Sharing Your Story The Influencer Marketing Way

sharing your story the influencer marketing way

Share your story and become one of the top virtual assistants in influencer marketing. Connect with your followers on an emotional level and give them a good reason to follow and trust you. Connect and engage just by sharing photos with captions or viral videos. After countless interactions and conversations online, you will begin to see growth in your following. The best way to drive sales is through relationships and that starts right in your social media channels. Share anything interesting and learn how to cut through the noise.


Use photos with captions to tell your stories. The captions that go along with the photos are as important as the photos themselves.


Keep in mind this strategy. Instead of using influencer marketing to promote your product or brand, use it to strengthen your relationship. Go figure!


Influencers are established industry leaders and trusted individuals who are considered to have no agenda compared to brands. In order to build a relationship with someone, you must have a consistent interaction because there is no way you can build a strong relationship with only one interaction.


With strong relationships, comes trust! To stand out and reach a large audience, you have to learn how to personalize your message. If your goal is just to sell, then you run the risk of making the campaign too promotional.



Extract key information related to your target audience and proceed on personalizing your message. It doesn’t have to be long, but it should be enough to start a conversation.


Add some value proposition, such as sharing content that teaches them something or makes them laugh. One technique is to ask yourself how you can provide as much value as possible.


Humanize your brand. You cannot build a following using just a logo and a brand name. The influencer marketing tactic can help you do this.


Influencers are trusted individuals. If you aim to be an influencer, you can leverage in far more ways than just that. The most effective way to do this is to live stream the journey.


The marketing landscape has undergone a huge shift and it has impacted the way it drives marketing results. Make human connections work for your brand.


influencer marketing makes human connections work for your brand


Influencers build connections with their audiences who respect and trust their opinions and recommendations. When audiences are emotionally invested in an influencer, they tend to be more engaged and view the influencer with admiration.


Craft compelling stories and encourage conversations and questions. The positive associations will happen on their own.


You can include useful, real life tips and advice in your posts, from photo tutorials to printables. Stories are very personal where the influencer records parts of their day and shares personal thoughts and ideas that they wouldn’t in regular feed.


Recent studies found that influencer marketing is a very effective campaign strategy, because it works to get into an existing community of engaged followers on social media.


Reinforce your customer acquisition strategy with influencer marketing. No matter how good your products are, they won’t sell by themselves, which is one good reason you need to have a very effective customer acquisition strategy in place.


Your posts must be relevant to your niche or industry. Your followers are your target audience and your message must be seen by the right people who have a good chance of becoming customers.


Make sure each post does not become ineffective due to lack of relevance. Promote your brand story and build an emotional connection with people. Over time, with the use of influencer marketing, you can turn your loyal fans into brand advocates.

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