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post stunning photos in social media marketing and earn money from your blog

Being too self-absorbed and crazy taking travel photography and selfies may bring in more dollars, help you blog and earn money online, than you can imagine. If you want to earn money from your blog and make a little extra cash doing the things you love, you need to work on your creative travel photo ideas, ignore the mocking questioning stares coming from the strangers around you, and just continue to create selfies on the road. Blogging is a respectable choice that requires dedication and so much hard work, but may beneficially bring you increased page views leading to finally monetizing your website, so you can start to earn money from your blog in a few months after you set it up. Through your blog, you can write travel stories with information useful to your readers.


Most Philippine Cebu travel bloggers did not even start as professional writers. They just became more interested in perfecting their travel selfies that in the end, they became addictive to taking more solo travel photography snapshots. One thing lead to another, they started sharing the pictures on their social media network and became motivated to do more and end up getting paid to blog. That is how children came into being!


These people either take on the road to generic blogging in a wide range of topics, such as this blog, or to niche blogging dedicated to talking only about a specific topic and a very predictable content. Being too focused, with niche blogging, you may run out of content. For me, my blog is the place where I share my research and thoughts, including my awesome cheesy travel selfies.


Maintaining a Philippine travel and food blog that includes beauty, anti aging, skin care, and weight loss topics is a fun hobby for me. When I write, I lost track of time and I totally forget the world. It gives me one good reason to look young at 50, and work to stay fit and slim! Who would want to look old, ugly, and wrinkled in their selfies?


Find the best part of you in a generic blog. You do not become an expert overnight. Your brand is something you build and become over time. Learn and understand the whole industry.



Generic blogging allows you to write about anything. Thinking out-of-the-box can more likely make you think of fresh ideas. A generic blog can be your launch pad, but posting stunning travel photos of yourself that is pretty sneaky may get you the following you need to earn money from your blog.


Make money blogging online, learn creative photography

How do you take awesome photos as a solo traveler? There are many simple tips to help you take better travel photos with your smartphone. Smartphones can be expensive, but compared to the cost of a DSLR, they are better in cost and are more portable.


How do you take beautiful travel photos of yourself even if you are not a professional photographer? Understanding what makes a high definition image an outstanding image can be most helpful.


Keep your lens clean at all times and be keen enough to capture the perfect moment in motion. Focus the attention on the main object and improve the composition. Look for a focal point and add character and depth to the photo with a backdrop.


You have the ability to create high definition images with a smartphone. Use the High Dynamic Range (HDR) for a perfectly exposed photo. Add Image Stabilization into the mix and you capture sharp images of still objects.


Image stabilization allows you the ability to capture sharp images of static objects at slower speeds. Moving objects will be equally blurry or streaky, and in some cases, blurrier or shakier with the IS turned on.


Social media optimization service should work on photography skills

Photos taken December 14 2014 at the Marina Bay In Singapore


When you decide to mount the camera on a tripod without turning off the Image Stabilization feature, you would get a feedback loop, where the IS system of the camera detects its own vibrations and starts moving around, even if the rest of the camera is completely still.


This introduces motion objects to your camera system and brings with it blurriness, which is one of the main reasons a travel blogger should know when the Image Stabilization feature should be turned off.


How do you inspire intrigue without being vain? It all depends on your camera lens aperture, lighting, and background. Depth of field has an impact on both the aesthetic and the technical quality of the picture.


Let your lens help you make money blogging

First of all, you need to get a nice camera. It may pinch your pockets, but it is worth every cent you paid for it. I wish I bought a more expensive mobile phone with an awesome clear camera during the earlier days of my travels. You can compare the differences in the photos taken before and those starting mid 2017 right here on my blog.



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The best phone cameras I have used for taking travel selfies are the Samsung and the Huawei brands. However, you need to pick the devices that are about $600 or over. Cameras within this price range offer better lens quality. You are able to take clearer and steady pictures with a high quality lens aperture smartphone camera.


The lens aperture is the opening or the hole within the lens through which the light passes and travels into the camera body. A bigger aperture hole lets your smartphone camera sensor gather more light, which it needs to produce quality images.


Do you know that aperture is one of the three pillars of photography? It either adds a dimension to a photography by blurring the background, or magically brings everything in focus.


The size of a lens aperture is determined by its F-number. These numbers, known as stops, are a way of describing the size of the aperture. It also describes how open or close the aperture is.


The larger the number, the smaller the hole, and the less light gets through. A smaller F-stop means a larger aperture, while a larger F-stop means a smaller aperture.


Selecting a camera with a larger aperture may change the effects and depth of field on your solo travel selfies. Depth of field refers to the area of the image that appears sharp.


social media marketing for travel blogs using phone camera aperture lens

Photo taken December 14 2017 in Singapore


Wide or large apertures affect depth of field. The larger the aperture, the smaller would be the area in focus. It corresponds with the F-stop numbers available on your camera.


A lens that has an aperture of F/1.2 or F/1.4 as the maximum aperture is considered to be fast lens, because it can pass through more light than, for example, a lens with a maximum aperture of F/4.0. So, an aperture of F/2.8 is wide, while an aperture of F/22 is small.


Larger maximum apertures allow more light to pass through the lens, which makes it possible to capture images faster in low light situations. This is the reason why lenses with large apertures are better suited for low light photography. It could also mean the ability of your camera to isolate subjects from the background.


I suggest you start considering the lens aperture on your next smartphone, especially if you want to shoot good quality images in less than ideal lighting conditions. You may also want to make sure your phone has Optimal Image Stability (OIS) feature to ensure quality snapshots.


Look for a camera that includes an optical image stabilization in its specs. Ask about its performance in low light conditions. More light getting through the lens allows your camera to take better quality images.


This means clearer and less blurry with reduced image noise. Now you reach the point where you have to work hard on your travel photography skills, which may require a good smartphone with great lens aperture.


No matter what kind of camera we talk about, there is the universal truth, the bigger the image sensor, the better the image. A bigger sensor captures more detail with wider dynamic range, which includes the detail in dark and light areas.


It also offers a superior low light performance and the ability to focus more sharply on moving objects. With the ISO level of sensitivity of the camera to the available light, the higher the ISO number, the higher would be the sensitivity of your camera.


With an increased sensitivity, your camera sensor can capture images in low light environments without even using the flash, but it may add grain or noise to the pictures. You may want to leave this in the Auto mode. The base ISO is typically the lowest ISO number of the sensor that can produce the highest image quality, without adding noise to the picture.


Now, you understand how lenses, ISO, IS, and all the other basic function work in your smartphone camera. You must understand that because of the wide angle lenses and small size image sensors in your smartphone, you may find shooting with a shallow depth of field difficult, unless you take a close up.


Recently, clever engineering has made smartphones better than they should be. As we all know, the current demands of the larger sensor, and requirements of more room for heat dissipation can be a real challenge among smartphone cameras.


Now you know that a large lens aperture is desirable when selecting smartphone cameras and the key to better, more detailed shots, especially when shooting at night or indoors. Start saving. Bigger sensors cost more. Choose wisely!


Social media marketing service. Never fail to capture the moment!

Photo taken January 4 2015 at Sayaw Beach, Philippines


Taking awesome selfies, blog and earn

After going through intermittent fasting to achieve a smaller waist and near to perfect body shape, you have to justify your efforts by selecting a good camera. You travel to explore and document those trips.


Stop caring what others think. Start taking your best solo travel selfies where ever and whenever the moment gives you. Use the focus feature, but never use the flash! Flash may ruin the quality of the image and turns nice old ladies into scary monsters.


For great landscapes, you may get up early or stay up late. Shoot early in the morning or as the sun is setting to give your image more impact. Shooting at these times gives you a unique perspective.



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Your smartphone can be your only cheaper option to keep beautiful memories and share perfect travel selfies. The only thing you need is a high definition camera.


We travel to explore the world and document our travelogue. Guess, a picture perfect selfie with a body shape you had worked so hard to achieve can be just the perfect motivation. Collect moments and memories, not things in your travel!


While some people are getting a negative insight about the alarming rate of self-promotion and deep rooted desire for validation through social media, it is not always the case for most women. We do post travel photography and selfies to share the fun we had with our little trips.


social media optimization using travel photography and increase your website traffic

Photo taken January 4 2015 at Sayaw Beach


Well, if you had worked out so much gym time and really got those nice chiseled abs, why not show the world it can be done? Share what you can share and help the world savor some good bits of useful information from your end!


The increasingly trending selfie culture has taken a massive wave across the globe. In a world without borders, selfies have crazily taken over almost all aspects of the social media world. See Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter!


Looking good in your travel photography and selfies can greatly help increase your website traffic. Selfies are reaching an epidemic proportion, and this includes being social media crazy. The bigger the audience it reaches, the more likes you get and the higher would be the possibility of your click through rates.


Earn money from your blog publishing epic travel selfies. Being a solo Pinay traveler would mean being camera ready. Never forget to keep your comb handy just in case you need to do a quick hair disentanglement.


Shoot anytime. Never fail to capture the moment! Your step to success is just a click away. Why not spice up your life? Travel and earn money from your blog posting creative selfie ideas.


Snapshots of yourself are more than just clichés and selfies. Improve your travel photography skills so you can make money online selling pictures. If it is better to ask people to take your photo, then just do it!



When and when not to take selfies?

No picture taking on these restricted zones. Airports have their own security reasons. They do not allow travelers to take any kind of photos inside the building.


You cannot take photos in most shopping malls. Mostly, do not allow tourists taking photos near their kiosk. The safest is to ask if you can take one. Saves you the trouble!


There are brands out there that are in constant search for travel and food bloggers who can snap awesome photos and who want to get paid to blog. Actually, to earn money from your blog is pretty simple, just let them pay your next blog post and those travel selfies you want to recreate on your next vacation!


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