How To Get A Solo Parent ID?

A solo parent shall apply for a Solo Parent Identification Card (Solo Parent ID) from the City/ Municipal Social Welfare and Development (C/ MSWD) Office. Once the C/ MSWD Office issues the Solo Parent ID, a solo parent can apply for services he/ she needs from the C/ MSWD Office or to specific agencies providing such assistance/ services.


A solo parent can directly inquire from the DOH for health services, CHED and TESDA for educational services, and the NHA for housing. You can also inquire at DOLE, CSC, or employer for parental leave.



Barangay certificate residency in the area


Documents/evidence that the applicant is a solo parent


Income tax return or certification from the barangay/ municipal treasurer




An ID cannot be secured right away. The Social Worker has to complete the assessment/ evaluation of the solo parent situation. The ID will be issued after 30 days from filing. The validity of the ID is one year and is renewable.



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The Republic Act 8972 or the Solo Parents’ Welfare Act of 2000 grants discounts and benefits to solo parents and their children.



Educational benefits

CHED prioritizes solo parents and their children in scholarship programs, which include state scholarship program for high school students and graduating high school students; partial scholarship; Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA); Tulong Dunong; and Study Now, Pay Later Plan.



Housing benefits

Solo parents who meet the eligibility criteria for housing assistance under RA 7279 (Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992) and other related rules and regulations of participating housing agencies shall be provided low cost housing projects, in accordance with housing law provisions, prioritizing applicants below the poverty line as declared by the NSCB.


The NHA shall make available housing units to solo parents in its housing projects subject to existing disposition policies or may refer them to other housing projects, as appropriate. Eligible solo parents shall file their application for housing unit directly with the concerned NHA Project Offices.



Medical assistance

Medical and health services shall be made available at all times, in all levels of health care delivery system, and shall be part of the regular essential health packages being provided at various stages of life.



See the PDF below to know more

Solo Parent Benefits RA 8972



Among the benefits provided for single parents include housing, comprehensive package, parental leave, educational benefits or scholarships, and others.


The additional discounts to be given to single parents such as 10 percent discount on children’s clothing materials for all purchases made within two years from the birth of the child, 15 percent discount on baby’s milk and food supplement in the first two years of a child, 15 percent discount on all purchases of medicine and other medical supplements or supplies.


Under the measure, the corporation or business establishment that gives a discount to the single parent shall be entitled to claim the discount given as business expenses subject to proper recording and recommendation.


The bill provides penalties to those who fail to give discounts, like P10,000 to P50,000 fine and imprisonment of not less than six months to one year.


For subsequent violations, a fine of P100,000 to P200,000 will be imposed and imprisonment of not less than one year.

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