Consolacion SM City Mall One Stop Shop In Cebu, Get Any Time Deals And Promos Plus Free Aircon In A Hot Day

SM Consolacion Cebu

The context of grocery shopping and malling in the Philippines is very different from the other countries. If you are new to the 7,107 islands and are a foreigner, you would be amazed to see Filipinos just hang out in malls in Cebu with friends and families. You can’t believe our Filipino mall culture that reflects the importance of the shopping mall in our life. I can’t imagine a world without shopping deals and promos in malls! Have you even wondered why we have so many malls?


Malling consumes the locals in the Philippines. In fact, the grocery shopping malls here are often crowded after office hours, and especially packed during the weekends. You will see the shoppers simply strolling and looking for best deals, getting some free cool air, playing games at the World of Fun, eat and dine to hang out with friends and family, or just whiling away the hours at the grocery.


The government hasn’t been keen in developing a good public playground for the kids, so the malls replaced the open air with closed airconditioned rooms filled mostly with digital equipments for playing games. No more climbing of trees and running around the neighborhood. Kids are now getting fatter just sitting around playing computer games.


Life can be hard in the Philippines, but most people contend themselves to dine and shop at the SM City mall in Consolacion. The shopping mall has been designed to meet most of the needs of the locals. However, they do not offer grocery home delivery.


I hope they will do this soon, because grocery shopping can be a great time waster for me. Besides, the fruits are heavy enough for people with low back pain like me. Grocery delivery would be a good service to consider in the Philippines, just like Amazon.




One stop shop malling

The Philippines mall culture and attitudes of the Cebu locals to hang out and explore good deals has been highly monetized by this shopping mall. You can pay your bills and dine and shop at the mall. There is no need to go to several service providers to pay your bills. You can do it right at the shopping mall.


The SM City shopping mall has been perceived as a great space to dine and shop any day by the locals. With the great benefit of being in a free airconditioned room during the hottest time of the day, many people flock to the mall to eat and dine, especially lunch breaks.


SM Malls are a great place for people to do some grocery shopping, hang out in restaurants, and find some good deals. Often times, you can just get inside and stay cool, meet up, or just watch people around if you have minutes to waste.


The idea about malling nowadays, in the lives of the Filipinos, is to shop and dine, complete after work errands, book with restaurants to celebrate special occasions, pay bills, watch movies, late night snacking, lunch and dinner venue, and of course, games for the children.


This form of life has been slowly embedded in our Philippine culture. So, gone are the days that we prepare so much food at home. Most people now leave it to the caterers, or simply go meet up in the mall and eat!


SM Consolacion MallSM Supermall Consolacion


Malls replacing old plazas

With few public parks in the area, anyone can tell that the locals certainly regard the malls like one. The malls here are designed to be a one stop destination for shopping, dining, paying bills, playing games and business, travel, spa, and health offices.


The role of the malls for the locals, and they may not even know this is that the malls put their families together. You can see moms and dads with the kids strolling at the malls and eating out, making groceries, and watching movies. As for myself, it may be something different.


The shopping mall lends itself to a wide range of function. Equipped with free Wi-Fi, the space can be transformed to fit your regular activity at no cost. With a temperature that won’t let you drop a sweat, the SM City Consolacion Mall is the perfect living space for me. I often go there at 5pm or nearly 6pm to eat dinner or just chill after a long day of sitting in front of my computer doing work and blogging!


As global warming has become more intense in the Philippines, you will find me spending my afternoons at the mall to chill and to get better cold air. This way I get lesser expense from electricity. To compute, I only pay P14 for the fare going to the mall and going home from the mall. Isn’t that great savings for me?


SM Mall ConsolacionSM CreativeSM Supermall Consolacion


Sometimes, if I really need an air conditioning that is cranked up to the Arctic levels, then you only go to the movies and practice shivering for two hours. Cold temperatures are stylish and better preferred by the locals, because the normal temperature outside is really sizzling hot, especially during summer.


The mall offers several restaurants on top of their FoodCourt selections, all the way from ribs to grilled foods, there is always something for every one’s taste. I invite you to shop and dine at the SM City. This is the only city where you enjoy the community without owning a home.


Shop, eat, get a massage, pay your bills, have a health check, watch a movie, and do whatever pleases you at the SM City. I often go to the mall wearing just a shirt, shorts, and slippers. It truly serves as my living room, and an extension of my kitchen.


The shopping mall is located in the Cebu North Road, Barangay Lamac, Consolacion, Cebu. With daily mall hours of 10am to 9pm, you can always come here to eat lunch and dinner in different dishes and cuisines.


I am talking about the restaurants and the FoodCourt that offers food in different tastes and cuisine. The management makes it a point to make the place a one stop shopping mall, and they are near to achieving their goals.



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Get out and get a life. Enjoy the experience of exploring the small boutiques with their jewelries, shirts, dresses, and many more. Let something catch your eye and just enjoy shopping.


I normally buy my shirts at the SM Surplus shop. They are cheaper and I just buy the plain cheap ones anyway. Just be yourself and shop without inhibitions.


Enjoy what you see, feel good about yourself and what the SM City Mall offers to you. Whether you enjoy hunting for bargains at factory prices or just spending an afternoon hanging out at the mall, you would surely find what you look for here.


Hungry? You would quickly satisfy your hunger with the authentic flavors offered by the menu in Rai Rai Ken, Chowking, Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Pizza Hut, Leona, Orange Brutus, Lechon Belly, Chikaan sa Cebu, Goldilocks, Greenwich and the Da Vinci Italian Pizza.


The FoodCourt offers authentic Filipino cuisine with lots of soup and a variety of grilled food. The mall did reinforce the status of the Consolacion municipality as the gateway to the north.


SM Consolacion FoodcourtBargain shopping online Daily Deals, Kids Hang Out for Games


Highlighting the shopping convenience and easy access to the car park, this mall has been the perfect destination for the local residents and the foreign nationals living here and near the area.


The SM Cinema offers the e-Plus card that operates on a reloadable system you can use to pay the theaters and the MyBus transportation.


Grocery is great here, but sometimes, when you use your credit card, you would not be able to breathe. There is a considerable time delay from the swipe request for approval to the time the authorization code is generated, because the terminals are sometimes not functioning well that the cashier needs to go to the other terminal.


The people in the provinces are usually nice. You can see a lot of the women and men walking around the mall wearing just plain shorts and shirts unlike in the city. There is not much activity going around the mall, except for the consistent free Zumba exercise provided every MWF afternoon.


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Personal banking at BDO, claiming your Moneygram and Western Union remittances, and Forex money exchange can be done at the SM City Mall, If you are an expat looking for a place to hang out, the SM City Consolacion Mall is one place you should consider.


In a sleeping town like the Consolacion, the SM City can be the most convenient place to hang out and shop without experiencing long sitting and traffic congestions. I wish they would set up a gym and a hotel there. The comfortable space is most welcome in the afternoons or noon time when the heat is up to the max temp level.



How to reach the SM City Consolacion mall

You can ride at any Liloan, Consolacion, or Compostela jeepneys. A taxi ride may not be necessary because the mall is right beside the highway. You will not miss it and certainly not even pass by.


The address is

Barangay Lamac, Cebu North Road National Highway

Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines

Telephone 032 260 0132 to 33


Can’t imagine a world without shopping malls! The Filipino mall culture has 101 ways and reasons to go to the mall, except to buy. Joking! The importance of malls in our life is pretty simple. You get to hang out with good air conditioning. The owners also strive hard to give us a one stop shop malls here, which includes dining, shopping, health clinics, beauty spas, banking, and paying our bills. Definitely, the giant malls replacing old plazas is not a myth, but a reality.

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