Aboitiz Foundation Education Programs

The Aboitiz Foundation has been very active in developing special science elementary schools and technical vocational high schools, repair and construct regular classrooms, construct AGAPP Silid Pangarap kindergarten classrooms, and grant scholarships and financial assistance to deserving students. Education remains at the forefront of the Aboitiz Group’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Every year, a big part of the annual CSR budget has been allotted to education related initiatives to deliver on their promise of a better learning environment for the Philippine communities.

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SM Foundation College and Tech-Voc Philippine Scholarship Programs

SM Foundation was established in 1983 by Henry Sy Sr. and Felicidad T. Sy to pursue its mission anchored in “People Helping People”. The SM group of companies focused on social inclusion by nurturing and caring the underserved communities where SM is present. The affiliates of the programs managed by the SM Foundation are the Felicidad T. Sy Foundation, Henry Sy Foundation, and the BDO Foundation.

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The Philippine Business For Education (PBED) Scholarship Program For Aspiring Teachers

PBED is a nonprofit organization founded by top CEOs in the country. The Philippine Business for Education is the business community’s response to the Philippines need for greater education and economy alignment. They made it possible for the Filipinos to access an education system that provides needed competencies and values so they can live productive lives and gain successful careers, by engaging and encouraging the industry, academe, and the government to help and support training for the labor market.

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