Philippine Scholarships And Opportunities To Study In US And Offered By US Government

The US Government offers a number of opportunities for study, professional development and funding. Currently offered by the US Government for the Filipinos are the Philippine Youth Leadership Program (PYLP), Study of the US Institutes for Scholars, Study of the US Institutes for Scholars for Secondary School Educators, Fulbright Philippine Program, Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program, Philippine Global Undergraduate Exchange Program, and the East West Center Graduate Degree Program.


The Fulbright Philippine Program provides scholarship opportunities for master’s studies, doctoral studies, nondegree doctoral enrichment, or doctoral dissertation research in the United States. Learn more


The Fulbright – CHED Scholarships for Graduate Studies in the US for Philippine HEI faculty & staff objective is to enable qualified higher education faculty and staff currently affiliated with CHED recognized higher education institutions, to pursue master’s or doctoral studies, and doctoral dissertation research in the United States to upgrade the country’s higher education system, fast-track the Higher Education Reform Agenda, and develop leaders who can contribute to promoting better understanding between the Philippines and the United States. Read the eligibility here


The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program sends outstanding mid-career professionals from both the public and private sectors to the US for a year of non-degree university study and work related practical experience. The program develops leaders who will have “multiplier effect” on their society. See more


The Philippine Global Undergraduate Exchange Program provides student leaders with an in-depth exposure to the US society, culture and academic institutions by engaging them in substantive academic exchanges at colleges and universities in the United States. The Global Undergraduate Exchange Program provides scholarships for one semester or one academic year of study in a nondegree program at a US college or university.



The East West Center Graduate Degree Program provides scholarships for master’s or doctoral studies at the University of Hawaii. The Center helps promote the establishment of a stable, peaceful and prosperous Asia Pacific community in which the United States is a natural, valued and leading partner. Learn more


The Philippine Youth Leadership Program (PYLP) is a leadership development program that takes Filipino secondary students (ages 15 to 17) and adult mentors (ages 25 to 35) from Mindanao on a 4 week exchange to the United States. Read more


The Study of the US Institutes for Professional Development  (SUSIs) will provide selected university faculty and other scholars the opportunity to deepen their understanding of U.S. society, culture, values, and institutions. These all expenses paid institutes will run for 6 weeks. Read more


The Study of the US Institutes (SUSIs) for Scholars for Secondary School Educators will provide selected secondary school educators (including teachers, administrators, teacher trainers, curriculum developers, textbook writers, ministry/department of education officials, and others) with a deeper understanding of U.S. society, education, and culture – past and present. The focus of the Institutes will be on providing content and materials for participants to develop high school level curricula about the United States. See here


The U. S. Embassy in the Philippines is comprised of some 26 different U.S. Government agencies.  The Department of State, the primary presence at the Embassy, is the official international relations arm of the President of the United States.  The Department is responsible for formulating, implementing and supporting U.S. foreign policy, assisting U.S. citizens abroad and managing the human and material resources that provide the platform for U.S. foreign policy.


Members of the Department’s Foreign Service and Civil Service are engaged in issues such as conflict resolution, nuclear non-proliferation, human rights and democracy, environmental issues, world trade, public diplomacy, and the promotion of the interests of Americans and their businesses abroad.


Department of State employees are also involved in support and management issues and improving logistical systems to get the best possible value for tax dollars.  From time to time, a limited number of positions may become available for student interns who will work with State Department offices in the Embassy.





Contact information

US Embassy in Manila

1201 Roxas Boulevard

Manila 1000, Philippines

Telephone: 02 301 2000



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