Transform Yourself With This Amazing Selfie Makeover Trick

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Look and feel great on the go, travel light, and still feel like you have all your makeup needs on hand when you board on that plane. Get excited with this selfie makeup makeover trick that can transform your ordinary looks into an amazing cover girl by simply using cosmetics. What kind of woman would not want to look like a cover girl model when doing her selfies? Find and save ideas about makeup makeover and realize you do not have to be a celebrity to achieve that!


Learn these 123 cover girl transformation steps in a few minutes with enhanced features that emphasizes making covered, really unseen, blemishes on your face. Know what to stow on your mini makeup bag so you can look and feel great on the go.


Ordinary women can now forwardly look into the excitement of their own personal cover girl transformation with a few touches of clever makeup and a little help from the airbrush in no time. I would definitely line up for this one. Not all female travelers are brave enough to face the world without her makeup arsenal.


Learn how to pack for travel. Minimize and maximize. With all the clothes you need to bring, surely there are solid tips about how to pack your makeup when traveling. Are you one of those who is trying to pack your makeup kit for a trip, but can’t decide what to leave behind?


Being a makeup artist in your own rights is no big deal nowadays. If you want to transform yourself into someone bold, confident, and beautiful, then take time to learn some basic cosmetics and face makeup tricks. It doesn’t mean having to do heavy makeup all the time.



I always wanted to be a makeup artist, but I lack the time to do it, so instead, I do it light and just focus on the eyebrows. I must admit I am dying to have eyebrows like these unbelievably beautiful and crazy celebrities. A good eyebrow is not necessarily about density, but more about depth and shape.



Shape your brows girl

Get full, defined, arched eyebrows and see how those over-the-years perfected eyebrows can transform and help you benefit an instant beauty solution. Girl, how do you fill in eyebrows?


Shop the best eyebrow pencils and eyebrow powders. Others are good in defining their eyebrows using an eyebrow gel. My daughter prefers to use the gel than the pencil, while I prefer to use both powder and pencil.


To shape and get perfect eyebrows for that picture perfect selfie look, fill your eyebrows with powder and coat or enhance the lines with a pencil one shade darker than your powder. If you get intimidated, you can try to play and discover what a definition of a perfect eyebrow would be for you.


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It is stunning to wear perfectly shaped brows. I focus on that and just wash my face clean to obtain the look of a clear skin. I don’t wear a powder, because it gives me asthma.


Besides, my travel makeup palette and other beauty essentials are not really that remarkable, because I am on a budget and collecting makeup can be truly damaging to the pockets.


Eyebrow shaping can be challenging. See a rich collection of eyebrow photos in Pinterest.


There are everyday little makeup makeover secrets everybody can use that would still make them look entirely natural. One secret is the eye.


You should know the importance of using an under eye concealer, blush on the cheek, and highlighter on the cheekbone. You can change, be more attractive, and look and feel happier.


You can look like a flawless celebrity with the right time and know how. There is an eyebrow thickening gel you can use. When applied on your natural arches, it helps to extend, reshape and thicken your eyebrows. Do you need more?


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Put some bronzer under your cheekbones and along the chin and blend well over the face. Put some mascara on your lashes and apply warm pink lip gloss on your lips. This will give you a fresh, young look.


Makeup is a very personal and individual process. Every common girl can become a glamorous celebrity, although sometimes, it takes a little bit more time and a bit of a helping hand. With the right eye makeup technique, you can transform plain women into Hollywood stars with perfect skin and features.



Sneaky beauty fake it makeup tips

Look amazing using sneaky beauty makeover tricks and secret beauty maneuvers that even naturally gorgeous girls (like yourself!) will love. Makeup has the power to turn you from zero to jiffy.


With the right makeup, you can go from Plain Jane to a Maxim Model all in a swirl of a brush. No plastic surgery required. Thanks to the incredible makeup artists on YouTube, I was able to expand my skills.


Cat eyes can be amazing. I know it is real difficult to perfect a winged eyeliner. It would take you awhile to make both wings appear symmetrical and even.


Have a good photo of a cat eye you would like to imitate and with lots of wet wipes and an eyeliner that is not waterproof, you can practice drawing on your sister or your mom. Come on girl, get it started. It would be fun!


A cat eye is one difficult trick to master, but it sure can do wonders on your whole look. A combo of smoky eye shadow and winged eyeliner can be a powerful statement, especially for blue or green eyes. If you want to achieve that smoldering and sultry look anytime of the day, this look is for you.


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Have a sexy look without being too much! Using strong eyebrows as a magnet for bringing a whole look together without being too much or using too much color can make you appear radiant, glowing, and ready to face the day.


Create a sexy and sultry makeup in just the right blend and moment. It may not need much contouring, but a coral blush can be used to highlight the cheekbones.


You may choose a color of the lip gloss that is very close to your natural lip color. Red may not be the only powerful lip color in your makeup kit.


It is all about how you work it with your other features. You can try looking at the online gift shopping mall for a better long lasting lipstick color where you pick some kind of a lipstick shade that is very close to your lip’s natural color.


Create your own contouring tools by taking advantage of your highlighter sticks, bronzers, and concealers. From more natural and patented looks, you can go to the bold and daring. All you need to do is play with bright colors.


You can blend and use a primer for the eye shadow. Vibrant hues on the eyes, such as pink and purple, green and yellow, can complement each other.


One thing you need to understand and discipline yourself though. You should never go for too much drama with your makeup.



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Too much makeup can make you look funny like a clown and scare the people around you. For your eyebrows, you can use a shade that is one shade darker than your hair color.


Anything lighter or darker than that can make your eyebrows look cartoonish or fake. Go for the more natural approach – keep it simple!


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To appear confident, it only makes sense to pull focus towards your eyes. There are different ways of doing smoky eyes that you can pull them off during the daytime.


You use at least three shades of the same hue. Earthy tones work well for the daytime smoky eyes effect. You can even try using jewel tones like green or blue.


Once you’ve perfected this method, you can apply with various other colors and achieve better looking smoky eye look.




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Eye makeup can transform you from that plain girl to a much adored beauty icon. Your cat eye makeup can be your trademark. With the bold addition of colors, you can definitely recreate and transform yourself with the list of amazing selfie makeup makeover tricks mentioned in this article.

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