Simple Girly Nail Designs For Summer Travel Selfies

Get ready for some manicure pedicure magic with these awesome nail ideas, patterns, and best polish shades recommendations for your travel selfies. Give your nails a salon quality paint and design to give it a remarkable, must-comment-when-seen appearance. If you are someone who is obsessed with style, simply put that fashion into a creative nail art and extend the life of your popularity.


Nail art is a creative way to paint and embellish your nails before you travel. You can stay current with the most chic trends in nails from the red carpet and notable runway moments to the creative women in Pinterest. Go behind the scenes gossips of famous magazines and learn how celebrities color their nails and turn their fingertips and nails into fashion statements.




Now that the glove season has finally come to an end and the weather is getting warmer, it feels the right time to go to the nearest salon and chipped your nails for a fresh manicure. This is the time to change your natural color into a one of a kind nail art.


Do you need the hands of a beauty therapist? Think twice about spending money on salons, because in this article, you are to get ready for some manicure magic that you can do on your own at home, as this brings you the hottest and trendy nail designs, patterns, colors, and creations from celebrities and beauty brands.



The meaning of the manicure has been transformed in the last few years. Until recently, painted nails were a symbol of classic, grown-up elegance. My piece of advice is, when it has to do with your nails, prefer it longer, so you can flaunt creativity and bring your overall appearance to life and bring your lifestyle in its best!


Nail art is a lifestyle! Happy to say, this fun lifestyle is trending even with the adults. The boom in nail art and the trend for eyebrow-raising colors, such as the steel gray, neon tangerine and moss green, have turned the rules upside down.


Photos from Pinterest


We are now in a fancy generation, where most people enjoy the charming prettiness of the latest nail art fashion trend and lace manicures. Nails have never been so high profile in fashion and in popular culture and a new generation of young women are using nail polish to express their individuality, their fashion savvy, creativity and even their humor.


Be original. Be Creative. Nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish the nails. This type of artwork can be done on both fingernails and toenails.


This art shows the painstaking business of painting and gluing designs and tiny jewels onto nails, which are often lengthened with extensions to create a larger canvas.


Do you need some nail art inspiration for this summer? If you are starved with mani ideas, you can dare yourself and experiment on these simple, unique embellishments for a change.


Photos from Pinterest


The get-nail-embellishment theme has been taking the beauty industry by storm lately. Wearing some flashy and bright nail art can be life changing. Who would not love beautifully designed nails?


You can be a hit in another big trend – nail art! Nail art designs definitely play a crucial role in a woman’s appearance, especially when it comes to party makeup and special occasions get up.


Nail art is one easy way to uplift and revamp your style in a subtle and unique way. The first step? Experiment with as many nail art designs as you like on your weekend. Go girl, get out and get trendy with nail arts!


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