The Beginner’s Simplest Do It Yourself Guide to Make Money Blogging Online

Blogging is the best way to reach and attract a specific audience that can give you business as well as help you make money online.  It is the best platform to use in promoting yourself as a virtual assistant and the best method to attract like minded readers with whom you can share your passion. It is true that blogging has the power to convert any day visitors into leads, and these leads over time, converted into customers. It is the most used method that often times resulted in business generating opportunities.


When you write an article or a blog post, the research you do helps you teach yourself things you haven’t known yet, and also, to articulate what you already know. The research, writing, and articulating aspect of blogging can make you more familiar with the topic. Blogs are the new resumes of the present, and would still be in the future.



Right now, there are universities encouraging the students to set up a blog, and then, apply for a scholarship. Blogging can help students learn new things, and learn how to share their insights about these things and what is happening around them.


When I started my blog, I always find myself always learning new things, and see some sense of hope in finding solutions to some problems, especially wellness and aging. I learned to reflect deeply about life, the society, the government, why poverty exists in the Philippines, and what made the law just a law!



Earning a decent income from your blog is possible, as long as you create value, and write articles that provides solutions around problems. You can have a blog up and running without the skills and knowledge of html. Remember, people are more attracted towards things they can feel, believe, and see their value and benefits in their lives.


The more you blog, the more you see details usually ignored by most people. Besides, an insightful blog can sell you better than a traditional resume nowadays. Corporate managers are more into employees who blogs and are social media crazy.


Recently, the blogosphere landscape has changed to serve people and letting people voice their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. The more you write, the better you become in expressing your thoughts through writing. Blogging daily refines your writing skills as well as boosts your research capabilities!


Over time, along the way, you eventually generate ideas how to make money blogging online. Most people start out with one personal blog, gain the experience, and develop strategies on how to accelerate the growth and build a tribe of loyal readers.



Personal blog into business

The job of a successful business is pretty simple – make things easier for its customers. In short, help the customers find the perfect solution and solve their problems. The customers have needs, and these needs became their problem.


Your business offers the solution. Whether it is a tool, a method, or a service, the goal is clear. And that is, to help your customer solve a problem. One of the easiest ways to get started talking about a problem is by setting up a blog.


When starting an online business to generate a passive income, you would not know which strategies really work. There are many blogs out there that talks about many things, but choosing the easiest and simplest way to make your blog work can be the most difficult.


For example, we all know that content is king. Well, you have been writing many articles worth reading already, but still it is not making you earn money from your blog. One thing is clear though, any information shared that can help anyone solve their difficulties, will somehow, over time, gain more readership.


Learn how to create great content that is highly searchable, which may include communicating it well to the readers. Define, plan and build your brand. Don’t expect to be found by Google right away.



This could take several months, sometimes even a year to have some of your content finally show up in the search engine rankings for certain keywords. Google wants to show the most relevant content at the top of the search engine rankings, so always make sure that you are pumping out great, valuable content, that answers questions most people asked.


There is one thing you can do related to putting content from other platforms in combination with your blog post – video! If you have a video channel on YouTube, and embed one of your videos in your blog post, traffic can go from YouTube to your site and vice versa.


It can be a lot and it is a great strategy to be everywhere, but be everywhere one place at a time. Start with the place you are most comfortable, and then add more content platform that would be most helpful to you. Just continue to create highly valuable, extremely relevant content, something that people can’t help but share.


Now that you have your blog set up and traffic is coming your way, over time, you will see a few dollars coming in! Polish up your search engine optimization knowledge, because you need to know how to find the right search terms or keywords to get on the road to professional blogging as a business that can help you make money blogging online.

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