Setting Up A Small Business Marketing Blog

set up your small business marketing blog

Setting up a small business marketing blog is not as easy as having an 8 to 5 day job. When you are out there trying to make a dime on your own online, you should know at least a little about marketing for small business. If your idea of an online business is just to put a high quality website content on your blog and just leave it there and then, sit down and expect for that huge traffic to come, you are definitely wrong. You have to do some online marketing and let people know your blog exists.


Unfortunately, with the influx of new sites every day, you cannot skip some steps and go straight to relaxing at the beach while everything is done on autopilot. You have to put a number of elements in place before you may be able to earn your first $$s.


No matter what you do, having the right mindset is important. Attracting visitors, converting customers, marketing and advertising your website can be overwhelming but definitely doable.


Focus is critical to success. Your online business should focus only on one thing and one thing only. Do this at the beginning stages of its existence. What I mean is that you should focus your efforts on a specific market at a time, especially if you are just starting up.


The key is to explore the industry. Discover what your target audience needs. It is actually knowing your options and yourself, because selling yourself short isn’t an option for small business branding.



It is either go big or go home. When you are out there branding a business and if you want to turn a side gig into a full time, long term, sustainable home business, keep your focus only on one thing.


You should know what you are getting yourself into before you ever begin and you must know yourself including your options. Your small business online may become your personal legacy making billions in online revenue soon.


If you want to become something much more than a dream, you must do it right the first time. Be patient. Be persistent. Read more and work hard!


Finding a topic, a product or a service with the potential for serious profitability may need a little review of your own life so you may find problems that your product or service in mind can effectively solve with the least effort and complexities.


We must admit there is no greater repository of ideas than your life experience. For example, here in the Philippines, most people do not want to read highly technical things, which is one good reason I came up with this blog.


I translate technical into its simplest presentation. I make it easy for them to understand a certain topic and follow certain instructions. I translate things into our culture’s lingo.


Analyze your audience a bit and learn how you can tailor both your service and your website experience so they come out like an attractive package. Know the touchpoints of your customer service so you can provide a better experience that would make them want to return to your site for more.



Online home business

You can actually start an online small business with less. Anyone with a computer can even start a money making online business without money and no technical experience.


Facebook internet business opportunity is feasible enough for those who would like to offer writing or virtual assistant services. The account is free and you get to open up online business opportunities right from your FB posts.


But, if you have a few dollars to spare for a domain and a hosting, that would be great for setting up a permanent and reliable business internet address. I started with free hosting in various social media networks before, but having my own personal domain and hosting gave me more freedom in developing my site.

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