Get A Stunning Transformation With Easy To Follow Travel Selfie Makeup Makeovers

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Forget extreme, costly makeovers and go for a simple, easy to follow selfie makeup for your travel photography and selfies. This step by step makeup tutorial teaches how to make an ugly duckling become a swan with inclusion of awe inspiring before and after makeup photos. That is, when you haven’t got the time to really sit down and do your makeup, you can very well gradually turn into an ugly duckling.


Honestly, there are times I felt like this when I am traveling, but what can I do, tours can make you sleep less and walk more. No matter what your age, skin tone, or profile, these simple beauty techniques can camouflage your flaws and highlight your unique beauty.


You can learn how to bring out your best in just a few minutes even if you have never worn a makeup before. Get a stunning selfie transformation after a long day. You don’t want to spend $$s coming back to this place do you, just because you cannot post picture perfect selfies on your Facebook?


You definitely need a face makeover stunning transformation for your solo travel photography and creative photo ideas. Get ready for travel and plan the travel selfies you’ll want to recreate on your next vacation.


The secrets of the experts for a stunning makeup transformation and to being undeniably attractive is being less in anything. Less is always more, especially with makeup and clothes. Figure out what about you that you like most and then play that up.



If you make your face a canvas, I am sure you can guess the importance of having well shaped eyebrows. Thick, well shaped eyebrows can enhance your look, while the thin and sparse eyebrows can make you look dull, older and aesthetically remodeled. It is like looking at the face of the 60s.


What is the secret to being beautiful? One good way to get an idea about looking so natural no one will know you are wearing a makeup is to look at the Pinterest collections of makeup makeover snapshots.


Here are some top makeup cosmetics tips you may want to follow. Use a concealer that’s slightly darker than your foundation for your undereye bags, otherwise the area will look weird. Don’t be too obsessed in covering all your flaws. Allowing a bit more of your natural contouring to show through looks far less mask like.


Invest in a liquid bronzer and simply mix your existing base with the bronzer. In general, if you want to apply color evenly, the more pressure you put on the brush and vice versa, place your fingers on the center of the brush handle.


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Always curl your eyelashes. It makes a dramatic difference in anyone’s eyes.


Use a lighter shadow in the inner corner of your eyes. This will brighten and widen your eyes. Do your smoky eye before the rest of your makeup. If you end up with eyeshadow all down your face, you wipe it off easily instead of having to remove all your makeup.


Experiment with colors. For a subtle day look, focus on your socket line. Rather than daubing eyeshadow all over the lids, a wash of nude shadow with a more intense color blended over the socket line makes your eyes pop without being too done.


Use your ears and lips to map your contour. If you are not sure how to contour your cheekbones, just imagine a line joining the top of your ear and the corner of your lip.


This is the place to apply it. Another option is simply to suck in your cheeks and see where the line falls.


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Still hesitant? Go to the makeup counters and get a free makeup demo using their products. You can have it free or simply buy a lipstick to compensate their efforts.


They work on commissions, so even if you are not obligated to buy anything, you are expected to buy even one product after the makeup makeover session.



Sagging skin

Taking care of your skin, body and mind is important if you want to look great. Develop that positive mental attitude – makes all the difference. Doing and having all these things here can make you look younger and more confidently sexy!



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If gravity is taking a toll and your cheeks are sagging, apply a highlighter just above your cheekbone all the way to your temple. Use a blush directly on the cheekbone, then use a bronzer in the hollow of the cheeks.


To make your contouring stand out, use a sparkly highlighter, which will reflect the most light. Go for a matte finish with your bronzer, which will absorb light and create a stark contrast.


Create the Red Carpet look from this simple makeup makeover beauty bible guide. How do you become more beautiful? Every woman wants to get that smokey eye look with few simple whisks of a brush. Let me tell you girl. A stunning makeup transformation is possible with easy to follow makeup tutorials and beauty tips, trends and how to’s.

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