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social media marketing strategy

The social media platform is the best and cheapest way to connect with influencers and all types of people. If you are thinking of expanding your audience reach, you should consider getting started on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels, because it will greatly help you introduce and bring awareness about your business.


Not to get too excited of this marketing tactic and before anything else, you should first create a social media marketing strategy that would guide your actions. Every post must serve a purpose.


Do not just post anything for the sake of just posting. Focus on being productive instead of busy. The key is to train your thoughts and make social media marketing a habit.


One way to do this is to be very specific in all your social media content and actions. Stop and sit down so you can create a very effective social media marketing strategy.


The key is to develop the habit and make your social media strategy and social media optimization plan specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound. Being specific every step of the process produces a more effective execution and leads to better business results.



Today, social media is considered as one of the most effective and low cost means of connecting your business to potential and current customers. In fact, most people ask for recommendations or search for word of mouth feedback in social media.


To save cost on advertising, you should consider getting your business on social media. Learn more about your followers, where they live and how they interact with your brand. Analytics can be most helpful!


Knowing your audience helps refine your social media marketing strategy and keeps you from creating less targeted content. The more genuine and compelling a business content is on social media, the more likely customers are going to engage and share the posts.


Here are some simple ideas you can use to get your business started in social media and see how they work for you.


social media marketing

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Social media content

The first would always be to create a content that connects with target customers. Facebook is great for uploading photos and videos of your business. Sharing them online may pull potential customers in.


Another way is to find articles that are relevant. Share only related content on your timeline. The coverage helps you build brand loyalty as well as increase your followers.


You can also look at posting some tweets on Twitter, which is a good platform for news and updates. This app is where people update everything about their lives and day to day activity.


What is important is to stay consistent with your brand personality across the social media platforms so it would be easier for the followers to identify and recognize you. Tweet at least 2 to 3 times a day and combine retweets and quote tweets into your branding strategy.


Show off photos of your team, products and services to help your audience get familiar with what you do. Promote your sales, specials and upcoming events.


Just be mindful never to spam your followers. Mix in other content as well and check out what’s trending. And yes, it is not easy to try to be a social media expert.


Share user generated content that would inspire your audience to share it on their feed. Post the original photo and give credit in the caption.


With Instagram, you capture a younger audience. However, the platform is designed to work well on mobile and not on the desktop. In this app is the challenge to create and post highly visual and engaging images.


Brand building and brand marketing in social media can be made simpler by posting relevant content with great visuals or videos. Document live content or mix in video with boomerang content to make something simple more engaging.



Compelling brand

Create a consistent and compelling brand. Do it right the first time. Understand that each of the content you post out there impacts your brand.


You need to have a strong brand presence online to keep up. Connect, build relationships and garner engagement.


Create your pages and optimize your content for consistent branding. Tell your unique story in the most genuine way possible!



Be where your customers are

Focus your energy on social media platforms that you think your customers often hang out. Remember that the average human attention is only 8 seconds.


That can be a very short time to create an impression. The best way to cut the chase is to add great photos. Lots of them.



Show off brand personality

Your customization is key for showing what makes your brand special and your story unique. Performing an audit of all your profiles on social media is the best way to start taking control of your brand, voice and reputation!


Make sure everything that comes up about you is a real representation of your business and brand. Also, claim your pages on Yelp, Google Business and Facebook.


Post exciting and engaging content. Make it uniquely you. There are spaces and faces, including food and atmosphere with human elements that you can share online.



Stay connected

Jump into conversations and spread brand awareness by reaching out. Twitter and Facebook are a great place to get your brand into more conversations.


Connect, converse and meet new customers. Stay connected and stay in contact. Keep your reputation clean and check out real time updates.


One way to do this is to engage in social listening. You just might stumble on a post that would really hit the mark. Know what is working and what’s not!



Things to do

  • Define your strategy
  • Improve existing profiles
  • Set up social media accounts
  • Focus on a very specific goal for each account
  • Optimize your account
  • Create a posting schedule
  • Plot your content mix
  • Evaluate and adjust your social media strategy



Social media marketing is one powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and potential customers. Know that starting a social media marketing campaign without a social strategy is like wandering around your city in the absence of a map and without a goal.


Meet your marketing goals. Do some social media sharing. It can help increase website traffic, build conversions, raise brand awareness, create a brand identity and positive brand association as well as help you interact and communicate with key audiences.


Make sure you have a social media content marketing plan in place. Interesting social content attracts more audience, drive engagement and create sales.


Be consistent and make sure you post regularly. Offer valuable information your ideal customers will find helpful and interesting. Project your brand image across different unique environments and voice. Stay consistent always!

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