Orange Karenderia Offers Pinoy Cuisine Dishes Right From Your Mom’s Kitchen

Karenderia actually means small eatery you usually see on the streets. The name Karenderia can be easily linked to a street food vending or sidewalk mini restaurants. Street foods may taste good or taste just like the rest, but they always come with good menu and prices.   Most street Continue Reading

Delicious Authentic Grilled Pinoy Cuisine Served Hot At Mang Inasal Restaurant

Mang Inasal fires up the grill and makes it possible for you to have dinner on the table super fast with their Asian inspired, grilled Filipino dishes. Shake up your grilling routine for once, get out, and learn how to mix and match easy grilled meals and recipes in their Continue Reading

Go To Jonie’s Sizzlers And Roast Resto For Cheaper Every Day Lunch & Dinner Meals In Cebu

Are you looking for native Filipino cholesterol friendly foods and cholesterol healthy recipes in Cebu with quality grilling services, sizzling and delectable meals that are cheaper on a dime? Spend less and eat more as you enjoy budget friendly, delicious Filipino dishes at the Jonie’s Sizzlers and Roast restaurant. Who Continue Reading