Sun Exposure Facilitates Aging

sun exposure facilitates aging

Your wrinkles may be the result of your total accumulated hours of lifetime sun exposure. Skin care aging skin requires knowledge beyond beauty cosmetics and makeup. The skin changes its appearance and structure due to intrinsic processes and several external factors, such as the sun and your ultraviolet exposure, high levels of environmental pollution, diet, tobacco, illness and stress. These external factors lead to progressive degradation in terms of wrinkles, sagging skin, skin pigmentation, vascular disorders, loss of elasticity, and many more. However, the clinical signs of aging are especially influenced by sun exposure, which is responsible for at least 80% of visible facial signs of aging.


Small doses of sunlight can’t hurt the skin, but you should be aware that sun damage is cumulative, which makes every bit of exposure deepens wrinkles, and worsens sagging skin. Over time and with age, the human body and skin responds differently and it starts to show wrinkles and fine lines.


Nothing brings on wrinkles like an unprotected skin exposed to the sun. In addition, squinting from the glare of the sun accelerates the lines around the eyes and also, hurts your eyes.


If you want to keep your skin and face looking younger and as good as possible, you have to break this habit and wear sunglasses when you get out of your house, especially from 8am to 4pm.


Still don’t believe sun damage is real? Compare the skin on the outside of your arm with the skin not much exposed to the sun. The skin that is exposed more to the sun shows far more signs of aging than the unexposed skin.



Damage to the skin through sun exposure is called photoaging, and this usually happens when the exposure causes inflammation and accelerates aging. Photoaging can result in wrinkles and fine lines, age spots, as well as reduces the number of blood vessels in your skin.


As we all know, the blood vessels provide the skin with the oxygen and nutrients it needs to repair and rebuild, so you will stay fit and pretty. With reduced blood vessels, the skin cannot function well in successfully repairing itself.


Sunburn is the most painful and it causes the elastic fibers to clump in the skin, which oftentimes result in a leathery skin. To protect from possible sun damage, such as developing a rough and wrinkled skin, the skin produces melanin when exposed to the sunlight.


Regardless how much melanin you have, sunlight still can work through damaging your skin. One thing is still clear – sun exposure causes premature skin aging!


During the exposure, the normal flow of signals between the epidermis and the dermis is disrupted. Many keratinocytes are damaged and can die or worse, become cancerous.


The result would be less efficient skin turnover in replacing damaged cells, which may lead to a compromised skin renewal. The sun exposure further causes fragmentation of elastic fibers, which is already a double whammy to the already reduced quantity of elastic fibers due to intrinsic aging.


wrinkles are brought by lifetime sun exposure


Severe skin wrinkling and skin sagging can result. Regardless of how expensive your aging skin care, you cannot stop the elastic fibers from breaking into fragments.


If the damage is already done, and you got a mountain of wrinkles from years in the sun, there is still a way for you to restore youthful appearance.


The most obvious is to wear sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and bring dark colored umbrellas. Because wrinkles and the formation of the signs of aging can be prematurely accelerated by over exposure to the sun, the most easy to follow wrinkle treatment would be to minimize sun exposure.


To make everything simple – keep away from the sun and avoid staying in the sun for too long or risk your beauty!


In fact, 80 to 90% of how young or old you look for your age is due to how much sun exposure you’ve sustained. Studies found a strong correlation between the sun exposure and the apparent age across all age groups.


In particular, skin pigmentation disorders and wrinkles are the most strongly linked to the ultraviolet exposure. Facial sun damage is significantly correlated with how old women look for their age.


As expected, studies have shown that women with lower levels of sun exposure look 8 to 16 years younger than those with high levels of sun exposure. If you don’t want to overly age your skin, then do not spend too much time in the sun.


Based on those studies, it turned out that be best skin care anti aging tip you can have is not to expose yourself under the sun for longer periods. And one of the best anti aging skin care products you should have is the dark colored umbrella.

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