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Wanting to become a social media influencer, but do not know how? Know that impressions matter in any situation or event and this may require one thing, which is consistency! You need to be consistent with your actions, words and appearances, so every person you meet and interact may perceive the same similar impression about you! This is how you are going to do it.


Imagine that you can step outside your own body and observe yourself. How do you think you act and look? Does everything in you support your goals?


Spend a moment to clearly visualize your present so you would be able to transform your personality into someone whom you wish to become. Let us try to craft your own personal brand and become a micro influencer. This is what I call recreate yourself!


Create a meaningful, lasting impression on everyone you meet, because that impression can translate into success in all aspects of your life. Answer this question: What do you want people to know about you?


The first step in creating your personal brand is actually figuring out whom you want to be and what you are hoping to accomplish. Spell out your values, strengths and skills.



“For example, I am a virtual assistant from the Philippines who want to stand out from the rest of the crowd. My strength is knowledge. My passion is reading.


I learn a lot from reading, which helped me build my skills and knowledge. I try to analyze and visualize things for my transformation through blogging. Blogging opens up a wider door of possibilities for me.


Blogging gives a unique promise of value that I hope to fulfill with my brand, which is learning how to promote other brands by crafting my own personal brand first. My blog communicates my brand with the world.”


The idea is to know how you are going to announce your personal brand to the world. Write a story about you and discover a message out of your story that you can polish as your own personal commercial.


The social media is one great platform to do all this. Spend your time wisely on your social media sites and make sure your online presence is felt.


Develop a marketing communication plan that can maximize results and utilize your resources, including your money wisely. Just a reminder. Your brand ecosystem includes your appearance, body language, blog, personality, attitude, professional network, videos, images and more.


Understand your personal branding ecosystem well, because it shows your best authentic self and aligns everything that is you. The ecosystem that you have created would be the instant impression that you are about to give away to anyone you meet, either online or face to face.


Your image is important. Fashioning your image is a part of crafting your personal brand. Your dress or your appearance communicates your brand.


Create a consistent visual language on your blog, business cards or anything that you have. Consistency in all your visual image is important. Just try to create the visual effect you want, including your dearest self!


Your network and the people you associate with are very important in determining where you at in your career. The people you associate makes a distinct note about your brand on your target audience.


Develop your personal brand in the context of your present workplace and situation and find people who can support you and whom you can connect in more meaningful ways. This is the way you figure out who you really are.


Everyone has different approaches to life, but you can be good with it as long as you lay out and execute your well thought plan. Let your audience know who you are and be valued for it.


Walk your path and inspire others. Be valued for what you already crafted about your personal brand and stand out. Just know that shaping your identity requires self-awareness and that means spending some time learning what you value and how you want to be perceived by these people.


Learn how you can leverage your unique self to the marketplace. This clarity helps you act and speak in a more consistent manner, which is essential in achieving brand success.


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Story matters

Build your status easily as a social media influencer by creating a story of your own personal brand. When you craft a winning strategy to launch your personal brand using storytelling, you just made yourself authentically stand out from the crowd.


We have always been the hero of our own stories. We wanted it that way. In marketing, your customer should be the hero of your story and not the other way around.


Customers do not care about your story, but they do care about their own. Sorry, this is how our world runs. Your story should change the way you do business and talk about you, which may become a part and an important aspect of your personal brand.


Listening is the key to being seen, heard and understood. Make your message clear and write a good sales copy! It takes into consideration the way we talk about our products and services.


Content sells things, not your pretty website. If you won’t learn how to clarify your message, then your audience will continue to ignore you.


By telling a story, you create clear messages that can help double your revenue. Why? Nobody listens if the message is not clear!


Get your message straight and triple your revenue. Say your message in a simple manner and make it compelling, relevant and repeatable.


You are not only selling just to get your products and offer your services to the marketplace. You do sell because you give your customers a solution that can solve their problems and help them survive.


Clarity is critical in marketing communications. Do not make it difficult for your customers to figure out how your offer can help them. Just tell them right away!


The best way to make the target ears and brains figure out what your offer is all about within five seconds is through storytelling. Your marketing materials, story and behavior should support and complement each other!


One big reason your marketing collateral does not work is because it is too complicated. The brain may not be able to process the information within the specified attention span.


Make your marketing communication simple and predictable. Story, as a sense making mechanism, can help you put everything in order.


Here is one good tip for you to process in your own brain. Regardless of how you ramble on and on about how wealthy you are and own the most expensive car, your customers won’t still care.


It is because the information you shared won’t help them eat, drink, build a tribe, find work, or whatever. You failed to highlight what part of your offer can help them survive or meet their needs.


The main concept in marketing your offer is to make the message about something that would help the customer survive and do it simply. The story can powerfully help organize the information as well as help people process an information without getting into much brain work.


Create a marketing map they can follow and that would eventually lead to an engagement. Blogging and vlogging can be most helpful in getting your exposure. Do not be afraid to vlog and shoot your camera for filming.


Being a social media influencer or a micro influencer requires a marketing map too. You should figure out how to create a story that would keep your audience attention longer.


Definitely, your customers may have questions about the brand. If you are unable to answer those questions, they will go away.


Forget about thriving in the marketplace if you cannot figure out what your customer wants and how it would be after they engaged with your services. If you confuse people, you lose!

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