Since these sea vegetables contain concentrated vitamins and minerals, you need only a small portion to obtain maximum benefit.


Eating sea vegetables is a highly targeted approach to build lean muscle mass fast. Here is the list of its benefits

Contain as much as 48% protein


Rich source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber


Remove heavy metals and radioactive isotopes from the digestive tract as well as strontium 90 from the bones. Most are from brown sea vegetables such as kelp, wakame, and kombu that contains alginic acid.


Contain significant amounts of Vitamin A, beta carotene, Vitamins B complex, C, and E.


High in potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, iodine, chloride, and pantothenic acid.


By eating sea vegetables, you are assured of a full range of minerals and trace elements, such a boron, selenium, magnesium, and others that are not always found in necessary quantities in ordinary garden vegetables. Most beneficial when unprocessed or uncooked.


Provide 56 minerals and trace minerals that help the body function properly.


Contain fiber iodine, Omega 3 fatty acids, and very little fat that also aids weight loss.


They contain plant compounds, lignans, cancer protective properties and a good amount of fucans that reduce inflammatory responses of the body.


It can block the hormonal signalling of estrogen dependent cancers. They inhibit the growth of vessels that were seen to feed tumor cells.



Wellness covers a combination of diet, lifestyle, happiness, outlook in life, rest, fitness, and positive thinking. A life out of balance is a doctor in calling.


Actually, you do not need to eat meat to get protein. There are other sources of protein and essential amino acids, such as the green vegetables, sea vegetables, and fruits.


Sea vegetables provide the broadest range of minerals. It was believed that the minerals found in the ocean contained by the sea vegetables are the same minerals you may find in the human blood.



Recommended portion

Recommended portion is 1/3 cup 2 to 3 times per week to help strengthen your immune system.


Some studies suggest only 35 g of protein minimum intake amount in order to prevent loss of body mass. However, if you are a very active individual like the bodybuilders, you may require more protein.


The daily recommended protein should be about 50 to 60g. You are able to fulfill this requirement with a plant-based diet, which normally contain about 40 to 60 g.




Sea vegetables should be soaked in enough warm (not hot) water to cover for 10 to 20 minutes or until they are soft enough to slice. Always discard the soaking water from sea water used to soak the sea vegetables, because it has an extremely high sodium content.




Brown seaweed may burn fat. The fucoxanthin is an antioxidant found in wakame, which is a type of brown kelp. It has been found to burn fat on rats and obese mice, which prompted the rodents to lose weight.


The findings of Miyashita were presented at the American Chemical Society 232nd national meeting in San Francisco. They did not feed seaweed to the rodents, but isolated fucoxanthin and added it to the animal’s food.


The fucoxanthin appeared to boost the rodents’ production of a protein involved in fat metabolism. Levels of Omega 3 fatty acid DHA rose in the rodent livers when they were fed fucoxanthin with soybean oil.





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Weight loss programs should include sea vegetables in their diet plans. If you are looking for weight loss plans that can make you lose weight fast, you should focus on raising your metabolism. Sea vegetables offer the broadest ranges of minerals of any food containing virtually all the minerals found in the ocean, and surprisingly, many of same minerals found in the human blood. Fortunately, sea vegetables require no cooking. Eat sea vegetables and boost your metabolism to help fight weight gain!

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