Fulbright – CHED Scholarships For Graduate Studies In The US

The Fulbright – CHED Scholarship is intended for graduate studies in the United States for the Philippine HEI faculty and staff. The objective of a Fulbright-CHED grant is to enable qualified higher education faculty and staff currently affiliated with CHED-recognized higher education institutions, to pursue master’s or doctoral studies, and doctoral dissertation research in the United States to upgrade the country’s higher education system, fast-track the Higher Education Reform Agenda, and develop leaders who can contribute to promoting better understanding between the Philippines and the United States.

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Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

Established in honor of the late U.S. Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, the fellowship program sends outstanding mid-career Filipino professionals in public service from both the public and private sectors to the United States for a year of university study and work-related practical experience. The program develops leaders who will have “multiplier effect” on their society.

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Philippine Scholarships And Opportunities To Study In US And Offered By US Government

The US Government offers a number of opportunities for study, professional development and funding. Currently offered by the US Government for the Filipinos are the Philippine Youth Leadership Program (PYLP), Study of the US Institutes for Scholars, Study of the US Institutes for Scholars for Secondary School Educators, Fulbright Philippine Program, Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program, Philippine Global Undergraduate Exchange Program, and the East West Center Graduate Degree Program.

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Australia Awards Philippine Scholarship

In line with the Australia-Philippines development cooperation program, Australia aims to improve basic education, improve the capacity of the local government to deliver basic services, strengthen the country’s adaptation to climate change which includes disaster risk management, and improve the peace and security conditions of the country. The program is administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the Australia Awards and Alumni Engagement Program – Philippines, and is aligned with Australia’s development assistance in the Philippines.

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