Steamy Hot Showers Are Soothing To The Feeling But Bad For Your Aging Skin Care

Steamy Hot Showers Are Soothing To The Feeling But Bad For Your AntiAging Skin Care

A hot, steamy bath might feel good, but it can leave your skin dry and give your anti aging skin care a bad knock. For many of us, nothing is more relaxing than the feel of a soothing, hot shower, but do you know that it can inflame the skin and cause redness, itching, and even peeling? Yes, studies have shown that frequent hot showers and baths can lead to a dry, itchy skin or even rashes. If you see that your skin appears red following your shower, then your water is likely too hot for you.


The higher the temperature during bath time, the significant would be the increase of skin dryness, which could have long term aging skin care damaging effects. That soothing, long hot shower that really feels good on the skin during cold weather, came out to be actually hard on the skin.


Experts even agree not to wash your face with hot shower, because the steamy and hot pressure coming from the showerhead are actually too harsh for the face. The extended period of time spent in hot water can also starve the skin of the nutrients and oils it needs, which may not be the right match for your anti aging skincare.


Showering in hot water for an extended period of time can leave your skin dry and damaged. It is best to keep hot showers short and use a more moderate water temperature. Hot shower is no friend of your skin care anti aging efforts.


Hot shower is practically messing up with the way your skin protects itself and possibly causing damage to your skin cells. Extra hot showers can force your skin into a state of stress and cause broken capillaries plus tiny tears, which may result in cell damage, breakouts and infections.



This normally occurs when the extreme heat from the water causes the skin to burn and create blisters. You are going to seriously dry out your skin, which is not fun when you are using expensive anti aging skin care products. Also, taking too hot a shower can make acne worse and cause it to spread.


Hot water brings blood circulation to your skin, which is why your skin turns like a lobster. With the circulation comes inflammatory building blocks to create more itch up to even a rash. You shouldn’t shower for more than 5 to 10 minutes.


Shorter is better. Long showers can strip your skin of moisture. Here is the secret anti aging skincare tip you may use right after shower.


“After stepping from the shower, gently pat excess water from your skin, leaving some droplets behind. Apply a liberal amount of moisturizer and massage over your whole body. Moisturize before the liquid evaporates or you lose your skin’s moisture to the air.”


In addition to a dry skin damage, a super hot shower can open and damage the cuticle of your hair, which can cause dryness and a fading color, and not especially good if you have colored your hair.


What to do on a hot shower?


Limit your shower for 10 to 15 minutes. Use a moisturizer right after taking the shower.


Wishful thinking …


Hot shower can not only open your pores, but as it turns out, can also strip your skin of its oils. Always keep in mind, hot shower is not a friend of your skin care anti aging efforts!

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