How To Apply For An SSS Educational Loan?

The SSS Educational Loan has a set budget. This may mean that only a limited number of members can apply and be accommodated with the program in a certain period of time. If you are interested to apply, you can do so, but may have to wait for available funds. Available funds means that prior beneficiaries have already started or completed the payments of their educational loan.


The SSS Educational Loan is funded by the National Government and SSS on a 50:50 basis. Any excess on the tuition fee and the miscellaneous expenses shall be shouldered by the member or beneficiary.




Have an actual monthly salary that is not more than P25,000 pesos per month


Has a last SSS monthly salary credit of P15,000 pesos or lower



Have paid at least 12 monthly contributions


Have paid the monthly contribution for at least 1 of the past 3 months


Be not delinquent in his/ her outstanding SSS housing loan or salary loan



Amount of loan

Degree Courses – maximum of P20,000 per semester/ trimester/ quarter term or full amount tuition/ miscellaneous fees, whichever is lower, rounded off to the next higher P100


Vocational/ Technical Courses minimum of 2 years – maximum of P10,000 per semester/ trimester or full amount of tuition/ miscellaneous fees, whichever is lower, rounded off to the next higher P100


To give you an idea

If you are a college student and the school fee is P18,000 for the current semester, your approved loan amount will be P18,000 also.


If you are a college student and the school fee is P35,000 for the current semester, your approved loan amount will the maximum amount, which is only P20,000.



Important reminder

The school must be accredited by the CHED for degree courses and TESDA for vocational and technical courses.



Interest rate

The 50% funded by the government has zero interest. However, the 50% amount funded by the SSS shall bear an interest rate of 6%.



Eligible beneficiaries

Member – borrower


Siblings (including half brother/ sister), if the member – borrower is single or not married, he/ she is entitled to apply for only one beneficiary


If the member – borrower is married, the legal spouse and children, plus the illegitimate. The married member – borrower is allowed to avail up to two beneficiaries who shall be any of the following: the member, spouse, children. If your spouse is also an SSS member and he/ she is also qualified for this loan, you can apply for 2 beneficiaries each so that you can support a total of 4 beneficiaries, for example, your 4 children.


Once your application is approved for yourself or your beneficiary, you can no longer substitute another beneficiary.


Sample application in PDF





Required documents

SSS Educational Loan application form


SSS ID or 2 valid IDs


School billing assessment


Xerox copy of the stamped SSS E1 form of your child, spouse or sibling (The beneficiary – child or sibling needs to get his/ her own SSS number)


Proof that your actual monthly income is not more than P25,000 pesos, such as pay slip, pay envelope, certification of income from employer, or latest BIR stamped ITR, notarized affidavit of income.


Once qualified and have received your initial educational loan, you need to file for another loan application on the semester using another form titled Application for Subsequent Release of Educational Assistance Loan.



Further reading,



Send your application to

Social Security System

Head Office

SSS Building East Avenue, Diliman Quezon City




The nearest SSS office or Satellite Offices in your area, which you can find on their SSS Branch Directory,

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