Could Spot Training Exercises Keep Your Fat Off?

spot training exercises or spot reduction

Effectively build lean muscle mass and lose fat on your abs using a spot training weight loss program. Spot reduction targets a specific area of the body. It works to reduce the fat while at the same time, build lean muscle mass through exercise. Based from experience, the waistline, thighs and butt are the most common areas that tend to store excess fat. Because of this problem, many people turn to spot training or spot reduction so they can slim down specific areas of the body.


Somehow, getting rid of the midsection visceral fat is quite a challenge these days. Knowing that most individuals are prone to storing unused calories around their midsection, especially when already in their 40s or over it, getting flat abs and thinner thighs seem to sound near impossible.


A lot of people, if not all, want to look good. With the present fast food landscape, I guess getting rid of the annoying saddlebags would put most people in a very tough situation!


But wait, you can still get rid of the underarm flabs and tummy bulge using spot reduction. The spot training is the most famous go-to refuge of men and women wanting to shape up and at the same time lose weight without the sag!



When trying to remove the flab in specific areas of the body, achieve your goal by building lean muscle mass and making smart choices with food. Burning fat using this method can be faster and more appealing to those who wanted to see favorable results.



Unfortunately, spot training with specific exercises does not work as they go against the SMART principles. I understand weight gain can lead you to desperately look for easier alternatives than going on a diet or increasing activity levels.


To help you succeed, use the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound) goal process. Make sure your goal is precise and stated in performance terms.


Unfortunately, trying to change a specific body part with certain exercises does not work (Waehner, 2007). The reason is that the body stores and loses fat in a certain order based on your genetic makeup and hormones.


In other words, your body is in charge of how and when the fat comes off. Stored fat leaves your body when it converts the fat into usable energy through a series of complex metabolic processes.


This causes your fat cells to shrink. Discourage too much junk of fat in your stomach by eating the right food and just enough food, which produces just enough supply of calories the body can use for energy.


Literally, this means tweaking your diet to discourage fat storage. If you only perform the exercise without watching your diet, your efforts may not be able to produce favorable weighing scale numbers.


Ab exercises cannot totally reduce the fat around your belly. However, these exercises are important in getting you in shape. Try strength training!


Strength training exercises are important in building lean muscle mass, losing fat, and shaping your body curves. Strength training gives you many health benefits, including anti aging.


You need to set realistic goals to make your abs look its best within the definition of your body’s parameters. Keep in mind that you do not decide where and when your body stores and removes the fat.


There is a common fat loss belief that doing exercises specifically designed for a specific body part, called as spot training, will help you get rid of the fat in that area alone. Scientific evidence shows you cannot reduce fat in the abdomen, hips, thighs, or any specific areas by doing exercises focused only in those areas (Rippe, 2005).


There is no such thing called as spot training. In order to lose the fat in certain areas of your body, you need to lose your overall body fat, but your body decides which weight or fat comes off first.


In any muscle in your body, there is no such thing as spot training (McIntyre, 2007). Your body will decide which weight comes off first.


The best approach is a combination of your cardio and strength training. Get the proper exercises and you just let your body do its work!


spot training may not work


Stored fat is beyond your control otherwise you can have all the rock hard abs and best shaped butt in the world through training alone and without the help of surgery. Spot training is impossible!


Your body does not care where the fat it burns is coming. There is no computer monitoring and telling the body what to do. It acts on its own.


The muscles do not even take the fuel from the fat found immediately around them. What you need to do is understand first how your body stores and burns fat, then you can do more exercises with the goal of reducing overall fat.




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Losing weight has never been easy. Tweak your diet and then follow an aerobic + strength training exercises to burn your calories.


The logic is actually very simple. When you eat more calories than you burn, then your body stores it as fat. If you do not exercise, you do not burn anything.


Prevent fat gain from a surplus of calories and sedentary living. Move more!

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