Study Now Pay Later Plan Act of 2017

Study Now Pay Later Act of 2017 program mandating all private higher education institutions (PHEIs) to let poor students get a degree and pay when they land in a job when they graduate got a push from Baguio lawmaker Marques Go in the House of Representatives. Go filed House Bill No. 5066 to allow any Filipino citizen enrolled in any degree program at any PHIE and whose family income does not exceed P300,000 per annum to pay the tuition when the beneficiary has been gainfully employed.


Under this proposed bill, the program shall be implemented at every private school accredited by the CHED. The program shall be made available to five to ten percent of the student population of the implementing private institution. The same shall also be implemented to cover the full amount of the tuition fee of each student beneficiary of the program.


On the part of the student beneficiary, the student shall be obliged to pay the PHEI the amount of tuition fee during the period covered by the program two years after being gainfully employed. This program provides an additional avenue for PHEIs to become the country’s partner in nation building and as investors in human development.


In the current Study-Now-Pay-Later scheme administered by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the government acts as the loan creditor of student beneficiaries. However, the responsibility of providing access to higher education, and ensuring the retention of students in higher education institutions fall not only on the State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) but on PHEIs as well.






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