Stop Feeling Miserable, It’s Ruining Your Anti Aging Skin Care

After 40s or beyond 50s, most women experience depression and much stress. We all have our bouts with life and its blues! We’ve all been there, with or without support, we need to manage depression and stress or your anti aging skin care creams won’t work. You very well know those times when you withdraw from everybody and just want to sit in bed with doors locked shut all day. The worst part? You rarely have the initiative to talk things over, because misery in itself, is a passive activity.


When you are down, depressed and stressed, you don’t feel compelled to do much of anything. As a result, your performance at work goes down and your relationships suffer. Nobody can really know what is happening inside your head and cannot help you get through it. There are 39 conditions associated with a depressed mood, but the worst that can happen to you is having a dry skin and looking much older than your age due to lack of sleep.



Here are some good tips to keep you from feeling depressed

Stop isolating yourself. Humans are not an island. They do thrive on human contact. Stop isolating yourself, get connected with your family and friends again, through personal interaction or even social media, such as Facebook.


Stop pleasing everybody. Stop spending your energy trying to please everyone around you. Your self-worth should not be dependent upon the acceptance of others. Try doing travel photography and start enjoying life, because as we all say, life is too short to spend it on misery.



Stop comparing yourself. You are what you are, and if you want to change your lifestyle and the way others perceive you, then change your attitude towards life and how you perceive your world! You cannot help comparing your beauty and fashion sense with other women, so try to learn more about lifestyle from fashion magazines. Get a good makeup for a good dress up.


 Start living. Enjoy yourself and don’t sulk at present because of past mistakes. That is a very terrible thing to do. If some things in your past cannot be undone, drop it, and move on! Don’t let the beauty of life in front of you pass you by. Just don’t exclusively live in the moment or stay stuck in the past. Live!


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Have you noticed the times you seem being followed by a black cloud? Whenever you talk, it is like another wrong turn happened. How you talk to yourself and about yourself is how you treat yourself! If you look and talk at things badly, there is great probability things will end up badly. Change the things you can change, while removing yourself from the things you can’t change!


Be consistent. Get active, make noise, and take action. Determine what you want and go get it. However, do not attach yourself too much to expectations, because failure may lead to disappointments. Don’t feel destroyed when something else breaks. Instead, continue believing in yourself.


Misery does exist and it loves company. Stop finding the worst in everything. Stop going out or being in the company of miserable people. They are experts in putting other people into misery. They like to point out flaws in others.


Do you make other people see the world ugly as you see it? This is one way to reaffirm your beliefs about misery. Pointing out the flaws and waiting for other people to agree is so pathetic and awful!


The number of people who are miserable like you is rapidly increasing. Perhaps you are trying to do everything you can so you acquire a big amount of money. Instead of spending your time building and connecting with healthy relationships and following your passion, you waste your time working day in and day out like a robot. You get jailed in your own terms because of your passion for money!


To become an even more miserable person, you don’t take responsibility for your actions, but blame others and continually criticize them for their wrongdoings. Learn from your mistakes and admit you made those mistakes.



How to avoid feeling miserable?

  • Stay healthy
  • Get enough sleep
  • Go out and connect with others
  • Exercise
  • Eat well and choose your food wisely
  • Relax, chill, listen to music, and laugh
  • Indulge in things that you are passionate, spa and massage can make you feel good
  • Meet new people and be in touch
  • Tidy up your room
  • Stay productive and stay intellectually challenged
  • Get intimate


Are you addicted to unhappiness? Your lifelong struggles with negative experiences may fuel an unconscious desire to return to your status quo of unhappiness. Get off it or your misery will take you down!


Is happiness a choice? I bet you can figure this out. You choose your thoughts and your actions. Your choice, thoughts, and actions impact the way you feel about things and people. Looking and feeling miserable is aging.


Anti aging antidote

Smile and look up to 4 years younger. If you keep up with your miserable expression, you will look less appealing and older. A new study said that a simple smile takes an average of 2 years off your face, while miserable expressions can add an extra year to your age.


Don’t you know that emotions have a significant effect on your age and anti aging skin care? Smiling faces appear to be more attractive, while attractiveness is associated with youth. Happy people experience more the benefits of greater vitality and longevity to greater success in life.


Smiling reduces stress, releases endorphins, and relaxes the body so we look and feel less tired and worn out. Resolve your buildup of negative emotions. Self-exploration can be a good place to begin, because being sad makes you age faster.


Dutch researchers found that the telomeres of people who are depressed were significantly shorter, than those who never suffered depression. The fact is, people naturally lose about 14 to 20 base pairs of DNA in the telomeres each year. The difference represents about 4 to 6 years of advanced aging.



The study showed an association between depression and shorter telomeres. On the other hand, a shorter telomeres may set the person up for mental troubles. However, depression causes damage that leaves traces even at the cellular level.


Depression has been shown to disrupt the human body’s physical systems, by altering the hormones, suppressing the immune function, and changing how the nerves work. Psychological distress has a large, detrimental impact on the wear and tear of a person’s body, which results in an accelerated biological aging.


The first aging factor is maintaining a sad attitude. How do you approach life? If you wake up sad and frowning, then those lines will be etched permanently on your face. If you let it stay all day long, it will be deeply embedded on your face and become deep wrinkles. Regardless of the brand and the product used in your anti aging skin care, it cannot undo what you had done every day!

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