How Do You Become A Social Media Influencer?

Filipina social media influencer

It is pretty obvious that vloggers, bloggers and the so called social media influencer are getting more views in YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Of course, marketing social media influencers earn more than the regular employees working hard with their daytime jobs. It is undeniable that brands often times chased them now to help them influence decision making for their targeted audience by simply mentioning, without even obviously endorsing, their products.


It is not difficult to see the reason why brands want to partner with social media influencers when it comes to promoting their products. Social media marketing through the influencers can possibly break in and make an impact about their products and services.


If you are thinking to join the industry, it can be pretty crowded nowadays, but it is still possible to create a huge following as long as you create and post the right content. Find your niche and build your following online.


You may want to find a corner in the cyberspace where you can dig a little hole for yourself and build a small following. Find a niche that may help you build your own social media brand.


Hope it would be something you like, but not too crowded. You have to think about how to be remarkable and different in that specific niche. Find your voice, help them associate you with the voice and stick to it.



You need to curate some content, do a lot of research to keep a sustainable brand image. You must be creative about how you are going to kick off your presence appropriately across the globe.


The idea is to create one social media presence at a time. If you want to start on Facebook, then give it time to grow and focus your efforts on it, before you venture in the other social media platforms.


Social media optimization was never easy. It takes a lot of hard work to fully engage your audience. You better focus on one or two platforms first so you do not have to juggle your resources.


Find the right social media content for your audience, curate it and then publish it on your Facebook or Twitter. Just work on building your content and find out which content works best for each social media platform.


Relevance is key. Find topics that are relevant to your niche so you can create a slick social presence. The thing is to relate your social media content that would at least, get your audience talking.


Filipina social media micro-influencer


On the other hand, put your personality up front. Start working about how you can best communicate to your audience. Build relationships.


Build it. Reply to comments. Foster conversations. Set up a space for them to thrive right in your own social media network.


Join groups on Facebook and try to promote yourself in any way you can. Be consistent in posting your content.


With the way social media timelines are going, your posts and videos will definitely have a short shelf life. Attract people to your content and through them, you would be able to catch the eyes of the brands too.


Be consistent, be patient, be true and you will be able to build your brand! By sharing content and insights or by giving your audience valuable information, things would speed up exponentially.


Develop your content strategy and try to stay updated while you grow your content. Do things based on the results you had in the past.


If things don’t work, do not follow it anymore. Content decisions must be based on past successes and failures.


The best time to post your content on social media largely depends on the social media channel, but for me, posting actually depends on when your target audience gets into the specific social media platform you are working on.


Stick to one theme per social media channel so you give your followers a more holistic picture of who you are and what you do. This posting strategy allows you to diversify your content while keeping your profile sleek and cohesive.


A curated content and a customized message are very important if you want to build your brand through your voice as a social media influencer. Always take the time to customize your message and make sure every single content answers the questions and needs of your followers.


Social media influencers are winning the hearts of consumers in any social media site. Each sponsored post can be worth a thousand dollars.


If being a popular social media influencer is too much work for you as of this moment, then try to achieve a significant social media following between 1,000 and 100,000 and just become a social micro-influencer. Micro-influencers are maybe one step behind the social media influencers.


You can imagine the celebrities as the social media influencers and the bloggers as the micro-influencers or individuals whose faces are always on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram most of their waking time.


Although the reach of the micro-influencers is limited, you can still influence the buying decisions of your followers. Look for content that would really resonate with your target audience.


You can tell a story about your main topic to direct their attention towards you and your brand. An example would be sharing your experience and honestly make a review about the product.


There are several ways you can successfully promote your brand and yourself as a micro-influencer. Your credible story must resonate with the audience.


Filipina micro-influencer blogger


However, there are people who can magically influence others just through their post without any intention of becoming an influencer. Whether you are introvert or feels socially awkward, you can still become a micro-influencer without physically interacting a single person in your social media site.


Micro-influencers are not so hard after all. Figure out how you can make people think the way you want them to think or live the life you want them to live!


Speak their language and they will come and respond to your content. People don’t feel like they are being sold to, which is one of the reasons you create a story to draw these people to where you want them to be.


Land with influencer deals and raise the quality of your content. Monetize your content and start making money as a social media influencer.

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