Sell Ad Space, Earn From Your Page Impressions

One good way to earn from your website is to sell ad space directly to companies looking to sponsor different blogs. You can come up with a price for each ad location, such as above fold or sidebar. You can get paid depending on your traffic volume. Usually it is quoted as dollar per 1,000 CPM. You might say it as $5 CPM, so if the website gets 100,000 visits a month, that ad price translates into $500 bucks.


Get the most out of every impression and reach highly qualified audiences on your curated content. Let blog advertisers know you are accepting ad sponsors through sites like the BuySellAds, BlogAds, Project Wonderful, or AdvertiseSpace.


In a lot of situations, you cannot sell ad space if you just started blogging. You cannot monetize a blog without traffic. Unless you are an influencer with a lot of followers and an established blog that can quickly generate traffic, it will take some time before you can sell ad space and make money this way.


You will need around 10k unique visitors per month to get the attention of the blog advertisers. However, you must be careful with which ads you choose to put on your blog, because having irrelevant ads will bring you no results.


Selling ad space can be a lucrative passive business, but you have to work really hard to try build your site’s content and drive traffic to it. After all, more sale of ad spaces would actually lead to more cash inflow.



Often, blog advertisers are on the lookout for long term ad space. If you are lucky, this ensures you get the ad space rented for a few months.


Of course, your fee will vary depending on all sorts of things, but a good ball park is the equivalent of a $2 CPM. So, if you have 25,000 page views in a month and runs one ad on the blog’s sidebar, you can charge $50 for that ad for one month since 25,000/ 1,000 * $2 = $50.


Your price is actually based on a per thousand impressions. Just look at your traffic to get a rough idea of what seems to be a fair price.


When you are just starting out with your blog, you really should not distract yourself with monetizing. Get enough content and enough traffic to make your blog advertiser happy.


When you start getting a decent traffic, you can take control and sell direct ads on your website. All you need is an “Advertise with Us” page on your blog. List out the different formats of ads available and how much it costs per month.


Another site to look at is the Pulsepoint, which works similar to BuySellAds. Blog advertising is only one of the many ways you can monetize your platform, but relatively speaking, it is one of the easiest, especially if you can offer the right volume of traffic to make it more attractive.


While nothing is really set as to when you can sell an ad space, having about 500 to 1,000 unique daily visitors is probably a good starting point. Disclose bounce rate, average time on site and page views.


The longer your traffic sticks around, the higher the chance that ads will be seen and clicked. A steady climb in traffic shows great potential.


Selling advertising on a low traffic website doesn’t have to be mission impossible. With the right research and pitch, you are very well on your way to landing your first advertiser.


CPM network earnings can be anywhere between $1 to $3 per 1,000 impressions. So, if you generate 100,000 page views a day, then you can make $100 to $300 a day from CPM networks,


You may be able to earn $100 to $300 or maybe even more a day selling banner ads directly to advertisers. To make approximately $274 a day and earn $100,000 a year, you need good amount of traffic with a bounce rate of 100%.

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